Liverpool Lead Shrinking By The Day

Well here we go, strap on your seat belts, this EPL title race is going down to the wire. In what could of been a seven point lead just a week ago after Man City lost to Newcastle, is now down to three and City can go top of the table tomorrow against one of our most hated rivals Everton. Two draws on the bounce has this race tight again, the most worrying part for me isn’t the two draws its the fact they’ve led in both games and let the lead slip. This whole season whether their playing well or not one thing they haven’t done is let leads slip once they’ve gotten in control and now twice in a week its happened.

It has been sooo damn long since a title for Liverpool, 1990 to be exact. You can feel the nervousness in the air, at home games you can feel it even watching on TV and the players can feel it as well. As much as I’m starting to panic just like any LFC fan out there, we do have to enjoy this. This is a real chance to end this drought and the nervousness doesn’t help the players with what their trying to accomplish here. They haven’t been their free flowing selves these passed few games, but its a 38 game season, you can not expect these players and the team to be lights out every game. I know how bad all you fans want this but we all have to try and stay calm and enjoy this ride.

No one said this was going to be easy, but were still three points clear with thirteen games left. No one wants us to win this thing but us. We will be made fun of on the internet when anything goes wrong, we will get the piss taking out of us if City goes top of the league at any point before the end of the season. We do have to remember though, if at the start of the season someone told you Liverpool would be top of the table with thirteen games left we would all take it. We wouldn’t have asked how many points we were leading by at one point, or if we dropped a few points here or there. Liverpool has still only lost one game all year and have a very good chance at trying to take this title home for the first time in 29 years. I am nervous, i am starting to panic just like everyone else, but lets try and enjoy this ride because you never know when your gonna be in a title race again. Strap in and enjoy the ride theres still a lot of soccer left to be played.

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