Opening Day Tomorrow For MLB And The Red Sox

As we all get mentally prepared for the 162 game marathon MLB season Im going to tell you about why the Red Sox and baseball mean sox much to me personally. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions is something I never thought I would hear growing up and now they’ve won four since 2004. I didn’t grow up in my teens knowing that Big Papi would come through in the clutch or that Alex Cora would pull all the right strings to guide us to another championship.

I grew up hoping Brian Daubach and Troy O’Leary would just guide us TO a World Series. The Sox were always good but never great and you always knew the Yankees were somehow going to get us in the end. My dad would tell me stories about Bill Buckner in ’86, my mom out on the front porch banging pots and pans as the ball went through his legs. I don’t think he actually forgave her to 2004 to be honest. As a Sox fan you’d hope for the best but wait for the worst, nothing was more fitting than in 2003. Aaron Boone’s stupid face hitting that home run after the Sox had the game in the bag.

Soon as he hit it i knew it was over. I went and sat in my room in silence, my brother went and sat in his jeep for what felt like hours and my mom sat on the couch stunned. Knowing that my old man was coming home from a night at the docks absolutely miserable. How they turned things around in ’04 I will never know, after the sox won the series my dad came home and they booked flights. Him and my mom made it to Boston on time for the parade. Once in a lifetime thing they thought, what has happened since then is simply surreal.

Maybe at some point watching the games will change for me. I still wait for something to go wrong, rather than waiting for everything to go right. It could be knowing the suffering my dad went through cheering for these Sox all those years up until 2004. I am a snobby sports fan, I do think i know  more about my teams than anyone else. Not my best trait i know but i would never change how i feel about my teams. For me baseball is not “just a game”. For me its about family, our love for these Sox keeps us together. The pain all these years makes winning that much sweeter. These victories i will never take for granted. Let the rollercoaster ride start tomorrow and lets enjoy americas favourite pastime once again. 

Gump Cathcart

Bryce Harper For 13 YEARS!!

Well i think were all glad this Macahdo and Harper free agent saga is over. Bryce Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday for a whopping 330 millions dollars with an average annual value of under 25.5 million. Considering Cano and Pujols got an AAV of 24 million 5 and 7 years ago this contract doesn’t seem too bad but the 13 years is definitely something to think about.

It appears that Machado and Harper have both gone to the highest bidders, with rumblings of the San Francisco Giants offering a twelve year contract worth 310 million but California taxes getting in the way of that deal. I honestly am still in disbelief that he didn’t just stay with the Washington Nationals. They offered ten years 300 million last year before the trade deadline which Harper turned down, my guess is he actually thought he was going to be the 400 million dollar man this offseason.

Ive yet to see one of these ten year deals work out in the MLB and now we have a thirteen year deal. I honestly just don’t see this ending well, Bryce Harper is a phenomenal talent and the front years of this contract may workout but by the end of it this can’t and won’t be pretty. Bryce Harper also isn’t a figure of consistency besides his NL MVP season in 2015 two of the last four years he has hit under .250 last year striking out 169 times.

The Phillies do have a very good squad even before the addition of Bryce but the NL East is gonna be a dog fight with the Braves, his former team the Nationals and I even think the Mets could be half decent this year also. The Phillies better hope to get a World Series out of this or theres going to be some long cold nights into his late thirties for Bryce Harper and his flow. Lets have a weekend y’all.



PMS 2.0 017 – The Greatest Scorer In The History Of Scoring.. Adam Vinatieri

On today’s show, Pat starts by interviewing The GOAT, and now most prolific point scorer in NFL history, Adam Vinatieri. They chat about his mindset during the game against the Raiders, how he’s feeling coming off an injury against Buffalo, and he looks back on his career in an incredible interview (0:00-13:10). Then, Pat and the guys dive into their Halloween weekends, look back on last week in the NFL including Pat’s experience when playing in London, the players from the Jaguars who were arrested for not paying a $64,000 bar tab, whether or not the league or any team has suspended a player for HGH, Digs’ bad quarterbacks of the week, and Pat reacts to Todd Haley and Hue Jackson getting fired from his hotel room in Connecticut. They also chat about the Red Sox winning the World Series, and Pat talks about his upcoming meetings at ESPN this week. It’s a good one, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

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The Red Sox Are Just The Beginning Of The End For The Sports World

The Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series. What a glorious moment to be able to copy and paste that first sentence from when I originally began this article on October 25th.

Nothing says World Series Champions like four double whiskey’s in the Los Angeles airport fresh off a flight (LAX no big deal.) Walked off that flight with my hands in the sky, shocked, not surprised, that we made such quick and swift work of the Dodgers. You would think a team that just lost a World Series would have a little more fight once we went up 3-1 in the series but I should of known earlier in the day when I yelled at a guy with a Dodgers hat and he said he wasn’t really a fan. There was no chance the Dodgers, or any team in the National League, had a chance against this goliath of a team. Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley (Ortiz) Jr., and the American League MVP, Mookie Betts, cover more ground than most teams would with four guys out there. Mookie struggled for a bit, but nothing like hitting a homer off Clayton Kershaw to break the drought and bust open the World Series clincher. 

“Oh, fuck”

The bullpen was a huge story along with 2 out runs in this series. Almost every time we got down to two outs the chances of us scoring doubled. Especially if Steve Pearce, soon to be the name of my first born, was walking up to the plate. The guy has been locked in and it’s awesome to see someone who nobody even knew would be on the team come out and win the World Series MVP. Runner up was the man who really rewrote his own legacy this postseason. David Price was chucking it in this series and if Pearce wasn’t clubbing baseballs out of the park, Price would have been the MVP for sure. This was the best we’ve seen Price and it couldn’t have come at a better time. He was a monster this postseason and I wish he was getting some sort of an award. A World Series ring will have to do.
Nothing like being third to a group hug

 Our bullpen, with a stiff combination of Nathan Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, Ryan Brasier, and Craig Kimbrel, outmatched what the Dodgers brought to the plate. I don’t know if Joe Kelly is ever going to give up another hit again. He was ROLLING last night and had a perfect 0.00 ERA after pitching in all 5 games this series. Game 3’s Eovaldi performance was one for the ages. I want to hold on to him this offseason just because his grit rating is through the roof. To be able to do what he did in Game 3, then dub yourself good to go for Game 4 is psycho shit. 

Alex Cora Winning a title in his first season doesn’t surprise me because we did it with John Farrell in 2013. What was surprising was the dominance of every team we faced in the playoffs this year. 11-3 is a pretty damn good postseason record and the moves he made pitching wise were phenomenal. You forget that if Cora doesn’t put our starters in the bullpen from the ALDS on that maybe by the World Series everyone’s arms are tired. Thank god it’s just Eovaldi’s and not Sale’s. Speaking of, having Chris Sale close out a 5-1 game should be a move warranted with a white flag. The Dodgers knew once they saw Sale that they just lost back to back world Series. Two more and LA is the new Buffalo.

The best part of this is what the Red Sox just set in motion for Boston as a city. The Celtics and Bruins are both just starting their seasons, but already we look like contenders in each sport. The Patriots seem to be on a collision course with the Chiefs so it’ll be interesting to see if we make a move before the trade deadline. However, the chances are very real that we can make the elusive 4 sport city sweep. Thank god the Red Sox won, really would of felt like I cursed us for saying such a thing but now the wheel is spinning and Brady’s coming for every QB record. Let’s get to Atlanta.