Brock’s New WWE Deal Could Cuck Cormier Fight

These guys are probably the two best wrestlers in the Heavyweight division.  They both have a vicious ground and pound game.  Cormier is a better striker but Brock has a significant size and strength advantage.  Both know how to put on a show.  What’s not to like?!  The fact that it might never happen now…that’s what.

Brock Lesnar just signed a new deal with the WWE to remain on as the signature champ.  He had planned to lose to Roman Reigns in August and then return to the UFC to fight Daniel Cormier in 2019 but Reigns was diagnosed with Leukemia so he has bigger things to focus on.  So now Brock has this new deal with the WWE for multiple shows that run at least to Wrestlemania in April.

His deal does allow him to fight in the UFC but with the WWE schedule he has to maintain, some people inside the MMA community are doubting that he’ll do so before April.  No big deal, he can just fight Cormier after April, right?  Wrong.  Cormier has already announced that he is only fighting one more time and then retiring on his 40th birthday in March.  This could fuck up everything.

Yup.  So, if this fight doesn’t happen, what does this mean for the UFC?  Well, the good news for them is it’s not nearly as devastating to them as it is to me.  This is my best guess at what would happen.  Assuming that Jon Jones beats Alexander Gustafson in December, which he will, Cormier will fight Jones for the third time in hopes he can erase the sting of the previous two losses to Jones and become the first fighter in UFC history to retire while holding two belts.  He’ll lose to Jones but it’s worth the risk.  Then Cormier will sign a deal with the WWE.  He said previously that if the Brock fight didn’t happen he’d give Stipe Miocic a rematch, but I think the thought of avenging his losses to Jones will overpower any sense of obligation he has in defending the heavyweight title against a guy he just knocked out.

Well, what about Brock?  Jon Jones has already gone on record saying he wants to move up to Heavyweight to fight Brock.  This would break PPV records for the UFC so I’m sure Dana White will be more than willing to let that happen.  So, Brock will lose to Jones and then return to the WWE and Jones will go on to demolish everyone in the UFC until he chooses to retire or until he fucks up again and gets kicked out of the organization for life.  

That’s my best guess at what happens if Brock and Cormier don’t fight.  Maybe more of a personal wish than a guess but there’s a basis for credibility here.  What’s not a guess is, regardless of how any of this shakes out, everyone involved is going to make a shit ton of money and they have one man to thank for it.  The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.


Fictional Coaches Ring of Honor – Part I

Listen, I’m very vocal about thinking Mike McCarthy is a terrible coach. I think the guy would be pushing a broom around somewhere if he didn’t have Aaron Rodgers bailing his ass out every step of the way. Do I think the Packers will make some sort of splash and land an elite Head Coach in the offseason? No, I don’t. But I have been thinking about a couple of fictional elite coaches and dreaming what Rodgers would be able to do under their tutelage. So I did a little research and came up with some of the greatest fictional coaches of all-time, regardless of sport, call it a Ring of Honor if you will. As with the fictional QB blog I broke down, real coaches are excluded. This means no Gary Gaines, no Herb Brooks, no Herman Boone or Bill Yoast (even though Remember the Titans is complete Hollywood bullshit, albeit a great flick). You may not agree with who I’ve selected here, but tough shit.. this is my list. Let’s dive into this.

Kesuke “Mr.” Miyagi

I don’t know if many people would call Mr. Miyagi a coach in the conventional sense of the term, but there is no question that he is arguably the greatest movie coach, or sensei if you will, of all time. The guy took one of the biggest candy asses in all of California and molded him into the 1984 All Valley Karate Champion. In the process, Miyagi got hours and hours worth of free labor out of Daniel-San, sky rocketing the property value of his home in the process. When Daniel-San finally gets fed up and starts bitching and moaning about all the work he’s been doing, Miyagi shows him how effective his methods are. Talk about a fucking electric scene.

