Sixers Take Massive 2-1 Lead Over Raptors

I did not see this coming, after watching game one last Saturday i thought the Raptors were going to runaway with this series. The Sixers have turned this thing around quickly and are starting to look like what Philly envisioned when they picked up Jimmy Butler. Healthy or not Joel Embiid went off last night and showed why hes so important to this Sixers team. He went off last night with a stat line of 33 points 10 rebounds and 5 blocks in probably his best all around game of these playoffs.

If this Sixers team continues playing like this they could be the best team in the East right now, with the Celtics and Bucks fighting it out in the other series. As much as this is about the Sixers playing well right now, its also about the Raptors faltering in the playoffs once again. With Kyle Lowry nowhere to be seen again last night, you have to wonder if hell ever get over the playoff hump and be able to really contribute like the Raptors need.

This series is far from over and a win in the next game for the Raptors and well be right back to square one with the Raps heading home for game five. If the Sixers play anything like they did last night though the Raptors will have a tough hill to climb come Sunday afternoon. Both these series in the east have gone back and forth from game to game. After game one of the Celtics series everyone thought that was going to be all Celtics but the Bucks showed up and showed out in game 2. Its nice to see the east with four teams who could eventually end up in the finals, not like in years past with just Lebron and the Cavs trouncing everyone. These playoffs have been very intriguing and I’m excited to see how this series turns out. Hope y’all had a great week and lets enjoy the weekend y’all.

Gump Cathcart