Champions League Is BACK Tomorrow

The Champions League is finally back tomorrow and I’m gonna give you a run down on what i think some good things to bet on are, since we don’t have any money to throw at the NFL anymore. Historically the first legs of the round of 16 matches are played pretty tight, the home team not wanting to give up the always important away goal and the away team trying to keep it tight for the second leg on their home turf. Soccer is always tough to bet on because of the inevitable three outcomes, but the value if you can hit a parlay is absurd. This weekend i hit on a nice one with Crystal Palace to draw and Watford to win along with Burnley. Tomorrow’s games we have PSG at Manchester Untied and FC Porto at Roma. United has been playing well under their new coach and haven’t lost since he took over, PSG will be without Neymar and Cavani tomorrow but I’m still feeling like they’ll have enough to get a draw in Manchester.

The other game tomorrow is Porto at Roma, Roma is sixth in the Serie A and Porto is top of the table in the Primeira League. So what I’ve done with my bets is I have two parlays on the go, with all four games tomorrow and Wednesday on both. On one of my tickets i have Porto to draw and the other ¬†Roma to win, as most of us know these italian teams really know how to tighten things up when it comes to the Champions League.¬†

For Wednesday’s games we have Real Madrid away to Ajax and Borussia Dortmund away to Tottenham. I like Real Madrid for a win or a draw here, any other year i would say Real outright but they have been far from their best most of the season and away to Ajax can be a tricky fixture for any squad. The other game is going to be a good one, this Borussia Dortmund team is on an absolute heater this season and i look for them to either draw or come away with a massive away win. Tottenham has held it together in league play but i just feel like this will be too much for them to deal with, without their best player Harry Kane. To recap here are the two tickets I’ve put together for the next two days of Champions League.

So there you have it, those are my two tickets I’ve come up with for these upcoming games. As I said the odds on betting soccer are tough but if you can hit, your looking at a nice pay day. Lets hope the odds are in our favour, I know its not the NFL but at least its some sort of futebol. Enjoy the games y’all.