Little Brother Ravens are Dead

Nov 4, 2018; Baltimore, MD, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner (30) is tackled by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Kenny Young (40) in the second quarter at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Each week I will be doing Steelers recap blogs and I’m so excited that the first week is about this game. My thoughts on the game:

The score does not give the ass whooping that occurred in Baltimore Justice. The result of this game was not a surprise though. Baltimore had lost 2 in a row, Steelers had won 3 in a row, Baltimore is not good, the Steelers are. Seriously Baltimore is garbage and I’m not sure how they’ve won any games. Flacco is horrible. He does 2 things. Under throw curl routes by 3 yards or throw the ball as high as he can and hope for a Pass Interference. The ladder happens at an alarming rate. They have mediocre at best WR’s and I can’t get enough of Crabtree dropping passes. I can never keep track of what average RB they are playing that week and they have 16 TE’s they think are superstars. We all knew the Ravens had no chance when Tomlin basically said the Steelers were made up of Volunteers…not Hostages, and Ben was rockin the stronger than hate cleats. I’d go to war for these men.

Speaking of Lev Bell, he’s never been needed less. The Man, The Myth, The Legend James Conner is on absolute fire. You’re not going to win a one on one battle with Sir Conner at the goal line. Not even you and your glorious beard Mr Weddle.

Lets check in on how hot Conner is.

No better time to buy a shirt

It’s no secret that I hate Joe Flacco but there is nothing more that I love then hate and Joe Flacco HATES Lamar Jackson. You can feel the hate seeping out of Joe every time Lamar steps on to the field. He hates him so much that he’s willing to not throw a TD pass because it would lead to more playing time for Lamar. Look at this, didn’t even think about looking his way.

AB makes things look so easy sometimes. So happy that him and Ben are now on the same Wireless network and fully back on the same page.

The biggest point in the game for me was easily the 8 minute touchdown drive to start the 2nd half. You can tell that crushed the Ravens. Until fucking Boswell missed another XP and gave them that sliver of hope.

This image below is something that I have nightmares about once a week. 

Fat Fucking Ben still thinks he has any speed at all. No Ben, you’re Fat and slow. Get on the ground. No reason that you gaining 3 yards on a scramble is worth you breaking your collarbone and having it puncture your lung so that we have to try out the Josh Dobbs experiment. Huge Shoutout to Josh Dobbs coming in though for 1 play and picking up 22 yards and a first down from his own end zone. That was HUGE. Seriously though, get on the ground Ben. Somehow every Steeler fan eventually realized that Ben was being dramatic Ben and everything was going to be ok.

Seriously though if Dobbs doesn’t come in and pick up that first down, this play to Jesse James doesn’t happen and who knows how the game turns out. The outlaw Jesse James did his best to fuck this up too.

One final shoutout to the defense for holding on late. Bend don’t break isn’t the easiest to watch but I’m fine with it.  

Overall great W for the Steelers. See everyone Thursday night in Heinz against the Panthers. Wish they would wear color rush every game.

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