Snow Storms Are The Best… What To Binge This Weekend.

I don’t know what it is exactly about them but I have always loved snow storms. The more snow the better. Give me 2 feet or give me death.

This weekend the whole Midwest and Northeast is supposed to get pounded by winter storm Harper. After years and years of taking the pounding, winter storm Dillion Harper is back with vengeance and I for one am excited for it. Mostly because when there is a snow storm everything gets cancelled… and there is nothing I love more than plans getting cancelled. You literally have an excuse to not leave your house from when you get home Friday until you have to go to work on Monday. That is what dream weekends are made of. Sweatpants, vitamins, binge watching tv, getting hammered if you want, nap 5 times… it’s all on the table. Don’t worry about anyone calling you to do something with surprise plans either, it’s not happening, no one is doing anything. Especially in the Midwest where there are NO FUCKING SKI RESORTS or hills to have any fun in the snow. Basically I just wanted to take the chance to tell everyone to enjoy a weekend like this because it doesn’t happen very often. You take that relaxation and you run with it. With that being said I wanted to give you a few shows I’ve watched recently that are actually not bad that you could binge this weekend.
  1. Bodyguard on Netflix. 1 season, 6 episodes. 

2. Punisher, Season 2 comes back Friday, Netflix

3. Narcos Mexico, 1 Season, Netflix

4. Designated Survivor, 2 Seasons, ABC/Netflix

Oh and there is football all Sunday Night. Enjoy!

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