Soulja Boy Is The New Bill Gates

Twitter – In addition to the SouljaGame Console, the rapper is selling a handheld version, SouljaPods, a SouljaWatch, a SouljaPad, SouljaHeadphones and a SouljaPhone.

“Hey mom…yeah, I know what I want for Christmas.” Soulja Boy is doing what everyone else should be doing. These days inventions are just little branches off of bigger ideas. Venmo is just Paypal, the android is just an iPhone, I have no idea if these are comparable but you see what I’m saying (NFL – XFL). I have so many questions for Soulja Boy and the first one has to be what the fuck is a Hand rope hole? I think it’s probably where the wii like lasso is located, but why is that necessary for this piece of machinery? I don’t think the nintendo switch has a hand rope hole so the only possible explanation on why the rope hole is there is incase you wanted to “crank that” after a Fortnite win.
Me winning a Fortnite game on my new SouljaGame console

I find it hysterical that Soulja Boy coined the “SouljaGame Console” and made it look exactly like the new xbox console. The handheld is just a big white psp that also has a gameboy vibe to it to really draw you in. This is the exact same thing as Meek Mill taking a bag of regular cereal and putting it into his own cereal box and calling it his product. These rappers are world class businessmen and it’s hard not to do the superman right into the store to buy one of these bad larry’s.

These are the games that SouljaConsole should have downloaded onto their mainframe and just charged a shit ton of money. This would basically be the playstation classic but the SouljaConsole is an original product, allegedly. Soulja Boy has always been a big gamer so it surprises me it took him this long to create some sort of knockoff to get a couple quick bucks. Good for him though, should of been done years ago by Pdiddy or 50 cent but Soulja did it again. 

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Get A Load Of This Guy

What in the hell is wrong with this guy? I mean what’re we doing here? I was under the impression the Pokémon Go phenomenon was dead and buried, but clearly no one has mentioned this to Chen San-yuan. Can you imagine his morning routine? Gets up at the asscrack of dawn, makes some tea, and then spends the next hour strapping this iPhone rig exo skeleton he’s created to his body. Look how many charging cables he has funneled into that little satchel! Chen is one spark away from being cooked alive and becoming a burning effigy. Here’s a closer look at the method to his madness.

$1,000 (not sure of the conversion to yen) a month on in-app purchases and equipment to continue fueling his addiction.. bonkers. I do love his spin zone of saying that playing helps him fend off Alzheimer’s and allows him to meet countless people, no one can argue with that. I’d like to see some hard data on whether or not that is actually true, but in the meantime, I’ll take Chen San-yuan’s word for it.

Initially, I thought “Uncle Pokémon” here was just doing whatever possible to entertain his grandkids, but it’s evident that’s not the case. If you’re out playing Pokémon Go until 4 AM nightly, there’s no question you’ve alienated everyone and everything else in your life in your quest to catch them all. 

I won’t hate though, we’ve all got our vices, and if you’ve spent the last sixty years of your life breaking your back in some factory, by all means, play as much Pokémon Go as your heart desires. But he also needs to be careful, lest he wants to become another statistic.

Once people see this dude strolling around with a Doc Ock suit strapped to his body with all these different gadgets, these gangs of youth’s see a big cash cow and he could end up getting his ass ragdolled into a lake too. Stay safe out there, Uncle Pokémon. You don’t drain the remainder of your life savings and drive away anyone who has ever cared about you just to pack it in before the job is done, do you? No, you don’t. Just keep your head on a swivel out there.

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Is Fortnite Ruining Professional Sports?

I’m not made for the blogging world but I’m here to stand up for Fortnite like a masked vigilante and protect what I love. There’s a lot of slander on the internet right now how Professional Athletes are too addicted and should only be concentrating on sports. (I think this is where I put sources to what I’m talking about but you get it..)

David Price was getting shit on during the World Series because he was playing Fortnite in the club house with his teammates. Im going to go ahead and say if they didn’t play Fortnite in the club house…Boston doesn’t win. (HOT TAKE ALERT)

Another big story came from the NHL..The Vancouver Canucks banned all video games on the road. Let’s just say if the Jaguar players who were arrested in London were playing Fortnite no one gets arrested. The league has many players who play video games and still compete at a high level. 


  • DEREK CARR (Bad example but that’s Gruden’s fault)

End of the day I do believe gaming does bring people together…It’s great team bonding and I honestly believe it keep people out of trouble. The NFL just teamed up with Fortnite (not for the reason that I’m “blogging” about) because they know how big Fortnite is and how much money they’re about to bring in. I can’t wait to see what other Leagues jump in now.

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Adidas and ‘Original 6’ NHL Teams Drop New Jerseys from the Clouds

Out of nowhere today the Original 6 NHL teams just stunned everyone by debuting brand new sweaters! WHAT!? ARE THEY GOOD!? ARE THEY SHIT!? EVERYONE FREAK OUT!? CHANGE IS WEIRD! … relax, the jerseys are only for EA Sports NHL 19. That’s right the real teams will not be actually wearing these jerseys on the ice… yet. 

The collaboration of Adidas, EA Sports and the Original Six teams are being labeled The Digital Six. The 6 jerseys will be first available in Hockey Ultimate Team mode on Nov. 5 and additional game modes on Nov. 19. 

The thing with hockey and it’s fan is they love tradition, they love old school, they don’t handle change well. They take a longgggg time to adjust to anything new. This is especially true in the sense of the storied Original 6 teams that started the league. Of course they’ve all tried different looks with little tweaks and some aggressive third jersey choices throughout the years with varying degrees of hits (the Rangers Lady Liberty sweaters) and misses (the Bruins mustard bear).


Here we have a similar approach with these new digital jerseys (Sorrey… Sweaters) , some are traditional approach and some are… well… awful.

