NBA Trade Talks Heating Up

Super Bowl week but the NBA is stealing the show today. This trade offer is absolutely absurd, its basically 5 first round picks. If your the Pelicans theres no way you can turn this down and if your Lebron and the Lakers your team is gonna get a whole lot better with Anthony Davis. Once again Lebron is doing what he does, playing GM and getting what he wants. Shipping out any young talent around him and getting what he thinks can get him closer to another title. As much as another title will add to his legacy, I don’t know if this is whats best for the Lakers franchise, unless their able to add another superstar this summer.

Now Porzingis to the Mavs, i did not see this coming at all. Out of the teams they talked about after he requested a trade, i thought the Spurs and the Raptors would be the favourites to get him. Good for Mark Cuban on making a big move and getting another big star to his Dallas Mavericks. As much as i hate seeing stars have to join other stars this is the world we live in with the NBA now a days. The NBA rumour mill continues to dominate the airwaves and as much as i hate to see this it will be very entertaining to see if anyone can put a team together to compete with the Warriors. Now lets get back to Super Bowl week and have a Thursday y’all.

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