Warriors and Raptors A Refreshing NBA Finals


Well, here we go, Tonight’s the night, the NBA finals finally get started. It feels like months since the last game on Saturday night. For the first time in nine years we have no Lebron in these finals and for the first time in five years, we have a different matchup than Golden State and Cleveland. This series offers something different and something new for all of us. Golden State without KD and Kawhi Leonard in the era of superstars joining one another all across the NBA, he is trying to pull this thing off with just a supporting cast and no other real superstar. You can argue Kyle Lowry if you want, hes a great player but please don’t try and tell me hes a superstar.


I personally think this thing is going the distance. The Raptors are not the Portland Trailblazers, defensively their one of the best teams in the league and in years past we’ve seen thats really the only thing that can stop these Warriors. You have to somehow try and hold the Warriors to under 104 points. They are 65-9 in this run they have been on in the playoffs, when they score more than 104 points. That being said, for the Raptors to have a chance at winning this thing, they have to win game one HAVE TO. I honestly don’t think that Kevin Durant plays in this series and if he does I think hell be forcing himself early and possibly hurting the Warriors. Im not on the Warriors are better than KD wagon, but you can’t throw a guy into the finals who hasn’t played in a month and think its not going to take some time to get his rhythm back.


I honestly think the Raptors can pull this thing off, but I’ve thought teams could beat Golden State before on this run and have been horribly wrong. Either way this will be the best finals we’ve seen in three years. Its the true test of offence against defence and will be a grind it out series. Golden State has looked great since KD has been out but what if this thing ends up going six or seven games?? Can Golden State’s bench continue to have the output they did in the Portland series?? Is Andre Igudola healthy?? Can Boogie help out at all coming off the bench?? There is a lot more questions than answers with this Warriors team right now. The Raptors you know what its gonna take to pull this thing off, a heavy dose of Kawhi and hes going to need the same help he got in the Milwaukee series. It is going to take a big series from Pascal Siakam on both ends of the court as well and either Freddy Vanvleet is going to have to keep shooting the lights out or Danny Green is going to have to catch fire like he has in playoffs past. In this era of building super teams, if and I know its a big IF Kawhi Leonard can pull this off, it will be one for the ages. For the first time in five years we have a different matchup in the NBA finals, lets enjoy the hell out of this people. 


Gump Cathcart

Golden State Warriors Heading To Their Fifth Straight NBA Final


Here we go again, for the fifth straight season the Warriors are on their way to the NBA finals and a great possibility of a 3peat. Im not even mad about it at this point, do i like the Warriors no, but after this prolonged stint of greatness i honestly can’t say i hate this team anymore. The fact that they are doing all this without Kevin Durant, makes it even sweeter for the likes of Clay and Steph. Hell even Draymond has become more likeable these playoffs, finally admitting to his flopping and whining.


Three games in a row these Warriors were down by 17 to Portland and came back to win. You can just never put this team away, they have the will and the fight of a champion and they continue to show it on a nightly basis at this point. These Warriors are also putting the rest of the NBA on notice, just because KD is probably leaving in the summer, in no way does that mean they aren’t still the best team in this league. Anybody who was ever doubting Steph’s playoff performance is also being put on notice, that he is in fact one of the greats and can still put this Warriors team on his back when needed.


The Warriors are well on their way to winning their third NBA title, with the Raptors and the Bucks still slugging it out in the East. I still see that series going at least six games, if not even seven at this point. Well see what happens tonight in Toronto though. Im not saying it will be easy against either one of those teams, especially if the Warriors are still without KD and Boogie. As much as they want to prove how good they are without those two, they will definitely not hurt them in what has been a long playoff and five year run of dominance by these Warriors. Hopefully Durant getting back on the court will keep him off his social media for a few hours also. Were getting close to the last series in what has been a great NBA playoffs, even without Lebron for the first time in fourteen years. Ive hated these Warriors as much as anyone, but at some point you’ve just gotta take it in and respect it. Hope y’all are enjoying these playoffs as much as I am and lets see what happens in the east tonight.


Gump Cathcart

Kawhi Proving He Was Worth The Risk In Toronto


What an ending, what a shot, what a game and what an all around series this was. Kawhi Leonard showed yesterday and in this entire series why he was worth the risk of being a Raptor even only for one season. Don’t get me wrong their is a chance he could stay, I think a very slim one, but the Raptors getting to where their at has been well worth the deal they pulled off this summer. The Raptors could of came back with the exact same team as last year and had a very good season in the East once again. Instead Masai Ujiri decided to risk it all and go all in this season with what were seeing is one of the best all around players in the NBA.


