The Sickest Knockout In UFC History

Of the all the amazing and crazy knockouts we’ve seen in the UFC over the years, this might top them all.  This is a prime example of when situational awareness meets desperation.  Yair Rodriguez slips a left hand from The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, and realizes that Jung’s momentum is carrying his unprotected face over his shoulder and toward his right hip.  So Rodriguez throws a desperate right elbow upward, as if he was starting a chainsaw, and lands it on Jung’s chin.

The precision, timing and situational awareness required to pull this off is baffling.  Especially, when you consider how fatigued he had to be after battling for nearly 5 rounds.  The Korean Zombie was literally 1 second away from winning this fight.  By that, I mean this elbow landed with 1 second left on the clock at the end of the 5th and final round.  Fortunately for Rodriguez and us, desperation can cause some unbelievable shit to happen in the octagon.

My favorite knockout before this one also occurred during a moment of desperation and ironically enough, happened 12 years ago to the day, before this fight (November 11, 2006).  In the TUF 4 finale, Scott Smith caught a liver punch from Pete Sell that sucked the life out of him.  As he was going down, Sell rushed him and Smith mustered one last burst of energy and managed to throw a haymaker that caught Sell on the chin and knocked him out.

Moments like these remind us that these men and women are not only skilled mixed-martial artists, they’re also warriors.  Something that the rest of us lost, through evolution, still lives inside them and thank God for that because it’s fun as shit to watch it unleashed.