He also may look pretty frail, but that doesn’t mean Miyagi can’t still whoop ass wholesale. When the Cobra Kai try to beat the piss out of Larusso on Halloween night, Miyagi beats the absolute tar out of all of them without breaking a sweat. He also damn near forces John Kreese, embattled sensei of the Cobra Kai, into retirement, serving him a fresh tea bag after the All Valley and making his knuckles bleed, embarrassing the shit out of him in front of several of his students. All you need to know about Miyagi is that he took Daniel Larusso and molded him into the fiercest sonofabitch from Reseda to Okinawa. I just wish we could’ve gotten a prequel showing Miyagi’s exploits in the 442nd during ‘Nam, I can only imagine how many confirmed kills he would’ve racked up in hand-to-hand combat.

Gordon Bombay

It’s tough to find a better rags to riches story than Gordo Bombay. Guy was an elite player at one time in his own right, and after choking big time at a young age, he essentially threw the towel in on what could’ve been a lucrative hockey career. It wasn’t until he sucked down one too many Moulson’s while driving that led to his DUI which allowed him to start coaching perennial doormat, District 5. Hard to argue with Bombay’s cache as a coach. Looking at District 5 in the original Mighty Ducks, that team was fucking trash. Plain and simple. About 70% of them got shitcanned when Bombay made the leap to coach Team USA in the Junior Goodwill Games. Which reminds me, Bombay was also an elite recruiter. Getting rid of bags of shit like Dave Karp and Terry Hall and replacing them with the likes of Dean Portman and Dwayne Robertson helped establish Bombay as an elite hockey mind. In terms of motivation, it’s hard to find a better locker room orator than Bombay. Wihtout his 2nd period speech to Team USA in gold medal game of the Junior Goodwill Games, they get routed by Wolf “The Dentist” Stansson and Team Iceland, no question about it. (Excuse him saying 3 points up instead of 3 goals up, that’s just poor writing.)

Although he didn’t play a prominent role in D3, Bombay is still the beating heart of the franchise. After talking Charlie Conway away from the brink of suicide after Han’s death, he also solidifies his relationship with incumbent coach Ted O’Rion. And when the sky appears to be falling and the Ducks are in jeopardy of losing their scholarships, Bombay polishes off the law degree and goes Atticus Finch all over the Board of Trustee’s asses at Eden Hall Academy.

Bombay went from coaching one of the shittiest teams in the state of Minnesota, to winning a gold medal in the Junior Goodwill Games, to eventually overseeing the USA’s Junior hockey development program. It’s a shame he blew his knee out and never got his shot in the bigs, because he would’ve been flinging pucks bardown on a regular basis.

Norman Dale

This guy is the definition of an innovative ball coach, No coach in the history of coaching has gotten more out of less talent than Norman Dale got out of his Hickory bunch. The guy was an elite recruiter before it was even a thing, paving the way for the likes of John Calipari, Coach K, Roy Williams, Bill Self, etc. If he doesn’t pluck Jimmy Chitwood off the farm, Hickory IS GARBAGE. What an incredible in-game coach too. The man was a psychological mastermind and owned every referee by shitting on and berating every one them. He also took a major flier on Shooter Flatch being one of his assistants, the drunkest sumbitch in the state of Indiana. Without that decision, we never get Hickory perfectly executing the picket fence. I can guarantee one thing, anyone who has ever seen Hoosiers sure as hell won’t get caught watching the paint dry.

I can smell the booze on Shooter’s breath from here. Also, people always love to tip Any Given Sunday for Al Pacino’s speech which I’ve touched on before and will again at length at some point, but Norman Dale’s speech before the state championship blows that speech out of the water every day of the week. That, and I think it also created the slow clap.

Imagine anyone playing Norman Dale besides Gene Hackman. Talk about going from sugar to shit. Hackman was the GOAT, is still the GOAT, and may pop up again here in 3….2….1….

