Liverpool On To The Quarters Of the Champions League

Go on you BOYS, Go on you BOYS. What a performance last night at the Allianz in Germany. Knocking Bayern Munich out before the quarter finals for the first time in eight years. This Liverpool team loves these champions league ties and seem to play their best against the best. To go into the Allianz and beat Bayern Munich with three away goals says a lot about this Liverpool squad and their chances at getting to the finals of this tournament again this year and hopefully lifting the trophy.

This man, Sadio Mane has been carrying this team on his back of late adding another two goals last night, with huge help from Virgil Van Dijk. VVD scoring goals now on top of how outstanding defensively he has been all year is just the icing on top from the centre back. The draw for the quarter finals is tomorrow and i don’t think there is anyone this Liverpool team should fear drawing at this point. Maybe Juventus Id like to stay away from after watching CR7’s hat trick performance on Tuesday night.

For whatever reason the Champions League has always brought out the best from Liverpool and last night just proved that once again. To beat a Bayern Munich team 3-1 in Germany is just something you don’t see very often, if ever at all. Still a long way to go but if this Liverpool squad can keep battling the way they did last night, the sky’s the limit for this years Champions League run. Lets hope for a decent draw tomorrow and get back to focusing on getting back to the top of the league, with a good chance this weekend against Fulham and Man City not in action. Its been a bumpy road of late for this Liverpool squad but last night was a reminder of how good this team can be. One more day till the weekend hope y’all enjoyed it as much as i did yesterday YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!