Kawhi Proving He Was Worth The Risk In Toronto


What an ending, what a shot, what a game and what an all around series this was. Kawhi Leonard showed yesterday and in this entire series why he was worth the risk of being a Raptor even only for one season. Don’t get me wrong their is a chance he could stay, I think a very slim one, but the Raptors getting to where their at has been well worth the deal they pulled off this summer. The Raptors could of came back with the exact same team as last year and had a very good season in the East once again. Instead Masai Ujiri decided to risk it all and go all in this season with what were seeing is one of the best all around players in the NBA.


In the day and age we live in now their will always be sceptics, especially in the sports world. Kawhi put up 39 shots yesterday, hitting 16 of them. You can argue all you want about the amount of shots he took, but let me ask you this, if its not him taking them then who. We’ve seen Kyle Lowry come up short in the playoffs before and nothing suggests that he is the guy to take big shots at this point. Siakam is a great young player but he is playing hurt and who knows just how healthy he is right now. Ibaka finally started hitting some threes yesterday, which is something he did lots of in OKC but not so much since hes joined Toronto. You traded for Kawhi Leonard so he could be this guy, this is the player that Toronto has needed to finally get them over the playoff hump.


Kawhi is also proving why teams rest their players during the season as well. Load management i think were calling it now. After sitting out all last year pretty much with the Spurs, the Raptors decided to play it safe this year with Kawhi and keep him as fresh as possible for this playoff run. Boy is that move paying off, with the numbers he put up in this series. Yesterday he was the first ever player to hit a buzzer beater in a game seven. Leonard now has seven games in these playoffs with 30 or more points. He also set an NBA record yesterday, being responsible for 44.6 percent of the Raptors points in a game seven. The last stat that is possibly the most impressive, he scored 243 points in this series, the most since Michael Jordan scored 246 against the Suns in the 1993 finals. Masai Ujiri went all in and Kawhi is proving him right in doing so. Will he stay or will he go? nobody really has any idea at his point and i don’t think Kawhi does either to be honest. Lets see if he can keep it going in the Eastern Conference finals, against the number one seeded Milwaukee Bucks. Whatever happens its just nice to see some different teams battling it out in these NBA playoffs. Lets enjoy this, before we know it the season will be over. Happy Monday y’all, cheers.


Gump Cathcart