Jimmy McGinty

The guy I want coaching Aaron Rodgers. Period. Gene Hackman’s 2nd greatest coaching role, and miles and miles (of heart) better than most, Jimmy McGinty is a fucking icon. Taking a lockout stricken team and recruiting players from mini-marts, futbol pitches, sumo wrestling schools, jail, SWAT teams, and general washouts doesn’t sound like it would bode too well. But most people aren’t leaders of men the way Jimmy McGinty is. His first major move was obviously negging the piss out of Falco and shitting on his living situation to get him to suit up at quarterback for the Sentinels. Although he doesn’t often get credit for such, the man was an offensive mastermind, very similar to an early, bootleg version of Mike Martz dialing up an air raid with Falco’s UUUUUGEEE arm. The X’s and O’s and motivational tactics are incredible qualities, but Jimmy McGinty’s trust in HIS quarterback is what takes him to the next level

The video cuts it off a bit, but you know how it ends. Falco was late because of traffic, comes in, gets the Sentinels into the backdoor of the playoffs before the strike ends. What we don’t see at the end of the film is where McGinty signs a 4 year contract extension with Falco and proceeds to defecate down the throat of every opposing coach in the league. You take a group of scabs and sneak them into the playoffs while firing off Eisenhower-esque speeches, your place is firmly entrenched in the pantheon of elite coaches. Again, the guy has miles and miles of heart.

Billy Heywood

By far the youngest coach on this list, Bill Heywood has the baseball knowledge of man 4x his age. Going from a shitty Little league left fielder who hits 8th in the lineup to managing the Twins is no easy task, but Bill Heywood sure as hell was the right man for the job. Making his presence felt almost immediately, Heywood whacks George O’Farrell and names himself manager after cucking pitching coach Mac Macnally in front of the GM.

This is the definition of making an older, more seasoned veteran eat shit in front of his superiors. Imagine Sean McVay and Jeff Fisher going head to head in a duel of football IQ. In one conversation, Heywood cements himself as a wunderkind a la Theo Epstein. The major difference between Heywood and a lot of younger GM’s and coaches is how much of a players manager he was. Whether he was dropping water balloons with some of his middle infielders on that horse’s ass Mike McGreevy, or letting the bullpen help him with his long division, Heywood had his finger firmly placed on the pulse of the clubhouse. Also, what other manager has to deal with his star player banging his mom? Not an easy conversation to have, but Bill swallowed his pride and allowed Lou Collins to continue smashing and eventually propose as well. The idea that a 12 year-old kid could take a team that habitually sucks and lead them into a one game playoff against Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson’s mullet tells you a bit about his coaching prowess. Although the Twins came up short, the change he brings to the locker room is evident, and his players were willing to a bite a cyanide capsule for him by season’s end. 

The only downfall for Bill was his proclivity for pay-per-view porn whenever the team would go on road trips, his personal favorite being Night Nurses From Jersey (“They’re off the Turnpike and ready for love!”). If he was able to fend off a potentially crippling sex addiction, I think we’re talking about a first ballot Hall of Famer here.

All of these guys are the upper crust. Later this week, I’ll come in hot with some of the other coaches and GM’s that are deserving of a spot on this list, but as of now, these guys own everyone else.

What do you guys think, who got snubbed?

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PMS 2.0 019 – 49ers Legend George Kittle

On today’s show, Pat is joined by former Iowa Hawkeye and current TE for the San Francisco 49ers, George Kittle, who is making waves in the league right now. They chat about being overlooked in the league, who some of his favorite TE’s are, what Kyle Shanahan’s offense is like, and how Pat Angerer changed his football career (4:23-21:32). Later, Pat brings the guys in to talk about the new blog on and what they’ll be writing about. Digs covers some NFL news and gives out a few of his weekly awards, Zito and Connor talk Twitchcon and how the political attack ads are taking over TV, Todd chats about his comedy show from last weekend and dives into Brock Lesnar in the UFC and Floyd Mayweather getting into MMA, and Nick pops in to talk Lowe’s closing several stores, Pete Davidson, helicopters crashing, and a little hockey talk. Today’s a great one, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

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No Idea How This Isn’t The Most Popular Sport In The World

Are you kidding me? I’d pay $100 every weekend to watch this on Pay-Per-View. This is old school game of thrones/Braveheart/Gladiator/300 type battles mixed with modern day MMA. Everyone charging in having no idea what’s going to happen.

