Kawhi Proving He Was Worth The Risk In Toronto


What an ending, what a shot, what a game and what an all around series this was. Kawhi Leonard showed yesterday and in this entire series why he was worth the risk of being a Raptor even only for one season. Don’t get me wrong their is a chance he could stay, I think a very slim one, but the Raptors getting to where their at has been well worth the deal they pulled off this summer. The Raptors could of came back with the exact same team as last year and had a very good season in the East once again. Instead Masai Ujiri decided to risk it all and go all in this season with what were seeing is one of the best all around players in the NBA.


In the day and age we live in now their will always be sceptics, especially in the sports world. Kawhi put up 39 shots yesterday, hitting 16 of them. You can argue all you want about the amount of shots he took, but let me ask you this, if its not him taking them then who. We’ve seen Kyle Lowry come up short in the playoffs before and nothing suggests that he is the guy to take big shots at this point. Siakam is a great young player but he is playing hurt and who knows just how healthy he is right now. Ibaka finally started hitting some threes yesterday, which is something he did lots of in OKC but not so much since hes joined Toronto. You traded for Kawhi Leonard so he could be this guy, this is the player that Toronto has needed to finally get them over the playoff hump.


Kawhi is also proving why teams rest their players during the season as well. Load management i think were calling it now. After sitting out all last year pretty much with the Spurs, the Raptors decided to play it safe this year with Kawhi and keep him as fresh as possible for this playoff run. Boy is that move paying off, with the numbers he put up in this series. Yesterday he was the first ever player to hit a buzzer beater in a game seven. Leonard now has seven games in these playoffs with 30 or more points. He also set an NBA record yesterday, being responsible for 44.6 percent of the Raptors points in a game seven. The last stat that is possibly the most impressive, he scored 243 points in this series, the most since Michael Jordan scored 246 against the Suns in the 1993 finals. Masai Ujiri went all in and Kawhi is proving him right in doing so. Will he stay or will he go? nobody really has any idea at his point and i don’t think Kawhi does either to be honest. Lets see if he can keep it going in the Eastern Conference finals, against the number one seeded Milwaukee Bucks. Whatever happens its just nice to see some different teams battling it out in these NBA playoffs. Lets enjoy this, before we know it the season will be over. Happy Monday y’all, cheers.


Gump Cathcart

Sixers Take Massive 2-1 Lead Over Raptors


I did not see this coming, after watching game one last Saturday i thought the Raptors were going to runaway with this series. The Sixers have turned this thing around quickly and are starting to look like what Philly envisioned when they picked up Jimmy Butler. Healthy or not Joel Embiid went off last night and showed why hes so important to this Sixers team. He went off last night with a stat line of 33 points 10 rebounds and 5 blocks in probably his best all around game of these playoffs.


If this Sixers team continues playing like this they could be the best team in the East right now, with the Celtics and Bucks fighting it out in the other series. As much as this is about the Sixers playing well right now, its also about the Raptors faltering in the playoffs once again. With Kyle Lowry nowhere to be seen again last night, you have to wonder if hell ever get over the playoff hump and be able to really contribute like the Raptors need.


This series is far from over and a win in the next game for the Raptors and well be right back to square one with the Raps heading home for game five. If the Sixers play anything like they did last night though the Raptors will have a tough hill to climb come Sunday afternoon. Both these series in the east have gone back and forth from game to game. After game one of the Celtics series everyone thought that was going to be all Celtics but the Bucks showed up and showed out in game 2. Its nice to see the east with four teams who could eventually end up in the finals, not like in years past with just Lebron and the Cavs trouncing everyone. These playoffs have been very intriguing and I’m excited to see how this series turns out. Hope y’all had a great week and lets enjoy the weekend y’all.


Gump Cathcart

NBA Friday Heading Into The Weekend

Last night, the Celtics took my heart and soul and there will be a little time before I take the boys in green again. I’ll still bet on teams with green on their jerseys but I don’t wanna talk about it just yet.


Alright, fine, I’ll talk about the green jerseys. Bucks -5.5 in Washington and I’d take it if it were higher too. Giannis and the stag like animals made a tremendous statement in Houston the other night. Beating James Harden is a feat not done by many as of late and doing it in Texas is an even tougher task. The Wizards have come alive and even beat the Sixers the other night, but the Sixers are terrible away from home and the Wizards still aren’t good. Bucks cover the 5.5 with the Wizards hopefully blowing up their team soon, wouldn’t mind some Bradley Beal to the Celtics talk. Speaking of the Sixers, I love them tonight against a bottom five team in the Atlanta Hawks. As bad as the Sixers are away, they are one of the toughest teams to beat at home. They need a win tonight and the Hawks need to start losing a few more if they wanna have any shot at one of the three Duke superstars. Embiid will have himself a night in Philly after dropping a cool 30 and 15 to get the Sixers back in the win column.


