The First Ever Episode of Bro Bro Bro Bets, Live From Gabagoools

Gambling runs this office so it was only a matter of time before we decided to do a daily gambling show. We are going to be putting this show on YouTube and everyday at 6PM eastern so that you will have an hour to get your bets in for the 7PM eastern games. The show has Gorman, Connor, and I since we are the biggest degenerates in the office. We are going to keep it fun and light with a little Italian Mafia Bookie Flair. I promise you we put hours and hours into these picks. We may not always get them right but I promise you a lot of effort goes into each pick. We are not saying to just take our bets and immediately put money on them, you should always do your own research as well. But if you are in agreement with one of us, let it fly. We will be giving an appetizer pick, an Entree pick, and a dessert pick. Our entree pick will be our most confident pick of the night. Good Luck to all you fellow bettors. Salud.