Of course this is banned in the United States so we have to rely on our friends in Eastern Europe to bring this and all of its gloriousness to the world. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t somehow found a way to involve bears or tigers into the ring. Obviously they aren’t on the marketing level of say a Jackie Moon or Commodus but I assume they can get there.

Things get very interesting when one team starts losing fighters and you then have 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 situations. These are trained fighters pounding on a human in the fetal position all at once while he tries not to die. I mean the one guy is being put in an arm bar by one guy while another pummels his face. Not some Chuck Norris Jackie Chan bullshit where the henchmen come at the hero one at a time. Shit always drove me crazy. If all 13 guys attack him at once Chuck Norris is going to die. 

Can you imagine this as a legit organization with financial backing behind it? How awesome would it be to watch Team McGregor vs Team Khabib rather than just McGregor vs Khabib or even Team New York vs Team Boston, Philly vs Pittsburgh, and so on and so forth. I’ll structure this fighting league just like the major sports leagues. Conferences, divisions, regular season, playoffs. It’s going to be glorious. Will listen to serious investment inquiries. 

I also know that this video is old and I do not care. It doesn’t matter.

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Floyd Mayweather Signs MMA Fight In Japan

Well, I never thought I’d see this day.  I was convinced Mayweather had found a way to continue to lure top MMA fighters into boxing him so he ride out the rest of his career with huge paydays and easy fights.  But Mayweather just signed on to fight a 20-year-old Japanese kickboxing sensation.  This time he’s going to throw himself into his opponent’s game right?  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The fight is sanctioned under an MMA organization in Japan but everyone so far, including Mayweather, has made it very clear that the rules haven’t been set yet.  Big eye roll moment here.

This is just my gut talking but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Floyd isn’t going all the way to Japan just to get his head kicked in.  When they do finally announce the rules, I’m fully expecting the first 2 to be No Kicking and No Takedowns.  I’m guessing the only MMA concession he’s going to make is wearing smaller gloves.  Which isn’t much of a concession if you know you’re the only guy that’s going to land a punch.

I’m eager to see what happens.


Liddell vs. Ortiz 3: Does Anyone Care?

MMA fans went crazy in 2004 when these two legendary UFC rivals first faced-off in the octagon.  They went even crazier when they had their rematch in 2006…

Now, Golden Boy Promotions is promoting Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 as The Trilogy.  Technically, yes…it’s the third fight so it’s The Trilogy but those other two fights were a long ass time ago.  12 years to be exact.  12 fighter years.  That’s like 80 in human years.  So, The Trilogy is misleading to me.  In my mind, The Trilogy is synonymous with Grand Finale, which this is definitely not.  They should call it The Third Fight That Doesn’t Mean Shit.  It’s more accurate…but I get that it’s wordy.

So, why is Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions making this fight happen?  Does anyone care?  These guys fought twice while in their prime.  Liddell knocked Ortiz out in their first matchup and won by TKO stoppage in the second.  So, Liddell goes down in history as the better fighter.  That’s how fighting has always worked.  But now in an era where Viagra helps old men think they’re not old and the Internet helps the ridiculous make more money than the legitimate, the rules have changed.

UFC President Dana White, who also happens to be a close, personal friend of Chuck Liddell, begged him to retire from the UFC in 2010 after tarnishing his legacy and risking his future well-being by taking cringe-worthy beatings in 5 of his last 6 fights.  He just wasn’t physically able to compete at the top level anymore and he was too far into his career to suppress his instinct to stand toe-to-toe and bang.  That’s a recipe for disaster for a fighter well past his prime and White knew that over 10 years ago.

Now, De La Hoya and company are putting him back in the cage to battle a 43-year-old Tito Ortiz for the third time.  A 43-year-old Ortiz who’s still competitive by the way.  He beat Chael Sonnen in Bellator 170 in January of last year by rear-naked choke in the first round.  Granted, Chael Sonnen isn’t what he once was either, but he’s definitely no walk in the park.  Couple that with the fact Liddell hasn’t fought anyone in over a decade and it’s clear to see that the deck is stacked against The Iceman.