The next two picks come from teams that are familiar to the NBA Friday pick selection. First, the team from the city of Indianapolis, the Pacers, are traveling to the city of New York. Not the Nets, but the ones who play in the Garden are their opponents. Pacers -9 @ Knicks cause the Pacers need a big win after getting swamped by the Celtics. Oladipo strikes me as a guy who loves to play in the big apple so expect a big night from him. The matchup to watch will be Kanter and Sabonis down low. The Pacers are weak down low without Myles Turner so they’ll need Sabonis to stand tall in there tonight. Last, James Harden and the Rockets took a tough loss to the man who will probably steal the MVP now. I expect a show from the Rockets tonight, especially when they go from playing one of the best teams to one of the worst in the Cavaliers. Cav’s come to town looking for a Travis Scott concert but all they will get is a 25 point loss to the Beard. Where is the Love? Still hurt, and I think the Cavs should think about moving Kevin Love to a team who may want him, Spurs perhaps. 


Recap: Bucks -5.5, 76ers -12, Pacers -9, and Rockets -13.5. Those are the picks for tonight with some NFL coming tomorrow. Spoiler alert: I’m taking the Pat’s money line, nervous about the points though. Good luck to all, let’s make some money this weekend.



Wednesday Night NBA And Lebron’s The Worst

Last night we were abysmal but I’m not even going to bring it up. If Lebron is getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey to start a game off then immediately any bet is screwed. Hats off to Jarret Allen though, dude puts on for Team Phat Stax and I couldn’t appreciate that any more than I already do. 


Talk about a humbling experience. This can only be attributed to one thing and one thing only – Carmelo Anthony. 


Melo tweeted this very early in the morning today so that means when Lebron was getting blocked, Melo was probably talking to Magic Johnson. What a curse this guy brings and it gives me joy to think the Lakers might crash and burn cause Melo comes to the team. Hysterical that he has gone from being the face of the New York Knicks to being public enemy number one for any team that wants to be jinxed into the loss column. Doesn’t matter though cause Lebron’s now using the “I’m in my 30’s” excuse. What a bum.


This would be hilarious if Lebron was kidding but he said this in a 100% serious way. Take your L and shut up Lebron. I had to get all that off my chest and now I can give you my picks with a clear conscience. Celtics have the ole Phoenix Suns coming to town and we’re slamming the Celtics at home -11.5. The Suns just beat the Knicks for their 7th win of the season so the chances of a back to back are slim. 12 points is a lot but I like the Celtics after a couple days rest over the Suns who are terrible. Bet against bad teams and ride with the good teams. Which is why were rolling to the Philadelphia 76ers against the Knicks tonight. 76ers are -13 at home against the Knicks and the 76ers just lost. Embiid loves to do the post game talk shit with Instagram’s/Tweet’s so I expect a Kanter poster tonight. This game will be a full on blowout and the 76ers cover 13 easily.


Of the last two, only one worries me and that’s cause I’m going against my strategy. Tonight, we’re going to dance with the Bulls and hope for the best as they take on the Nets at home. Nets just beat Lebron and probably had a little bit of a night on their way to Chicago. Also, thanks to Tony Digs, I know the Nets are 1-6 on back to back games and the Bulls put on a show for their city tonight. Bulls +2 at home against the average Brooklyn Nets and I love this pick. Last, were going with what everyone in the world should have been doing for the past two weeks: betting on the Sacramento Kings over. Not to mention the Kings are welcoming the fast tempo Thunder to town tonight. Thunder @ Kings over 234 to cap off tonights bets. It’s an over 230 which I need a nicotine patch for cause I’m addicted to betting them but the  Kings owner just compared their team to a young Thunder team so expect a show form both sides. 

We’re getting into the college game so we’ll keep those picks coming too. Take them with a grain of salt, still learning the lay of the land here. Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, and Wofford +9.5. Wofford is going to be playoff team and this game against Mississippi state will prove it. They’ll keep it close, I hope. 

All in all we’re taking Celtics -11.5, 76ers -13, Bulls +2, Thunder/Kings over 234, Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, Wofford +9.5. Let’s get it going tonight and get back in the win column. Good luck to all on the last hump day before Jesus’ birthday. 




Winners Last Night, Probably Losers Tonight

We had our best night so far yesterday, going for a stern 3-1 cause the Spurs cuckolded us against the damn Kings. 


