Liverpool Move on

Have a week Liverpool, have a fucking week lads. After spanking Bournemouth 4-0 on Saturday and with a little help from Chelsea, the redmen now sit at the top of the premier league table.

They carried on yesterday by beating Napoli 1-0 to move onto the group of 16 in the champions league. This team has battled hard this season to stay near the top of the premier league and stay alive in champions league. It hasn’t been the free flowing beautiful soccer we’ve been accustom to, until now. In these latest 2 teams their looking like the team from last year but with one massive difference, we can defend and we have a real FUCKING goalie.

Hard to believe we are only a few months removed from watching our former goalie Karius absolutely throw the champions league final away. This team has everything right now, they have defence, a goalie and they also have a lot of depth. Which will be tested with two of our centre backs injured already. As much as i would love to add another champions league crown this team has to win the league, it has to. Liverpool hasn’t hoisted the title since 1990 and haven’t won it since it was changed to the premiership.

If anyone can get us there it will be this man. Jurgen Klopp defines Liverpool, he’s the perfect coach for this club. Win lose or draw with him at the helm you always know he is getting the most out of the players and that they want to play for him. Its still very early in the season but I’m starting to think it could be a special one for Liverpool FC.

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