Tito Ortiz submits Chael Sonnen in the first round at Bellator 170 in January 2017

So, let’s go back to my initial two questions.  Why is this fight happening?  Does anyone care?  Unfortunately, the answer to the second question also answers the first.  Yes, people do care.  Enough people to make Golden Boy Promotions a lot of money via PPV and to ensure both Liddell and Ortiz more money than they have ever received for a single fight in their career.  That being said, I feel too many people care for the wrong reasons.  No one that purchases this fight wants to see Ortiz win.  That sucks for him but that’s the fuel that powers this crazy train to Disaster Town.  A large majority of old school fans will order this fight because they want nothing more than to relive one more night of Chuck Liddell greatness and there’s no one else they’d rather see take the brunt of that, than The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.  THAT’S THE FANTASY!  But what’s the reality?

Liddell dies?  Not likely, but…  Liddell suffers permanent brain damage?  Possibly.  Liddell loses in embarrassing fashion?  Probably.  But none of this matters.  “The Iceman Cometh” is the bumper sticker of far too many old Chuck Liddell fans; and their belief in his successful return to the sport, despite its lunacy, is unwavering.

Earlier, I blamed Viagra and the Internet for this fight happening and I do believe each plays a role, but mostly I blame Sylvester Stallone.  We all loved watching a 60-year-old Rocky Balboa step back in the ring to achieve greatness one last time.  Unfortunately, for Chuck Liddell and everyone that loves him, this is real life.  And unlike Stallone’s movies, real life doesn’t always have a happy ending.

Sylvester Stallone, if you read this before it’s too late, Chuck needs money.  Please cast him in The Expendables 4 so he can cancel this stupid fucking fight and ride out retirement as the badass we remember.


UFC Star Has Worst Day

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar just had, what could be considered, his worst day ever.  He got blackout drunk and his brain did what blackout brains do.  It kicked right into autopilot and set a course for home.  I’m not proud of it but I’ve been there myself.  Your brain means well but the problem with kicking into autopilot is…there’s no captain.  Autopilot is a computer.  It doesn’t know what to do when a flock of geese gets sucked into the engine.  You need Sully for that shit.

I’m not defending Stephan Bonnar.  He got blacked out drunk, got behind the wheel of a car, drove like a maniac until finally pulling over to pass out and resisted arrest when police tried to wake him.  Thank God, for everyone involved, no one was injured or killed.  I do, however, feel bad for him.  He will deservedly be punished and I’m certain his personal and professional life will suffer.  There’s no doubt in my mind if he were still in control of his actions, none of this would’ve happened.  So, I feel bad for what he’s going through right now and will continue to go through as he deals with the consequences of his actions.

I’m guessing that was Stephan Bonnar’s worst day.  I’m guessing his best day was the historic night he fought that epic battle against Forrest Griffin in the finale of The Ultimate Fighter: Season 1.  That fight did more for the UFC than any other fight in the organization’s history.  Despite losing a close decision to Griffin, Bonnar was also rewarded a UFC contract and went on to have a career worthy of entrance into the UFC Hall of Fame.  

Bonnar has never been one to count out in a fight.  If he got knocked down, he got back up and kept swinging.  So, let’s not count him out now.  He got knocked down but let’s assume he’ll get back up.  When I got my DUI I wasn’t famous like Bonnar, but I was a cop.  I was a role model for some and I was certainly expected to obey the law and behave in a responsible manner deserving of my position.  I was working undercover at the time and going through a divorce.  Pretending to be a scumbag everyday while trying to deal with a miserable situation at home had me in a bad spot and that night it all came to a head and I had my worst day.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and I was able to get back up and start swinging again.  It took a while to earn back the respect I had lost but I didn’t give up and worked at it every day until that day eventually faded from a defining moment to just a footnote.  I don’t know what led Bonnar to this moment but as a fan, and as someone who’s gone through what he’s going through now, I wish him the very best and hope he handles himself appropriately from here.  If I could give him any advice it would be this.  It’s not your worst day that defines you.  It’s what you do after your worst day, that defines you.  So, get up brother.  Keep swinging.


