Kliff Kingsbury Is The New Cardinals Coach Because He’s Really Good Looking


Listen, I LOVE Kliff Kingsbury for the handsome yogurt slinging mother fucker that he is. Suns out guns out throw it all around the yard offense, love it. Cool long sleeve coaches shirts with dope sunglasses, love it. But how does someone that went 35-40 in College get an NFL job?

Literally goes from being fired at Texas Tech to the Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals. What a wild move. Just because he is young, handsome, and is a fun play caller does not mean he is going to be Sean McVay. I’m not saying he’s not going to be successful but it’s a wild move. 

If Kliff Kingsbury was a 5 there is no way that he gets that job. The world is so much easier when you’re a good looking human. Good for him though. He is going to be SLAYING coeds from Arizona State. Such a perfect fit. Him and Rosen just wingmanning each other. I can imagine it now. 

Who knows, maybe this bromance is exactly what the Cardinals need to win a Super Bowl. I assume the players are going to love him. Excited to see how it turns out. 

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