Utah and Philly covered very comfortably. Going to ride both those teams this week cause it seems they are getting hot as the season is getting underway. Philly is also adding that Jimmy Butler guy so I’m sure they’re going to get better as the season goes on. The biggest and best news of the night comes from the Pelicans Raptors over 232.5. LETS GO. Hitting these high overs keep my gambling career young and this one was awesome. Raptors lose and the over hits? Thank you, I’ll take two. Good night last night but it only matters if we keep it going tonight. 

There’s only three games tonight so were taking all the action. Hornets @ Cavs is a 7 point spread and I can’t tell if I want to take the points or the over. So you know what, were taking both. Hornets just beat the Pistons in Detroit and even though Colin Sexton is starting for the Cavs now, Kemba is a vet. Charlotte -7.5 and over 218.5 is what were going with in this game. We’ll see how the defense is but I think both these teams will let the boys score. Next we got Rockets @ Nuggets and I don’t see how we can bet on Houston. Houston has sucked and Denver has been great, so let’s take the Nuggets -4.5. Rockets are just a different team than last year and Melo is in a tough spot right now. Lastly we got Hawks @ Warriors, and I’ll be honest, after Green and Durant screaming at each other in an overtime loss against the Clippers, I sort of want to take Atlanta. I’m not going to cause why bet against the Warriors, so were taking this over at 229 and hoping for the best. No over 230’s tonight which makes sense cause the NBA is watching me, but at least I’m not getting blacklisted like Carmelo Anthony. Stephen Jackson chimed in yesterday about it. 


Pretty wild but, I don’t give a shit cause if you’re in the NBA you’ve made millions so cry me a river. 

T’s and P’s to Caris LeVert, hate to see injuries and gruesome ones are terrible. 


Monday Night Basketball Picks

Sunday was ruined by Jimmy Butler and the 76ers but were back at it today with more basketball to choose from tonight. 


Philadephia and Elton Brand decided to make a move that would make their team a contender. However, I do think they gave up a little too much in the long run. On paper, they have a great starting 5 but with a pretty short bench. Landry Shamet is a guy for them who will get more important minutes and is a lights out shooter. Amir Johnson is the only guy I see who can play big man defense, after Embiid, on this roster now. We’ll see how the young guys play but if they don’t perform just wait for Melo to swoop in and ruin their season. Seems as though his time in the Lone Star State is all over.

Naturally, I’m going to take the 76ers (+2) @ Heat tonight. Going to take them ML too just cause they’re dogs and even without Jimmy Butler I think this team is better than Miami. Embiid and Simmons still get the job done without the old starting 5 but just the spread being this small and Butler not playing, I can see a player like Simmons call it early to save his energy for the Butler welcoming on Sunday. 

Fultz realizing Butler’s gonna make him cry too

Jazz @ Grizzlies and Spurs @ Kings are the two other spreads I’m taking tonight. Jazz and Spurs are both -3 and I’m taking the two away favorites. I think the Grizzlies still suck and after the Jazz beat the Celtics I want to see where the Utah train takes me. Spurs have Pop and I feel like he destroys teams with young guys on it. De’aaron Fox is a good talent but the oldies on the Spurs get this one done. Lastly, and most important, our over 230 for the night. Right now we sit at a comfortable 2-3 overall for these over 230 games. I warned you all the NBA is watching me but I think this week they let these games go because of how many points were scored in the NFL yesterday. Tonight, Pelicans @ Raptors with a sturdy over 232.5 will be the game we look to for points. My favorite part of every night is hoping two teams come together for an all out points fest. Let’s hope this happens in the 6 tonight and Drake’s celebrating all over the court. 



Jimmy Butler To The 76ers, Fuck


Yeah, the Philadelphia 76ers just got the missing piece and all of a sudden there’s a race in the eastern conference. 


No idea who Justin Patton is but holy shit, mother fucker, son of a bitch, the Celtics have a team that will seriously challenge them for the Eastern Conference Finals. Simmons, Butler, and Embiid are a trio that I will not like to see walking into the TD Garden. After losing to the Utah Jazz and giving up 123 points, I hope the Celtics see this and start to pep the fuck up. Road trips are tough and I know the C’s will turn it around, but now we have a team to worry about in the East. I blame this solely on Joel Embiid for bringing light to the fact that our team’s “rivalry” wasn’t anything cause we always kick the shit out of them. Christmas Day at 5:30 is going to be an all out war against a now great 76ers team. 

Last night I went 2-2 again, fucking bullshit .500 NBA gambler right now. BUT NOT TONIGHT. The 76ers are back and so is Connor Campbell’s NBA Gambling career. We’re taking the Warriors @ Nets over 225, Bucks -3.5 @ Clippers (trap spread), Spurs ML dogs AT HOME against the Rockets (Rockets SUCK), and our elusive over 230 will be LAbron @ Kings over 239. Let’s get wild and scream about how great this race to the NBA title is going to be this season.