Mayweather Finds Fountain of Youth

I’m not sure any athlete in the world has ever sat in a better position than Floyd Mayweather sits right now.  He’s 41, which is usually well past the retirement age of most athletes in his sport, yet he’s still boxing, he’s still undefeated and according to Forbes he’s currently the highest paid athlete in the world.  Mayweather grossed $275 million for his fight against UFC Champion Conor McGregor and has made $10 million in endorsements this year.

Mayweather dominated this fight, stopping an exhausted McGregor in the 10th round, which brought his record to an astonishing 50-0.  Ordinarily, I would say at 41 years old, a boxer who’s 50-0 should think about proudly riding off into the sunset.  However, Floyd Mayweather has found the boxing equivalent of the fountain of youth.  I mentioned earlier that his last fight was the highest grossing fight of his career and it wasn’t even against a boxer!  McGregor was the best standup fighter the UFC had to offer and Mayweather barely broke a sweat.  He was about as threatening as a gym pro thrown in the ring to help Mayweather work on his conditioning.  Say what you will about Floyd Mayweather, but he is a GENIUS!

The UFC has finally reached a level where an amazing mixed martial artist with a magnetic personality and poetic style of trash talk, can blow up to be a social media monster.  Conor McGregor, in my opinion, is the first mixed martial artist to become bigger than the sport and that’s a great thing for the UFC.  There is an argument that Brock Lesnar came first and he was bigger than the UFC.  This is true but that’s the because Brock came from the WWE which is bigger than everything.  Conor came in a nobody.

So, what’s good for the UFC is good for the fighters, right?  The bigger the sport gets, the more fighters make, right?  Well, not necessarily.  The UFC model has always been one that only rewards fighters at the very top of the sport.  But even the top fighters aren’t getting crazy rich.  McGregor was paid $3 million for fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov for the Lightweight Championship and Khabib was paid $2 million.  If you think someone of McGregor’s fame deserves more than $3 million a fight, you’re not alone.

I agree with you, but more importantly, Conor McGregor agrees with you which brings us back to Floyd Mayweather being a genius.  Mayweather and his people made a deal with McGregor which guaranteed him $30 million (and rumored to have grossed $100 million) to box Mayweather.  We all know how that ended.  Mayweather embarrassed McGregor and finished him early with very little effort.  This is not a slam on McGregor.  On the street, McGregor kills Mayweather.  In a MMA fight, McGregor kills Mayweather.  But MMA is not boxing and Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers to ever live.  He’s been boxing since he could walk.  To become a boxer of Floyd Mayweather’s caliber takes a lifetime.  I don’t care how well or hard you train, no MMA fighter on the planet is going to get there in 8 months.

But the good thing for everyone involved is, this doesn’t matter.  Most MMA fans hate boxers and most boxing fans hate MMA fighters; so when the two fan bases came together to watch what would happen if the best UFC fighter fought the best boxer, it produced monster Pay-per-view numbers.

As we waited patiently to see if there would be a rematch, McGregor returned to the UFC and loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov, handedly, which put a bit of a damper on Mayweather vs. McGregor 2.  So, what did Mayweather do?  He publicly offered up a fight against Khabib.  Keep in mind that Khabib is a grappler and beat Conor in the same way he beats everyone, by grappling.  Khabib is no where near the standup fighter that McGregor is.  Even with this being the case, Mayweather claims his fight with Khabib will gross even more than his fight with McGregor.  And at this point, who would doubt him?

Floyd Mayweather has indeed found the fountain of youth.  At what should be the tail end of his boxing career, he finds a way to extend his career another 10 years and make more money than ever.  Boxing guys that aren’t boxers!   Did I mention yet that he’s a genius?