The Steelers Are A Phoenix

The Steelers were dead but last night they rose from the ashes to take down the evil empire and bring life back to Steeler Nation and show us the light like Little Foots Mother did at the end of Land Before time. 

Shame on me for not having faith last week, being broken, and not listening to myself when I knew exactly how this season was going to go. I tweeted this during preseason because I have seen this movie so many times.

Now after Beating the Patriots last night the Steelers are right back on track to get in the tournament and possibly bring home the 7th Lombardi Trophy. Losing to Oakland and then beating the Patriots is possibly the most Steelers thing of all time. I never would’ve doubted them if I knew they were wearing color rush jerseys last night. Now 4-0 when wearing the Jerseys.

The whole team showed up for an incredible team effort that they desperately needed. Even Artie Burns showed up for a few plays before he was yanked because I have no idea what Artie Burns is doing. The two stars of the night though were easily Joe Haden and Jaylen Samuels.

Hats off to Tom paying respects to Roethlisberger by throwing it up for grabs in the Red Zone.

No idea how this toss counter trap worked all night long but I know somewhere Todd Haley was fully erect watching it. 

Also shoutout Boswell for finally making a kick. I hope a pured 48 yarder is the antidote to all his problems.

It truly was a great night in Pittsburgh. Now onto the Saints, that should be easy. 

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