Adam Vinatieri Aint Done Yet

Adam Vinatieri aint ready to call it a career just yet, the future hall of famer and all time leading scorer will return for a 24th yes you read that correctly 24th year.

Its a great day for the brand and the Indianapolis Colts, more than anything he said he wants that fifth Super Bowl ring. With the way last season went for the Colts and the cap room available they could very well make a deep run into next years playoffs.

When asked about the signing Chris Ballard said that it was about way more than field goals and extra points when it came to bringing him back. Saying that it was more about his presence around the team and just how valuable he is to the young Colts squad. Ballard also credited how hard Vinatieri works to take care of his body and being a true pro for having the impact he has on this team. Vinatieri went 23-27 last year still keeping up a high field goal percentage.

His legacy will live on forever once he calls it quits so lets enjoy watching the GOAT of all kickers for as long as we still can. Heres hoping he gets his fifth Super Bowl and can ride off into the sunset as a champion. What a great day for the brand and the NFL hope y’all enjoy your weekend cheers.

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