Pat McAfee For Monday Night Football A Blog

Good Monday morning ESPN, the internet is talking and its getting pretty loud. The time has come to think outside the box, we all watched the train wreck that was Jason Witten last year and I’m pretty sure that was a safe pick for you. Now you have the option to fix last years mistake, you have the chance to hire someone with something different than what we’ve seen before on Monday nights. Please DO NOT compare this to the Dennis Miller hire that didn’t work out. This is way different and way better.

The world watched when he turned an absolute blowout meaningless game in Green Bay into a trend on Twitter. That was only his second game announcing also and his first NFL one. People are going to watch Monday Night Football no matter what, so why not take a shot and lets have some fun with it. Theres no reason not to, he fits the criteria you always say your looking for. He played in the league for eight seasons and had a lot of fun doing it on the field. You can keep trying with another safe pick similar to Jason Witten but do you really want to get trolled every Monday Night again.

Come one ESPN think outside of the box for once, take a shot on Pat McAfee in the booth on Monday nights. He’s an absolute beast on the internet and theres no reason to think he won’t be the exact same on Monday Night Football. Lets try something new, lets mix things up, lets get excited and lets have some fun and some laughs on Monday Night Football for a change. Hope y’all had a good weekend and lets hammer the internet on this beautiful Monday. #McAfeeForMNF #DoTheRightThingESPN