Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 29 – The Perfect Roommate

On today’s show, the guys cover a lot of ground. They discuss Will Ferrell’s career and look through his catalog of movies, decide what the correct process is for giving gifts around the holidays, and get into a lengthy discussion about Club Med, and decide whether they or cruise or all-inclusive guys for vacations. They also cover the underground “Carnie Mafia” sweeping through Arkansas, and talk about a man vying to implant a bluetooth speaker into his chest so he always knows what direction north is, and Gorms tells a couple of hilarious Jim Irsay stories and gives out a Friday gift for all the bro bro bro’s. Todd wants to know who the guys would choose if they were single and could pick any living person as a roommate. They also answer some listener questions including selecting TV show characters for each other, and deciding which major sport they would choose if they were a bench player making the league minimum. As always, the guys wrap up the show with some Friday Bangerz to help kickstart your weekend. It’s a fun one, come and have a good time with us.

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I Have A Genius Idea… I Think

So this weekend my brother and I are sitting at our parents house scrolling through the TV Guide and we are blessed with Tremors being on. If you haven’t seen Tremors it is an incredible piece of film that you absolutely need to see. One of the most watchable movies of my life which led us to thinking how many times we had actually seen this movie. 

I genuinely wanted to know how many times and how many hours I spent watching this glorious movie. Now I’m not smart enough but I know someone reading this is smart enough to know how to figure out how many times a person watches a certain thing. I’d love to be able to log into an app or my smart tv and it tell me that I have watched 3,000 episodes of The Office and I am ranked number 13 in the world for number of episodes watched. This will be the newest hottest social media app. People can actually see how much and what their friends are consuming and brag that they are literally the biggest fans of said thing.


The thing that kills me inside is that I know we cannot go back in time so there is no possible way for this idea to tell me everything I have watched in my life. That truly makes my heart hurt. This is the saddest realization I have ever come to. I however am going to do something that I do not normally do. I am going to sacrifice my happiness for the good of humanity. I am Harry Stamper. This idea is for future generations to use.

I am willing to workout a deal with someone who is smart enough and has the capabilities to make something like this. I just need somewhere between 1 & 49% of all profits or we can do royalties or something of that nature. The world needs this. 

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Steve Carell Confirms An Office Reboot Is Coming!


Just kidding, he didn’t. Probably a good thing too. Personally, give or take a handful of episodes, The Office sucked a big ole phallus after Steve Carell left. I thought Bobby California sucked, Ellie sucked, and the whole storyline with Jim and Pam potentially getting divorced was absurd. The writers had nothing else to write about so they figured they’d tug at the heart strings of everyone who wanted a relationship like Jim and Pam’s (hint: pretty sure relationships like that don’t exist.)


I’d prefer Steve Carell leave Michael Scott in the past. It also seems that everyone on the cast has moved on to different television shows and movie roles, so I don’t think anyone really needs an Office reboot to put food on their table, but I could be wrong. 


If you’re whining that you want an Office reboot, grow up. They gave us 6ish incredible seasons of TV, and anymore that almost never happens. Still highly rewatchable and delivers the same type of laughs that it did on first viewing. So if you’ve got a hankering for more Michael Scott, just rewatch those. Or the bloopers, those are always an absolute hoot.

Also, it would be nice if Steve Carell focused on his dramatic chops again. He was incredible in Foxcatcher, and although the footage from the trailer is very brief, he’s playing Donald Rumsfeld in probably my most anticipated film of the year in Vice

It’s about time Steve Carell got back on his horse and went Oscar hunting. Sorry about that headline though.. The Office isn’t coming back.


The Bengals Are Officially Dunder Mifflin Scranton

I should’ve seen this before but I needed that one little missing piece. This morning that piece was revealed to us all when Hue Jackson was brought on as “Special Assistant to the Head Coach” aka Assistant to the Regional Manager. LOL


Wait wait it gets better. Hue Jackson who has been an offensive coach his entire career is going to be helping the DEFENSE. I assume Marvin Lewis is hiding Hue on the defensive side of the ball because there’s no expectations for a defense that just fired its coordinator and is allowing 450 yards per game and 320 passing yards per game, both most in the NFL.


Now lets get back to The Cincinnati Bengals being Dunder Mifflin Scranton. 

Marvin Lewis as Michael Scott 

Marvin Lewis has been coaching in Cincinnati for 16 years and has not won a playoff game and has somehow managed to keep his job. Michael Scott did numerous of hilarious things that also should have got him fired but these 2 are able to stand the test of time no matter what they do at their job. 

Hue Jackson as Dwight Schrute 

Hue Jackson is officially now assistant to the regional manager and special assistant to the head coach on defense. I will never not laugh at that coaching title. Hue Jackson will go down as one of the worst coaches of all time just like Dwight’s management run was short lived after shooting a gun in the office. Hue has been an offensive coach his entire life and letting him help on defense will go as well as Dwight doing fire drills. 

Vontaze Burfict as Roy Anderson

This was just too easy. Roy was a dirty player when they played basketball in the warehouse, Vontaze is dirty all the time. Roy got laid out by Dwight when going after Jim, Vontaze got laid out by JuJu. No one likes Roy, no one likes Vontaze. 


Andy Dalton as Pam Beesly 

They were both liked at the beginning but turned out to be severely overrated and actually not good. Fucking gingers. You can’t trust them. 

Let me know what other comparisons you have. Comment section is coming but for now just tweet me @digz