Job Opening: Stephen A Smith Research Assistant
  1. Spencer Ware: Not a bad choice here Stephen since Spencer is now the lead RB since Kareem Hunt is gone. Only problem with this is Ware is doubtful and most likely not playing tonight. Honest mistake that happens. “Oh oh yes yes I forgot”
  2. Hunter Henry: I Love Hunter Henry. I think he is great. Dude was a stud at Arkansas and has continued to be good in the NFL. There’s only one problem.

OHHHH Hunter Henry tore his ACL in May and hasn’t played a snap this season. In Stephen A’s defense, he said that Hunter has been very effective this season and that could be true. I have heard his rehab has been quite affective. (I really struggle on affect and effect so that’s a complete roll of the dice on that usage)

Lets not jump to any conclusions yet though, lets check in on Smith’s last key player.

3. Derrick Johnson: On May 4, 2018, the Oakland Raiders signed Johnson to a one-year, $1.50 million contract with $500,000 guaranteed and a signing bonus of $250,000. He was released on October 16, 2018 at his request. 

Oh well that’s just not a good look. If you hurry you can probably get your application into Stephen A to be his research assistant and if you have any idea of who is playing in the league you would be a step up. 

Never Change Stephen, never change.


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