Antonio Brown Drama… Our Pets Heads Are Falling Off.

We can’t go fucking 2 days anymore without some sort of drama like news from this team and it’s only getting worse. Quick Timeline here:

Antonio Brown Inactive. No Big Deal, that happens.

Oh AB skipped practice and walk through because of fight with teammate. Not Great.

AB’s fight was with Roethlisberger because Tomlin and Ben are butt buddies and has requested a trade. Great news. Good to hear with playoffs on the line that was going on.

Fucking Kittle fans the flames. Damn it George. We are supposed to go see Godzilla together and now you do this to me.

Tomlin comes out today and doesn’t talk great about AB. AB is hanging out with James Harrison. Everything is done.

Now that everyone is up to speed lets talk about what is going to happen. I originally thought on Friday when the story first came out that there was plenty of time over the next 9 months for everyone to apologize, go to couples therapy, do whatever it would take to be on the same page for 2019. If Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell can become best friends with the guidance of Herman Boone then AB and Ben can be besties again too with help from Tomlin. 

Now after the whole trade request, the Tomlin press conference, IG drama, and hanging with James Harrison I’m starting to think AB will be traded.

How do we feel about it is the question. Antonio Brown is incredible at football and is irreplaceable on the field, I cannot argue that. He is obviously a cancer in the locker room though. You can’t have guys skipping practices anytime they want, it’s not the first time it happened this year either. I am just so over the drama with this fucking team. It’s all the time. Ben threatening to retire, Le’Veon Bell holding out, the Martavis shit, Antonio Brown, James Harrison, Ben calling someone out. It is something all the time. I would love if all the drama was gone and we just played football. Is Tomlin to blame? Probably. He is the one who needs to get it under control. Maybe he has lost the team. Or maybe he just got unlucky and got dealt stars that have ego’s that are uncontrollable. At some point the talent does not make up for the shit going on around the team. I’ve come to realization that I am ok moving forward without Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell if it means a team that is actually moving forward as one. I would also love it if everything got fixed and everyone was happy again but I don’t see that happening. I just wish we could go back to good ole Uncle Charley’s Antonio Brown.

PS quit telling me with the cap that it can’t be done.

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