This Weeks CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award Goes To…..

Move over Lombardi, Heisman, Nagurski, Thorpe or any other football human that has an award named after them. There is officially a new king in the football awards community.  I introduce to you the Clausen, Tebow, Gabbert, Sanchez, Schaub, Osweiler, Leaf, Russell, Dilfer, Boller, Leinart, Weinke, Harrington, Carr, Couch, Peterman award. Each week I will be handing out this award to the QB that displayed an extreme proficiency in being terrible.

This weeks nominees are:

Blake Bortles: 10/18 for 104 Yards. 

Jaguars played the Steelers so I got to watch every snap of this game. It’s insane how little they trust Blake to throw at all. Blake had 5 completions to Wide Receivers all game. Don’t think he even attempted a throw more than 15 yards. His sidearm has gotten so ridiculous he’s basically Jennie Finch now.

Blaine Gabbert: I don’t care what his stats were. The award is named after this man for a reason. Passes like these are an absolute thing of beauty for the brand. If Darius Leonard didn’t get drilled in the chest with the ball there were 2 more Colts right behind him. Hysterical.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: 13/21 for 167 yards and 3 Interceptions

I feel bad doing this to Fitz because I actually enjoy what he’s doing. He’s on a dog shit team and he’s just throwing the ball up not giving a single fuck. It’s just hard to leave you off the list when you throw 3 picks and get replaced by Jameis who almost brings the team back for a win.

This weeks winner for me is Blake Bortles. I feel horrible for Jaguars fans. I couldn’t imagine how frustrating it would be to have a good defense and running game be ruined by horrendous QB play. QB play so bad that you don’t even attempt to pass. That’s tough. 

Also be on the lookout for some Brand members to be getting back into the league shortly. With injuries starting to pile up we are entering the glory days of the NFL season.

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