In the day and age we live in now their will always be sceptics, especially in the sports world. Kawhi put up 39 shots yesterday, hitting 16 of them. You can argue all you want about the amount of shots he took, but let me ask you this, if its not him taking them then who. We’ve seen Kyle Lowry come up short in the playoffs before and nothing suggests that he is the guy to take big shots at this point. Siakam is a great young player but he is playing hurt and who knows just how healthy he is right now. Ibaka finally started hitting some threes yesterday, which is something he did lots of in OKC but not so much since hes joined Toronto. You traded for Kawhi Leonard so he could be this guy, this is the player that Toronto has needed to finally get them over the playoff hump.


Kawhi is also proving why teams rest their players during the season as well. Load management i think were calling it now. After sitting out all last year pretty much with the Spurs, the Raptors decided to play it safe this year with Kawhi and keep him as fresh as possible for this playoff run. Boy is that move paying off, with the numbers he put up in this series. Yesterday he was the first ever player to hit a buzzer beater in a game seven. Leonard now has seven games in these playoffs with 30 or more points. He also set an NBA record yesterday, being responsible for 44.6 percent of the Raptors points in a game seven. The last stat that is possibly the most impressive, he scored 243 points in this series, the most since Michael Jordan scored 246 against the Suns in the 1993 finals. Masai Ujiri went all in and Kawhi is proving him right in doing so. Will he stay or will he go? nobody really has any idea at his point and i don’t think Kawhi does either to be honest. Lets see if he can keep it going in the Eastern Conference finals, against the number one seeded Milwaukee Bucks. Whatever happens its just nice to see some different teams battling it out in these NBA playoffs. Lets enjoy this, before we know it the season will be over. Happy Monday y’all, cheers.


Gump Cathcart

A Miracle At Anfield


WOW what an absolute stunner last night at Anfield, down 3-0 heading home Liverpool pulled off an absolute miracle against Barcelona. The scoreline from the first leg didn’t really represent how it went at Barcelona. They just took their chances and Liverpool definitely did not. It was going to be hard enough heading home in a 3-0 hole, but they were also without two of their top players in Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah. Enter Divock Origi, every time he gets called on in a big game he seems to produce and last night wasn’t any different, bagging the first and the eventual winner in the second leg.


I was absolutely speechless watching this, well speechless yes but there was lots of screaming. Theres something about these Anfield nights that are just special, the atmosphere and the togetherness between Klopp, the players and the fans is just something that I have never seen before. Anytime Liverpool drop points or looks like their going to, the media starts with the Klopp has never won anything at Liverpool. I get it as a top soccer team you have to win trophies. That being said this is the best Liverpool team I have ever seen in my life and the way they have fought back from the dead soo many times this year, has truly been a joy to watch. A lot of people forget where this team was at before Klopp got here, besides that run in 2013 Liverpool hadnt even sniffed at a title. Many years we were lucky to be in the champions league and here we are going to back to back champions league finals and still have a very realistic chance to win the title on Sunday.


Every single player on this squad has pitched in this year and I think thats whats soo special about this squad. Klopp has this team believing that on any day, no matter who he puts out there they can beat anybody in the world. They proved that last night by beating an excellent Barcelona side with the likes of Messi and I hate to say it our not so old friend Luis Suarez. As a Liverpool fan these are the nights we live for and the nights well never forget. We’ve got two games left on this rollercoaster ride, fingers crossed Brighton can pull off something special for us on the weekend and we can steal the league on the final day. Well find out who Liverpool play today in Madrid, with the winner of Ajax and Tottenham going through. Ajax has a 1-0 lead from the first leg and well be tough to beat at home in the Netherlands. Lets enjoy Sunday and lets enjoy the final June 1st. This Liverpool squad is one for the ages and we should be enjoying every second of it. The Klopp era has been something we should be very proud of as Liverpool fans and Im sure the trophies aren’t far away. I Lost my mind watching that game last night, pacing back and forth for ninety minutes, I hope all you Liverpool fans were the same as me. Were in this thing together, this is our squad and lets ride this season out until the end. YNWA


Gump Cathcart

Rockets Warriors Now Best Of Three


If your not watching this series by now, do yourself a favour and turn it on. After the Warriors took a commanding 2-0 lead, the Rockets came right back and won their two home games. This very well could be the NBA final in the second round, with all due respect to the teams in the East and in the other matchup in the West, these are the two best teams in the NBA. I know this series went seven last year, but this year feels even more like the Rockets could finally knock the Warriors off their throne.


