Flyers Reporter Fooled by World’s Worst Photoshopped Tweet

Flyers reporter Sam Carchidi (@BroadStBull) saw this post on his twitter feed, read it with his eyeballs, processed it through the frontal lobe of his brain, and down through central nervous system to his fingers to report that this was actually a real thing. 

This “Tweet” claims the Philadelphia flyers (no capital F, no time to worry about semantics in a society where scrutiny against journalistic integrity has never been higher and there’s a trade to report) traded with the Oil for their starting goalie and the #4 overall pick from the 2016 draft for a 30 year old rental winger.

Well Sam did what any good journalist would do and checked with his sources to follow up and confirm. He was rebuffed by the Flyers, I’m sure much to their surprise and came back with his big break in the story.

No deal! Fake news! Suck it TSN!

Story has since been removed! TSN deleted the “tweet” wow… Big win for Sammy the Bull here. Well this caught the eye of the big dog of hockey news and rumours the OG Bob McKenzie from TSN.

Fabricated screen cap? Nah…

Body bagged! Live look at Sam Carchidi after this tweet!×1-3oriff9hTp2iu3B90k

Game over right?

NO FUCKING WAY! NOT IN PHILLY BRO! Sammy channels the spirit of Rocky Balboa and comes back swinging! He’s got the proof in a screenshot!


Well… Who wants to tell him? Bob? Go ahead please

Oh no… Sam what happened here?

Damn… Hit em with the Who Knows… Never can be too sure online these days kids. 

In the end Sam humbly and graciously accepted his defeat.

The nerve of that LOSER to try and trick people on the internet! Thank the heavens we had the old Broad St Bull on the case to dig through the muck and get to the truth!

Then again this is the guy who tweeted this masterpiece after one playoff series…

#NotAHomer indeed.

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