A Dead Pimp Wins Nevada Election And I Love It

Former star of HBO’s Cathouse and owner of 7 brothels, Denis Hof was found dead last month by a Ron Jeremy and a prostitute and was still elected to the Nevada State Assembly yesterday.  The people have spoken!


Nevada gives zero fucks!  They don’t care if you make a living as a pimp, they don’t care if you’ve been accused of sexual assault and they don’t care if you’re dead!  All they care about is that your name has an R next to it!  Regardless of which way you lean, you have to respect the conviction.

I’m not going to speak ill of Dennis Hof.  Being a pimp is legal in Nevada as long as you fill out the paperwork.  Yes, he was being investigated for a sexual assault allegation but we didn’t get a chance to hear the results.  And yes, he is dead but that eventually happens to even the best of us.  But should we speak ill of the voters in Nevada for electing a candidate with this resume?


Nah.  Maybe they don’t read the internet, maybe they were just trying to make a statement, or maybe they just thought it would be funny.  Who cares?  It’s their vote and they should use it how they want.  That’s democracy.  That’s America.  And I love it!