Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise, Steelers Are Dead

There is nothing more crushing than the moment you realize the team you root for has no chance to win the Super Bowl or even make the playoffs. I had to come to terms with that feeling this week. The Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to win the Super Bowl and will not make the playoffs. They had to go 2-2 in their last 4 games to make the playoffs and they lost their easiest game. Does anyone really think after coming off 3 straight losses that the Steelers are going to beat the Patriots or Saints? Not a fucking chance. We now have to wait 9 months for another meaningful game. A WHOLE FUCKING PREGNANCY FOR ANOTHER GAME THAT MATTERS. 

Some dumb idiot “They could beat the Patriots or Saints and still be ok”

Fuck you, they just lost to the 3-10 Oakland Raiders. That team has been sending their best players away all season trying not to win and you think they can beat the Patriots or Saints. Not a chance. Season is over. The denial phase is over, move onto acceptance and hope they lose every game remaining to get a higher draft pick. 

Why won’t they win another game? Ben is broken, dude didn’t come back in after a little bone bruise because a Mickey Mouse X ray machine was inconclusive. The Raiders have 10 sacks on the season, you aren’t going to be touched. There is 0 run game. Conner has sucked since Bell decided he wasn’t coming back. AB and JuJu are good. Boswell is broken, no coming back from what he has going on. Defense can’t get a stop when it matters. And Tomlin couldn’t win a challenge or manage a clock to save his life. There is no evidence that this is going to turn around. Do yourself a favor and don’t get your hopes up for any reason. Just accept that you will have nothing to root for during the coldest darkest months of the year.

This shit sucks. No other way to put it. Just have to go wait in line 9 months for this whole rollercoaster ride to start again. Then at the end of the 9 months you just have to pray your Steelers baby is going to be a winner when you know chances are it will be some underwhelming under performing piece of shit that ruins your life. Later. 

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