Best of NFL Internet Week 15

Each week on Sunday’s I am glued to the NFL and the internet so I might as well put it to good use and bring to you the best videos of the weekend from the NFL. These are not just highlights and good plays because you can get those from anywhere. These will be different. These are the videos that the big corporate shows are not going to show you. I mean some of the videos might be but you get the point. I’m also going to miss some videos because I’m human, the internet is a big place, and I’m lazy so understand that as well. These are in no particular order. Lets get started.

  1. Titans ode to Coach Herman Boone and the T.C. Williams Titans

Awesome. 1000% awesome. Soon as I saw this I knew that I would have to watch remember the Titans at some point this week. Anytime you mix real football with possibly the greatest football movie of all time I am going to love it. 

2. Mariota Night Night block on Ogletree

Yooooo, Ogletree crumbled like a cardboard box. Mariota is also an idiot. Dude has missed multiple games this year because of his elbow and he’s taking on a ginormous human with same elbow. I respect it, but he’s dumb. 

3. Win the division, lose at life.

Ill be honest, she doesn’t seem too excited. No jumping up and down, no crying, no screaming. Dudes just still doing their afternoon prayer in the background. Whole thing was weird. I assume this is not how she wanted to be proposed to. 

4. Seabass doesn’t give a fuck

Did anyone ever really expect Seabass to try. Dude is like 270 and has been in the league since 2000. Oakland sucked all of the fucks that he had to give out of him. Surprised he didn’t give the dude a high five as he ran by him. 

5. Khalil Mack Back Sack

The guy is an animal. I imagine he would still get 3 sacks on the season if he had no arms. Somehow someway. 

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