The Honeymoon Is Over In L.A. and Lebron Only Has Himself To Blame

Ill start by saying I AM NOT a Lebron hater. I didn’t hate when he went to Miami, I just thought the way he did it was awful. When he went back to Cleveland and got them a title he did the right thing. Leaving Cleveland again was for some reason inevitable for him. He had to go to Los Angeles, he put himself in the position he’s in. He knew this team was young and had a lot to learn but I’m guessing he thought he was gonna ship half of them out to get another superstar. Well it hasn’t worked out that way and now these young players who have been in the league for 1-3 years are broken. They have no confidence anymore because the player who’s supposed to be the “best player in the world” tried to trade every single one of them for a shot at Anthony Davis.

The Lakers are crumbling and instead of calling out every other player its time for Lebron to take some blame for once in his career PLEASE. This is the team you went to, you knew what you were getting with this roster and you left a very comfortable Eastern Conference you could of reigned KING for the rest of your career at home. All he talks about is other players being distracted and they don’t know how to win, obviously the young players haven’t, but Javale Mcgee just won 2 titles with Golden State. Rajon Rondo is a winner he’s proved that time and time in his career and guys like Tyson Chandler have won a title as well. This team was in fourth place in the West and spanked Golden State on Christmas day before Lebron got hurt, so whats changed?? This is the same squad with the exact same players and they are fading fast out of he playoff race.

Lebron talks about his teammates being distracted, but he’s in fact the one who’s more distracted than anybody. They lost to the Grizzlies who are 14th out of 15 in ┬áthe Western Conference and he goes to social media to pat himself on the back for a personal accomplishment. If your a free agent this offseason watching this dumpster fire in LA why would you sign there. You know as soon as things go wrong its your fault, or you can even get the Isiah Thomas treatment and just get shipped out of town before you have a chance to prove yourself. Lebron has three years left on his contract in LA so at some point he will have to look himself in the mirror and realize this is the team he has. This is the team he joined with these young kids, so why not help them grow like you were in the first half of the season. When things go south it will never be Lebron’s fault, he has a suitcase full of excuses we all know that by now. It could be a long few years in LA if things continue to go the way they are for Lebron. For now lets all just put the GOAT conversation to rest, if there was ever a debate its over now. MJ forever. Lets have a Tuesday y’all.