The Rockets are probably our only hope as NBA fans, who have been waiting for somebody, anybody to finally knock these Warriors out of the playoffs. With the rumblings of KD and possibly even Klay leaving in the offseason, now is as good a time as any for these Rockets to pull this off. James Harden is probably playing his best playoff basketball of his career, after struggling a bit in the Utah series. If he keeps this up and gets the help he needs from Chris Paul, Eric Gordon and even Clint Capela down low these Rockets are as good as anybody in these NBA playoffs.


On the other side Kevin Durant has taking absolute control for Golden State and proven that he is the best offensive player in basketball. For whatever reason, he just hasn’t gotten the help he needs from the splash brothers. With both Curry and Thompson struggling a bit, this really is the Rockets true chance to try and pull this thing out. With a massive game five on Wednesday night and how fast we all know these Warriors can turn it on, lets just enjoy the thought that these Warriors MIGHT not 3peat for a second. Hopefully this thing goes seven because this is by far the best basketball we’ve seen in these playoffs. Hope y’all are enjoying these NBA playoffs as much as I am cheers.


Gump Cathcart

Sixers Take Massive 2-1 Lead Over Raptors


I did not see this coming, after watching game one last Saturday i thought the Raptors were going to runaway with this series. The Sixers have turned this thing around quickly and are starting to look like what Philly envisioned when they picked up Jimmy Butler. Healthy or not Joel Embiid went off last night and showed why hes so important to this Sixers team. He went off last night with a stat line of 33 points 10 rebounds and 5 blocks in probably his best all around game of these playoffs.


If this Sixers team continues playing like this they could be the best team in the East right now, with the Celtics and Bucks fighting it out in the other series. As much as this is about the Sixers playing well right now, its also about the Raptors faltering in the playoffs once again. With Kyle Lowry nowhere to be seen again last night, you have to wonder if hell ever get over the playoff hump and be able to really contribute like the Raptors need.


This series is far from over and a win in the next game for the Raptors and well be right back to square one with the Raps heading home for game five. If the Sixers play anything like they did last night though the Raptors will have a tough hill to climb come Sunday afternoon. Both these series in the east have gone back and forth from game to game. After game one of the Celtics series everyone thought that was going to be all Celtics but the Bucks showed up and showed out in game 2. Its nice to see the east with four teams who could eventually end up in the finals, not like in years past with just Lebron and the Cavs trouncing everyone. These playoffs have been very intriguing and I’m excited to see how this series turns out. Hope y’all had a great week and lets enjoy the weekend y’all.


Gump Cathcart

After Days Of Thought Im Officially All In On The Josh Rosen Experiment


It is officially a new era in Miami, these aren’t the same old Dolphins throwing as much money as they can at random free agents. For once it looks like there could actually be a plan in place. When the trade first went through, Ill be honest i wasn’t sold on the idea at all. Ive been all in on the idea of going full tank and trying to get Tua next year, or even waiting for Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson. 


After days to think about the trade and what we are getting, Ive really come around on the idea of Josh Rosen being a Miami Dolphin. The Dolphins didn’t trade a first round pick for him, they didn’t even trade their 48th overall pick for him. They traded that to the New Orleans Saints and ended up getting a second rounder for next year. In the end the Dolphins gave up the 62nd overall pick and a 5th rounder for next year. This was probably the best offer Arizona was going to get, when everyone knew they wanted rid of him. If your like me and were very skeptical of this pickup by Miami, let me sell you on what I’ve come around on. Arizona paid Rosen his bonus last year and ended up paying him 11 million in total. The Miami Dolphins have Josh Rosen under control for the next 3 years for 6 million. Thats 2 million a year for the next 3 years for a guy who went 10th overall last season. 


Who knows how this thing turns out, I for one think FitzMagic will still be at the helm come opening Sunday for these Dolphins. At best we get a first rounder who could very well be a franchise quarterback, at worse we get a backup for three years at a very cost efficient price. Let me remind you that Matt Moore got 4 million per when he was the Dolphins backup quarterback. Im far from all in on Rosen, but this trade was worth the risk and Im very excited about this Dolphins team after the draft. Which is something i haven’t honestly been able to say since the Ryan Tannehill era started years ago. The quarterback room of Fitzmagic and Rosen looks a hell of a lot better than last years Tannehill and the Brocketship. All i know is things are changing in Miami and from what i can tell its definitely for the better. Hope y’all enjoyed the draft, FinsUp.


