PMS 2.0 065 – “Deflategate Was The Worst, D’Qwell Jackson, Live From A Batcave”

On today’s show, Pat and the guys record the show live from his backyard in what feels like an Indiana summer night. They discuss the NFL schedule release and highlight a couple of different games that they are looking forward to, including Packers vs. Bears to open the season on Thursday night, Steelers vs. Patriots on the first Sunday night, and a couple of the Thursday night and Monday night games that look to be good matchups. They squeeze in a little hockey talk as Pat has to respond to the city of Pittsburgh after the Pens got swept by the Islanders. They also discuss Russell Wilson’s new contract, and whether or not any of his teammates in the locker room actually like him. They also discuss movie biopics, and how Pat see’s the movie about his life unfolding. Also joining the show is 11 year NFL veteran, Pro Bowler, and the man who started the entire Deflategate situation by intercepting a Tom Brady pass, D’Qwell Jackson. He and Pat talk about their relationship as teammates, his video for The Uninterrupted about how all he wants is his playoff interception from the Deflategate game to be returned to him, and what he’s been doing to enjoy his retirement thus far. (4:15-18:44) To close out the show, Zito makes a triumphant return trying to read and ad, and the guys each give their favorite summer banger to give you something to chew on heading into the weekend. It’s a fun show, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

PMS 2.0 063 – Magic Johnson

On today’s show, Pat talks a little more about the massive fine that Zito is responsible for, and The Pub makes a PSA for all it’s members asking for help paying the fine (shirts available at with promo code “FreeZito”.) Pat and the guys also cover the whole MyBookie situation, and discuss Magic Johnson stepping down as President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers, and why he chose to do so on the same night that Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade retired. Pat also makes a big announcement regarding his upcoming golf outing, and answers a couple questions from Instagram for another edition of #ChatWithPat. Also joining the show is friend of the program, co-host of That’s Hockey Talk, and starting center for the Arizona Cardinals, AQ Shipley. They dive deep into the NHL playoffs and what AQ thinks about being in the podcast game. He also discusses what he expects from the Arizona Cardinals this year and how Kliff Kingsbury has been in the locker room so far, what it’s like being a dad, whether or not NFL players have the responsibility of getting their eventual replacements ready to play, and what he’s been doing to keep himself busy while waiting for the NFL season to start (1:00:06-1:39:07). Today is a fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

Wednesday Night Hockey FACEOFF!!!!

There’s never enough #HockeyTalk coming out of this office so Pat, Gorms, and I are going at it, debating the trending topics on and off the ice in a new weekly segment dedicated to bringing you the best, raw, unfiltered, takes from around the NHL.

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Wednesday Night Hockey FACEOFF!!!

There’s never enough #HockeyTalk coming out of this office so Pat, Gorms, and I are going at it, debating the trending topics on and off the ice in a new weekly segment dedicated to bringing you the best, raw, unfiltered, takes from around the NHL.

Also don’t forget to check out the #ThatsHockeyTalk Podcast now available on iTunes and Spotify. New episodes every Thursday!

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NHL Trade Deadline 2019


3:49PM- A few more minor deals trickling in…

3:34PM- And to rain all over my parade and cap off deadline day the Pittsburgh Penguins have traded Tanner Pearson (acquired earlier this year for Carl Hagelin) for Erik Gudbranson a D man from Vancouver who doesn’t fit the mold of a Pens D man. He’s a bigger body, not known for offense or moving the puck. It’s obvious Jim Rutherford felt the need to add a physical D man after the injuries to Dumo and Letang over the weekend and Pearson is nothing to write home about but this reeks of desperation.

3:10PM- Depth D man going to one of the hottest teams in hockey the St. Louis Blues

3:06PM- And just like that we have 2 deals getting announced finding out Wayne Simmonds to Nashville squeeks in just before the 2:59:59PM deadline as well as Marcus Johansson to Boston

3:00PM- And there it is the deadline is officially OVER. You may see a deal or two trickle in that just snuck up under the clock but it looks like the West is going to be a bloodbath in the playoffs and the East is still Tampa’s play ground with CBJ doing everything they can to make a push and finally win a round.

2:51PM- Here’s the return for Stone and it was not cheap. Brannstrom is considered by some to be a defenseman who you can build a franchise around. Have to assume Stone signs an extension in Vegas soon.

2:45PM- This is huge for the Knights. They’ve been treading water lately and this instantly gives them another dynamic goal scorer up front. He’s young enough at 26 they can build around him as a core player for years to come too.

2:40PM- Nashville stays away from the big boys and gets a slight upgrade with Granlund. Nashville is deep but not sure they have the overall high end talent to make it out of the West.

2:31PM- Another depth move on the day this time for Calgary… Thought we might see some more shake up from the Kings today but no dice.

2:30PM- 30 minutes left and nothing to report. Simmonds, Stone, and a few others still dangling out there. Have to suspect everyone waiting for a Stone move and you’ll see everyone rush to try and fill some backup options.