The Good: 

Detroit – The Red Wings jerseys here are almost perfect. The candy stripe socks and single red accent line on the sweater itself make ’em pop. It’s an homage to the Wings sweaters of old with the striping. Straight, simple, sexy.

Montreal – Les Habitants de Montreal took a safe route here. Even if you’re the embodiment of Canada you put Red, White, and Blue (bleu, blanc et rouge… Sorrey) and it’s going to look smooth. They ditch the logo on the chest for the MTL abbrev and it’s got a beautiful old school feel. 

The Bad: 

New York – Like I said you take the Red, White, and Blue and throw it on anything and it will…. Welp I was wrong. These look like some K-Mart clearance specials. These shouldn’t even be practice jerseys, these are dish rags. The only saving grace here are white gloves. White gloves fuck. 

Chicago – The Blackhawks have iconic (potentially racist depending on how you feel about ’em) jerseys. When they rock the all red and all blacks they are tops in the league. They know this and so they really only made a small tweak. They added a couple stripes and made some of them a prominent green. Boy oh boy does it look like shit. I assume the green is because of the green feather in the hawk logo and I assume it has some type of significance I’m blissfully unaware of but this looks like when all the white guys in the 90’s tried to be Rastafarian and listened to reggae all the time. Get some albino dreads out of the back of the helmet and smoke em if ya got em. Maybe…. MAYBE, this works on a white sweater but on the black it looks like junk.

The Ugly:

Toronto – What? No seriously this is it? This looks like they tried to play off the 72 Summit Series sweaters and ended up with what you would expect in a game that couldn’t get the actual team licensing and property. Can’t wait to play with the Toronto Blue Leaves! John Tavares didn’t sign for this…

’72 Summit Series Team Canada

Boston – From the look of it the Bruins just said fuck it do whatever you want Adidas. Murder out the logo and throw some stripes on it! 3 Stripes?? NO MORE! MORE STRIPES! YESSS! Never go half stripe, either stripe the whole thing or keep the stripe guy in check. 

Ultimately does any of this matter? No. These are made up jerseys for a video game. 97.9% chance these are just for the game itself and will never be worn on the ice. HOWEVA, if I was making moves in Detroit I would highly consider mass producing those bad boys and getting them on the ice and scrape up every penny you can. 

What do you think? Like em? Love em? Hate em? Who cares? Leave some comments and let me know.

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Call Of Duty Turns 15 Years Old

Yesterday, the Call of Duty franchise, a game that has taken up years of my life, had their 15th anniversary. 

Without Call of Duty, I don’t think the world is the way it is today. The “Millenial” generation started as soon as Call of Duty lobbies started to get moderated. The video below (start at 35 seconds) shows the check and balance-esque system that Call of Duty imposed on the B Team players of the world. If you suck, you don’t get a pat on the back nice try. You heard about how terrible you were at the game and that drove me to be better. There was no feeling worse than being exposed in a COD lobby which is the reason you strengthen your hand game or at least get better at the mental warfare aspect of the lobby. 

PC culture put the dog that was COD lobbies down swiftly. It’s like watching something from your childhood die. We don’t have such a pussification problem if COD lobbies like the one above still existed. It’s tough to pick which Call of Duty had the grittiest lobby, but anywhere from Call of Duty 4 to Modern Warfare 3 would be the last great era of trash talk. This was from 2007-2011, primetime for someone like me who was going through puberty and hated my parents cause they wouldn’t let me play World of Warcraft. You could find me in my basement at any day of the week from 3 pm on just howling into a microphone at someone who was doing the same half way across the world. Realistically, I don’t think I get good at sports without the anger that COD lobbies brought me. I worked out just incase I ran into a familiar voice that I knew was the kid talking shit about the Patriots in that one Call of Duty World at War lobby (personal favorite Call of Duty).

 I don’t know what Call of Duty is thinking here. Halo tried this and I don’t understand why any company after would do the same. Halo was the one video game that I thought could make real money in the movie industry. Call of Duty would just be a worse version of an actual war movie. Hacksaw Ridge just came out and Call of Duty wants to follow up that story with one of their video game plot lines? I enjoy the game, but a movie is a tragic idea for this gaining franchise. The track record speaks for itself. Halo got shutdown, Warcraft bombed, Mortal Kombat even did terrible. Really hope this gets shut down and if it doesn’t then I hope it ends with the beginning of Nazi Zombies and the sequel is just a longer more violent Walking Dead episode.

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PlayStation Classic Is Coming Back And Drinking Games Will Never Be The Same

List of Games

  • Battle Arena Toshinden
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Destruction Derby
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Intelligent Qube
  • Jumping Flash
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Mr Driller
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  • Rayman
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut
  • Revelations: Persona
  • Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tekken 3
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  • Twisted Metal
  • Wild Arms

I don’t know what it is but I see all of these games getting played with music blasting and people slamming beers. There were at least two games that could use the Beerio Kart rules, a few fighting games that funnels will get filled to as well. Cool Boarders 2 and Destruction Derby will be why I purchase this retro video game machine. An old school SSX game and a better violent version of bumper cars is exactly what would get the blood flowing during a pregame (perhaps at the pub). Forgot how absurd Rayman is as a character too. No attachments necessary makes the possibilities for this guy incredible. He would be an all-time slot receiver, never afraid to go across the middle because CTE doesn’t effect a man without a neck. 

What will really get people is when the next PlayStation they release has the better quality remastered version of these old school games. The original Grand Theft Auto being on there makes this console worth the purchase. GTA will always be a timeless game and in fifty years this thing could be worth millions, maybe even billions depending on how close our world is to Ready Player One.

Which games does Internet want to see on the television during a friend fiasco?