Maroon 5 Finally Found Their Super Bowl Collab

The Super Bowl 53 half time show just got interesting. Maroon 5 finally convinced a hip hop artist to perform with them but probably not one you would have ever guessed.  ATL is a hip hop Mecca right now with so many up and coming acts and old head icons, I was shocked to see they snagged Travis Scott.

No disrespect I love La Flame, he’s one of the biggest acts on the planet right now with an album that dominated 2018. Seems a bit strange though… mostly because he’s a Houston guy. Reports were saying more than a few artists turned down the chance to perform and ol’ handsome ass Adam Levine and he was having a hard time finding someone to share the stage with.

Surprising for a few reasons… Obviously location is one. The game being in Atlanta, a place overflowing with hip hop. Maroon 5 collaborates with rappers all the damn time, they have songs with Cardi B, Wiz, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rockey, Boogie Wit da Hoodie, David Banner, and an Atlanta guy in Future. Adam has stated before he’s a big fan of hip hop, it drives all the innovation in music right now, and rock is in a big time down phase overall in the industry.

All signs pointed to an Atlanta act joining the show. The list goes on forever in terms of who could have joined here’s just a few:

Young Jeezy
Rae Srummond
Waka Flocka Flame
Gucci Mane
2 Chainz
Lil’ Jon
etc you get it

One only assume, but I’m betting a lot of these acts felt disrespected or turned off by the NFL’s decision with the initial Maroon 5 pick and didn’t want to participate as a “2nd billing” type of role, which I don’t say I blame them for.

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Excuse me say what!? 😳

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Excuse me? What?

Still would have liked to see some type of mega medley with a bunch of the ATL guys performing, but I do think adding Travis to the mix makes this an actual watchable show.

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