Big Stage Gets The Best of McVay And Goff

I guess none of us should be surprised. Patriots win another Super Bowl, it wasn’t pretty but they got the job done. As much as i was impressed by the Patriots defence because the Dolphins are getting their D coordinator in as their coach. I’m left feeling like these Rams could of done a lot more.

As great as the Patriots defensive setup was and as great as they played, the Rams let them, they let them bully them from the start. Running the ball on every first down in the first half, what is that??? Where was the free flowing Rams offence we’ve all watched this year. The team that went for it on fourth downs, the team that did fake punts, the team that made half the league hire any coach close to McVay.

Most of the game it felt like they were playing scared, scared of making the big mistake that would cost them the game. Instead the thing that cost them the game was going away from who they were all season and that was an aggressive offensive juggernaut that was changing the way the game was played. I am bitter, I am salty, I don’t think Edelman should of gotten MVP. I don’t think he should’ve even been able to play in the game to be honest, but I’ll save that rant for another day.

The Eagles stuck to their guns last year in the Super Bowl and thats how they beat the Pats, staying true to who they were and what got them to the big dance. I know McVay and Goff will probably get back to this point, figure it out and win it. You also never know if you get to this stage again, Marino made it his first year and never got back in an amazing career. I hope they don’t regret not leaving their whole playbook out there and throwing everything they possibly had at the Patriots. Congratulations to Patriots fans on another ring and here’s to hopefully a better game next year. Happy first Monday without football y’all, its gonna be a long offseason.

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