Gump Cathcart

Damian Lillard Called Game And Series


In the NBA world we live in now, you don’t see many guys like Dame around. He’s a Portland Trailblazer and thats where he wants to be and where he plans to stay. In an era of superstars joining other superstars to chase NBA titles, Lillard has said hell stay where he’s at and create his own legacy.


Damian Lillard has been a star in these league for years now, but for some reason this year it feels like he really belongs among the top players in the NBA. This is going to sound stupid, but this year it really hit me how good he was watching the All Star game. Yes, I know its a meaningless game with not much defence being played if any. This was his fourth All Star game, but this year he was shooting his shots and playing like he does night in night out for this Portland Trailblazer team.


In this NBA, in this crazy era where even the best players in the world are asking for help and more superstars to join them, Dame has stayed put and continues to do his thing night in and night out for Portland. I do get to see a lot more of him being on the West Coast, but its time to give this guy his respect. He is one of the top guards in this league and in my humble opinion is doing it the RIGHT way. Whether he is ever able to win an NBA championship in Portland or even get to a final remains to be seen, but his legacy will live on, very much like the man he knocked out in last nights game. Dame and Westbrook are generational players who will be celebrated long after their careers are over. Lets start giving this guy the respect he deserves now and applaud him for doing it HIS way. Hope y’all are enjoying these playoffs as much as I am. Lets have a hump day y’all.


Gump Cathcart

PMS 2.0 065 – “Deflategate Was The Worst, D’Qwell Jackson, Live From A Batcave”

On today’s show, Pat and the guys record the show live from his backyard in what feels like an Indiana summer night. They discuss the NFL schedule release and highlight a couple of different games that they are looking forward to, including Packers vs. Bears to open the season on Thursday night, Steelers vs. Patriots on the first Sunday night, and a couple of the Thursday night and Monday night games that look to be good matchups. They squeeze in a little hockey talk as Pat has to respond to the city of Pittsburgh after the Pens got swept by the Islanders. They also discuss Russell Wilson’s new contract, and whether or not any of his teammates in the locker room actually like him. They also discuss movie biopics, and how Pat see’s the movie about his life unfolding. Also joining the show is 11 year NFL veteran, Pro Bowler, and the man who started the entire Deflategate situation by intercepting a Tom Brady pass, D’Qwell Jackson. He and Pat talk about their relationship as teammates, his video for The Uninterrupted about how all he wants is his playoff interception from the Deflategate game to be returned to him, and what he’s been doing to enjoy his retirement thus far. (4:15-18:44) To close out the show, Zito makes a triumphant return trying to read and ad, and the guys each give their favorite summer banger to give you something to chew on heading into the weekend. It’s a fun show, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

PMS 2.0 064 – John Daly, Dan Orlovsky, Tiger’s Back, & The NFL Never Sleeps

On today’s show, Pat and the guys break down one of the most memorable Sunday’s in recent memory as they look back on Tiger Woods winning his 5th Green Jacket at the Masters and discuss his greatness, how much more he has in the tank, and why things were different this time around when they’ve looked promising before. To chat a little bit more about Tiger, Pat welcomes on friend of the show, 2X Major Champion, and one of the most electric human beings to ever walk the planet, John Daly. They chat about his week in Augusta at Hooters and how it differed from last year, how Little John has been performing on the course as of late, what he thought about Tiger winning his 5th Green Jacket and whether or not he’s going to make a run at Jack Nicklaus’ major record, and if there are any young players right now that can challenge the greatness of Tiger’s career (22:47-27:47). Pat and the guys also welcome recurring guest, regular panelist on “Get Up,” and 11 year NFL veteran, Dan Orlovsky, to chat about Russell Wilson giving the Seahawks a hard deadline for a new extension, and whether or not he could end up playing QB for the Giants. They also chat about which coaches from the Sean McVay mold will have successful season or if he is an anomaly, if Joe Flacco will resurrect his career in Denver, and Dan gives out a couple of his sleeper picks for the NFC and AFC next year (38:41-50:20). To close out the show, the guys discuss the premiere of Game of Thrones and try to convince Pat that getting on board with the show is worth his time, and Pat announces the upcoming live podcast tour which has 6 dates in 6 different cities this summer. It’s a fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.