2020?? Get this Bulls Doc out NOW please


Anyone who was near a TV or on the internet yesterday saw this tease. A 10 part documentary on Michael Jordan and the Bulls. This is the one we’ve been waiting for, everybody who has compared Lebron and MJ in the GOAT conversation. People have always said that MJ’s story was never told and that he would not of survived in the social media era, well here it is for all of you. A ten part documentary on Jordan and the Bulls all unseen footage of what Jordan and these Bulls were up to.


For me it was always be MJ, he will forever be my GOAT and there is absolutely nothing that Lebron can do at this point that will change my mind. I don’t hate Lebron though, i think he’s made some bad decisions in his career that have led people to hate him. Myself included when he went to Miami. In my mind he fixed that though, when he went back home and got Cleveland a championship.


Lets get back to this documentary though. Ten parts of never before seen footage is absolutely amazing. Thinking about the players that were on that Bulls team such as Rodman, Pippen, Jordan and even Phil Jackson you know this doc is going to be one for the ages. ESPN if you could please get this out in maybe 2019, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by me and thousands maybe millions of other people. I don’t know if i can wait over a year to see this amazing documentary. Until then i will probably keep watching the trailer at least 10 times a day, just as a did yesterday. Hope you all had a great Christmas. 

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