The Greatest “Rivalry” In The NFL

In preparation of Sunday’s matchup I’d like to highlight some of the best moments between the Steelers and Ravens. If we are being honest there isn’t going to be a lot of Ravens highlights because well they are absolute garbage. To Quote the Little Rascals, “I hate their stinking guts. They make me vomit. They’re scum between my toes!” The Ravens have a hard time accepting that they are little brother so here are the greatest moments in the rivalry to remind them. 

2010 Divisional Playoff Round – Antonio Brown Helmet Catch: Welcome to the rivalry Antonio Brown. Imagine giving up a 3rd and 19 with 2 minutes left in a tie ball game to lose in the divisional round. That would suck.

2008 AFC Championship Game – Ryan Clark Ends Willis McGahee: Night Night! This was just a nice little icing on the cake to an AFC Championship that had just been won by a Troy Polamalu Pick Six of Joe Flacco. That’s gotta sting. 

2007 Monday Night Football – Hines Ward destroys Ed Reed: Oh just another Ravens player getting laid out, what else is new. Hines was so sly just lurking in the weeds stalking his pray until the time was perfect. You know its a kill shot when Ward immediately starts calling for the Ravens trainers. Poor Ed didn’t deserve that.

2010 Troy Polamalu Strip Sack followed by Issac Redman 3rd & Goal TD that led to Division Title: 3 Minutes left on the clock and counting, all the Ravens had to do was pick up a couple first downs and this game was over. NOPE. Troy of the edge untouched… Might want to block that guy. The Ravens still had a chance to hold the Steelers to a FG but Issac Redman had other things in mind. Imagine losing because Issac Redman steam rolled through your defense. Hysterical.

2008 Santonio Holmes game winning catch to take division lead: Down 3 with 3:30 left on the clock and Ben Roethlisberger leads the Steelers on a 92 yard drive to win on a pass to Santonio Holmes that crossed the Goal line by an inch. 

2016 Antonio Brown TD To Win Division: hahahahaha Antonio Brown is 5’10” 190 lbs and just bitched 3 Ravens defenders to win the division. 

2008 AFC Championship Game – Troy Pick 6 to go to the Super Bowl: My favorite sports moment of all time. Don’t even have words to describe it. 

Could honestly run through a wall after all of those. Lets Fucking Go. Can’t wait for Sunday. 

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