Brock’s New WWE Deal Could Cuck Cormier Fight

These guys are probably the two best wrestlers in the Heavyweight division.  They both have a vicious ground and pound game.  Cormier is a better striker but Brock has a significant size and strength advantage.  Both know how to put on a show.  What’s not to like?!  The fact that it might never happen now…that’s what.

Brock Lesnar just signed a new deal with the WWE to remain on as the signature champ.  He had planned to lose to Roman Reigns in August and then return to the UFC to fight Daniel Cormier in 2019 but Reigns was diagnosed with Leukemia so he has bigger things to focus on.  So now Brock has this new deal with the WWE for multiple shows that run at least to Wrestlemania in April.

His deal does allow him to fight in the UFC but with the WWE schedule he has to maintain, some people inside the MMA community are doubting that he’ll do so before April.  No big deal, he can just fight Cormier after April, right?  Wrong.  Cormier has already announced that he is only fighting one more time and then retiring on his 40th birthday in March.  This could fuck up everything.

Yup.  So, if this fight doesn’t happen, what does this mean for the UFC?  Well, the good news for them is it’s not nearly as devastating to them as it is to me.  This is my best guess at what would happen.  Assuming that Jon Jones beats Alexander Gustafson in December, which he will, Cormier will fight Jones for the third time in hopes he can erase the sting of the previous two losses to Jones and become the first fighter in UFC history to retire while holding two belts.  He’ll lose to Jones but it’s worth the risk.  Then Cormier will sign a deal with the WWE.  He said previously that if the Brock fight didn’t happen he’d give Stipe Miocic a rematch, but I think the thought of avenging his losses to Jones will overpower any sense of obligation he has in defending the heavyweight title against a guy he just knocked out.

Well, what about Brock?  Jon Jones has already gone on record saying he wants to move up to Heavyweight to fight Brock.  This would break PPV records for the UFC so I’m sure Dana White will be more than willing to let that happen.  So, Brock will lose to Jones and then return to the WWE and Jones will go on to demolish everyone in the UFC until he chooses to retire or until he fucks up again and gets kicked out of the organization for life.  

That’s my best guess at what happens if Brock and Cormier don’t fight.  Maybe more of a personal wish than a guess but there’s a basis for credibility here.  What’s not a guess is, regardless of how any of this shakes out, everyone involved is going to make a shit ton of money and they have one man to thank for it.  The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.