Bro Bro Bro Bets – 1/18/19

On Friday’s Bro Bro Bro bets is going to be a blog. It’s just the best way to give you all the picks for the weekend and not have them get lost in everyone getting hammered Friday Night. With that being said we have some beautiful picks for you this weekend. We are all over the board. 

Lets Start with the Appetizers

  1. Gorms – Minnesota Wolves -1 vs Spurs..the wolves are fast and they shoot. 
  2. Connor – Warriors -7 – The Boogieman returns to the court and the NBA is over for everyone but the Celtics. The Warriors might score 200 points a game and I can’t wait to watch this team. Warriors @ Clippers and if you don’t like the Warriors -7, take the over 241.5. 
  3. Digs – Lets take a trip down to Australia for the Women’s Australian Open. I was speaking with some of our Russian friends and they tell me this Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova is the real deal. Get her at +135 to win this weekend right now.

Now the Entrees. Our best picks for the weekend. 

  1. Gorms – Saints -3.5 vs LA Rams. Drew Brees wears depends undergarments but he can throw the ball and they’re fast. 
  2. Connor – Buffalo -16, They go against a weak Eastern Michigan team. The Buffalo Bulls have one of the best team names in all of College Basketball. Buffalo Bulls? Yeah, take all my money. Bulls of Buffalo -16 and the mortgage is going on it.
  3. Digs – Middlesborough Money-line -125. They go against Millwall and fuck Millwall. I will never forgive Millwall for killing Petey Dunham. RIP.

Time for a nice little dessert. 

  1. Gorms – New England patriots+3 vs KC Chiefs….Brady wearing Uggs doesn’t slow them down, he throws the ball very nice…and they’re fast.
  2. Connor – James White over 5.5 catches, Philip Dorsett over 2.5 catch AND score a touchdown. Look, this game on Sunday is going to be an all out war. 3 point spread is a lot against a team thats been to 8 straight AFC Championship games. We’ll see what happens and I’ll slam the Pats, but I love these props for Sunday.
  3. Digs – Chiefs -3. Fuck the Patriots and all their woe is me bullshit. Oh everyone says we can’t win. Get the fuck outta here. Hope that all comes back on them and we on the internet own them. People say don’t bet against Brady but this year I have learned you don’t bet against Mahomes.

We will be back on Monday at 6PM with our regularly scheduled episode. Until then have a great weekend, good luck, and Salud.

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