Set Photos Leaked for Top Gun 2

Apparently Tom Cruise and Miles Teller have formed a bromance on the set of Top Gun: Maverick. While Tom is no doubt a great actor, he is a deeply strange, creepy dude. Having said that, I imagine it’s next to impossible to not become best friends with the guy while flying around in jets and shooting with him in a role you grew up dreaming of as a child. A bunch of pics are out from the set via HollywoodPipeline. 

“You can be my wingman any time.”

Teller is playing the role of Goose’s son in the film and old Tom is back in the saddle as Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. Teller looks the part with the stache and oddly long head, no word on what his call sign will be yet or if he’ll carry the “Goose” mantle. Even Val Kilmer is bringing Iceman back, but unfortunately no pics of him yet. Very interested to see what kind of shape Val is in for this, there are internet rumors he’s had some health problems. 

“I will fire when I’m goddamn good and ready! You got that?”

This man is supposed to be 56 years old. I swear he has the DNA of a fucking turtle. Expectations are sky high for this film and there will definitely be riots in the streets if they fuck this up (ok, maybe just me).×2-l2Je06sjaUIu4zTrO

As much as I love the first film you can’t try to recreate that magic so here’s hoping this is more in the vein of the newer Mission Impossible Tom films these past few years. The director is the same guy who did Oblivion with Tom in the past, and Only The Brave so I have faith. We need dog fights, we need drones, we need drama filled cock pit shots with sweat beading down their faces and radar lock tones, we need Kenny Loggins back on the soundtrack. Who’s the enemy this time? The Russians again? Covert Ops in Korea? China!? ALIENS!!!?!?

These are my favorite pics released so far. Just because Tom’s too damn tiny to step over the bar and has to monkey his way down.

Teller is rocking an Eagles hat in a few of these but there’s no way this is anything for the film (He’s a Philly guy in rl). There’s 0% Goose and his kid would be Eagle’s fans, definitely big mid west guys. 

The current release date is set for June of 2020. Let’s hope Val holds up til then. 

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