The Art Of Picking Every Bowl Game

Bowl Season is 2 days away and it is possibly the greatest time of the year. Mixed in with Saturday NFL games there is basically a football game every day from now until after New Years. 

“Ya but Digs, a lot of those games are dog shit that no one cares about.”

There is an easy way to fix that, you bet on every single game and immediately make every single one exciting. You can’t just throw darts at the board though and hope to get wins in these bowl games. You have to do the research during bowl season. I know you don’t have time to do the proper research though so that’s what I am here for. 

The reason why you need to do more research during bowl season is because there are so many more variables. During bowl season a team could literally not have a coach, players will sit out for the NFL, Teams just lost a conference game and have no motivation, final exam schedules, resting players with injuries that would normally play, etc. I have spent hours and days gathering all of this information to make the most informed picks of the year. 

I have nearly finished my yearly Bowl Season excel spreadsheet that will be the key to us making large amounts of money. Here is a little teaser of the spreadsheet. The good stuff is hidden to the far right and will be revealed here everyday before the games start. 

I will be giving out picks for every game in a daily blog on here but to make things more fun I will also be getting picks from every person in the office and seeing who does best this bowl season. I am honestly excited to hear the reasoning for why Pat makes a pick for some Obscure bowl between the Mud dogs and some other Mickey Mouse team. First picks come out Friday Morning. 

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