Attention Miami Dolphins Kyler Murray Chooses The NFL

Well here we go, Kyler Murray made the decision, which was pretty much inevitable. He wants to be an NFL quarterback, rather than an Oakland Athletic. Only time will tell if this is the right decision, but for now lets talk about who’s taking a chance on the Heisman trophy winner.

As a Dolphins fan I’m very hopeful that they take the shot and trade up to get him. I don’t see too many teams in front of us who need a quarterback or will take a shot on Murray. The one team that i was really worried about was the New York Giants but reports are saying their concerned about his size.

If the Cardinals don’t pull the trigger and take him at one then if your the Dolphins you have to, I mean please lets go take a chance. Why not?? You’ve now fired your coach, brought in a new one. Tannehill is good as gone, so why not start fresh with Kyler Murray. Unless your all in on the tank for Tua, Kyler Murray has to be an option this year to start this rebuild. There’s no guarantee you will even get close to Tua next year, Dolphins are very good at being mediocre and getting middle round draft picks.

Im all in on this idea, if we are truly rebuilding with a new coach then why not a brand new young quarterback to go along with him. As Dolphins fans we’ve waited long enough, we’ve watched mediocrity since Marino left. The time is now to get our franchise quarterback and Kyler Murray is that guy. If your worried about his size look at Baker Mayfield, Russel Wilson and Drew Brees. All three of those guys are gamers and i strongly believe Kyler Murray is to. The balls in your court Dolphins time to make a move and time to make it now.