2:15PM- The latest on the prize of the day Mark Stone…

Stone would be the type of player that could put Vegas back in the SCF. It’s the kind of move that the guys in the locker room would love and could really re-energize them if the front office shows that type of commitment to trying to win. 

1:55PM- CBJ are at it again! Adding McQuaid gives them a big body on the back end with tons of playoff experience. Torts is going to cream his pants every time McQuaid gets out there and blocks a shot, a match made in heaven.

1:33PM- This is some value shopping for Colorado and a great pickup. Not sacrificing your future still trying to build a young core and adding a guy who can fill the net and produce playoff points, if he gets his game back. Low risk move.

12:40PM- Minor deal with the ‘Bunch of jerks’ picking up Jurco.

12:05PM- Nooner update… Figured I’d share a couple of rumors to make things interesting. The #Insiderr himself Commie has Mark Stone the sniping winger from Ottawa heading to Vegas

Others aren’t as sure…

The asking price for Wayne Simmonds is allegedly a 1st and prospect which has become the going rate for an impact rental winger. Simmonds game just screams western conference to me as a big body guy who makes a living in front of the net. Nashville is getting left out to dry so far, do they step up? If I’m a GM I’ll pay whatever it takes for Simmonds, he can be a monster catalyst for a contender. 

Ooooh this is interesting!

I don’t think there’s a chance in hell Hank moves today, that type of deal is usually done in the offseason but that would be a BOMBSHELL.

Have to assume if there was anything cooking on these guys for Ottawa they’d be having a seat. 

11:22AM- We’ve got a depth swap and signs of life from Montreal

The Canadians were expected to be quiet, essentially as they have all year and here they add another little, speedy guy in Weal. 

11:14AM- This is Gump from north of the border, i have a good source in Vancouver telling me that Jim Benning and the Canucks are going to do absolutely nothing and also lose Alex Edler in the offseason.

10:20AM- Here we go now we’re talking…

Love this route for WPG and this really puts some pressure on Nashville to step up. Early return sounds like Brendon Lemieux (Son of Claude) and WPG’s 1st which feels right. Hayes is a big body who can dish the puck and help matchup down the middle in the West. 

10:10AM – Ok here we go good old #HockeyTalk on a Monday morning. I’ll do my best to keep things updated here until the deadline ends at 3pm. Nothing cooking yet. Still a few big names left to move… I’m looking for Nashville to make another move today. Are the Islanders going to try and beef up their lineup? What is Columbus going to do with Panarin? Is Ottawa going to move Mark Stone? Wayne Simmonds is definitely on the move today? Does he head out west?


Couple thoughts on the moves so far…

Columbus is going all in and you have to love it if you’re a Blue Jacket fan. For years they’ve been a 1 and done or also ran playoff team but they’ve sacrificed some futures here to load up their forward group with UFA’s Matt Duchene and Ryan Dzingel from Ottawa. If they keep Panarin it makes them as dangerous as any team in the East outside of Tampa.

Have to tip the hat to the Caps as well as they have made a few small tweaks that could pay off big time. Hagelin isn’t the game changer he was a few years back but still brings an element of speed and kills penalties. Nick Jensen gives a boost on the back end and is the type of under the radar move they wanted to make similar to picking up Michael Kempny 2 years ago. 

I’m not in love with the Coyle to Boston, Donato to Minny move for the Bruins. Coyle is solid no doubt, but I think they were better off holding onto Donato who has real upside though he struggled so far this year with the B’s. He now has 4 points in 3 games with Minny who needed some juice up front. 

Tough break for Dallas in grabbing Zuccarello from New York, leaving his best buddy Hank Lundqvist in tears, blocks a shot in his first game with the Stars and gets injured and won’t be back for 4 weeks…

My favorite move so far though goes to San Jose picking up a rental in Gustav Nyquist from Detroit. He can play up and down the lineup, has a knack for timely goals, has seen playoff action, and is always a positive possession player. It just feels like a situation where can score a huge goal or two in a deep run. 

Here’s a quick look at everything that has happened already courtesy of TSN‘s Trade Tacker:

Bro Bro Bro Bets: 1/28/19

Ciao, paisans. Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. We are back and we have a beautiful menu of picks for you tonight. 


Gorms – Brooklyn Nets +11 vs Celts. They shoot and the team as a whole is fast. 

Connor – Charlotte/Knicks over 221 – lotta unders lately for the Knicks but that ends tonight cause everyone plays harder when MJ is watching

Digs – You know how much I love a nice 1st period over as a delicious appetizer to get the night going. Tonight that happens in Pittsburgh.


Gorms: Pacers +7 vs GSW. Indy at home where they shoot well and they become faster. 

Connor: Denver – 5.5, Memphis is crumbling within, Jokic owns the paint in Grizzlie country tonight. 

Digs: Knicks +12.5, Charlotte is not good enough to be that big of a favorite.


Gorms: Penguins destroy the Devils. Got a guy who shoots. 

Connor: Pacers/Warriors over 228 – No Oladipo or Draymond Green means no defense tonight. Could see a fired up pacers team running around dunking balls tonight.

Digs: Winnipeg ML. Flyers are horrendous. All Star Break isn’t changing that.

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