Damian Lillard Called Game And Series


In the NBA world we live in now, you don’t see many guys like Dame around. He’s a Portland Trailblazer and thats where he wants to be and where he plans to stay. In an era of superstars joining other superstars to chase NBA titles, Lillard has said hell stay where he’s at and create his own legacy.


Damian Lillard has been a star in these league for years now, but for some reason this year it feels like he really belongs among the top players in the NBA. This is going to sound stupid, but this year it really hit me how good he was watching the All Star game. Yes, I know its a meaningless game with not much defence being played if any. This was his fourth All Star game, but this year he was shooting his shots and playing like he does night in night out for this Portland Trailblazer team.


In this NBA, in this crazy era where even the best players in the world are asking for help and more superstars to join them, Dame has stayed put and continues to do his thing night in and night out for Portland. I do get to see a lot more of him being on the West Coast, but its time to give this guy his respect. He is one of the top guards in this league and in my humble opinion is doing it the RIGHT way. Whether he is ever able to win an NBA championship in Portland or even get to a final remains to be seen, but his legacy will live on, very much like the man he knocked out in last nights game. Dame and Westbrook are generational players who will be celebrated long after their careers are over. Lets start giving this guy the respect he deserves now and applaud him for doing it HIS way. Hope y’all are enjoying these playoffs as much as I am. Lets have a hump day y’all.


Gump Cathcart

OKC Is Built For The Playoffs


Last night in Portland felt like a playoff game, it was a grind it out gritty affair that needed overtime to decide it. Ever since KD left OKC I’ve personally had a soft spot for the Thunder, I love Westbrook and have been a fan of PG since his days in Indiana. In years past they just haven’t been able to get it done in the playoffs but i think last night showed hope that this year could be a lot different.


This team has an edge this year, before it was just Westbrook who had it but this year it feels like the whole team has taken on his energy. Paul George is playing out of his mind right now, probably, actually definitely the best he’s looked in his career. Those two are always going to get it done for OKC, I think we can all agree on that but its the supporting cast on this team that has impressed me almost as much as those two this year.


This team has depth and it has a lot of it, this is something we couldn’t say about the Thunder since KD left. Adding Morris to their already nicely assembled bench will be huge for them come playoff time. This team has two superstars, a deep bench and they love to play tight defence, thats pretty much the guide on how to be successful in the NBA playoffs. Just like we saw with the Celtics in Golden State during the week its going to be teams that can play defence that are going to give them troubles. I loved what i saw from this OKC team last night and I’ve liked how they’ve looked most of the season. Get on this wagon now, I firmly believe this Thunder team is ready to make a VERY deep run in these playoffs. Lets have a weekend y’all.




NBA Tuesday In North America

We are in North America, specifically, the United States of America. Today, I got two college games and one NBA game to go with the picks live from Gabagoool’s. Only 4 NBA games tonight so lets go for the clean sweep and rob a bookie or two. 


The first game we got is Portland @ OKC and it opens up at Thunder -5.5. Both these teams played yesterday but Portland had to battle the Jazz in Utah. Sometimes these back to backs can lead to no defense and other times it can lead to missed shots. After the Thunder put on a clinic at the Garden, I’m thinking Thunder -5.5 here. This spread will probably go up to 6 or even 7, but Portland with a tough game against Utah to be coupled with a tough game against the Thunder is too much in a two day stretch. Thunder -5.5 with a possible last second bet on the under. The other NBA we got is T-Wolves @ Suns. The spread starts at T-Wolves -6 and for some great reason I’m all over the Suns today. Karl Anthony-Towns has never been the same person since Jimmy Butler. Flip Saunder’s kid being the coach for Minnesota is awesome, but the Suns are known to steal a few games and tonight I think they get this one against Minnesota. Ayton is out so expect Devin Booker to shoot the ball fifty times tonight. He better, or I’m going to be livid when the Suns lose by 15 cause Booker only shot the ball 10 times.


Last game I’m taking is Texas Tech @ Kansas State. Right now, I’m liking the Kansas State Wildcats at -1 in Texas. Texas Tech has dropped two games in a row and KSU has been rolling as of late. Big conference game right here and I like the home court advantage to get the job done over the Red Raiders. Hopefully Bill Snyder is in the building tonight and if he is then the Wildcats will roll. 


Recap: OKC -5.5, Suns +5.5, and Kansas State -1. Three more picks live from Gabagoool’s coming tonight @6 and those are all certified, guaranteed, winners. Good luck to all gambling tonight, let’s make some money. 



NBA Tuesday Chalk Talk

Last night we did the 50/50 split, not to mention the Clemson -5.5 and over that I said I was taking even though I ended up taking Bama. Nothing like second-guessing yourself and being wrong, it’s the best. 


Never fear, we march on with our NBA games and attempt to stay hot as 2019 rolls on. Nothing says redemption like a Tuesday night slate that has an over/under set at exactly 230. We’ll start with that over as we travel to LA for a Hornets @ Clippers matchup. The Hornets can either put up 130 or mail it in and score 80 points while getting routed. I’m thinking tonight is a good ole fashioned shootout and even if I thought otherwise I’d be remiss to bet an under 230. Doc and his team of nurses will get the job done and put up a solid 123 so hopefully the Hornets can get at least 108 points on the board. The other over I like tonight is Hawks @ Raptors over 228.5. The Hawks haven’t had a big game in awhile and because Drake will be in attendance to see Trae Young, I’d assume there’s a points fest brewing up in Canada tonight. Raptors haven’t lost at home in quite some time and I don’t see why that would change tonight. Spread is set high at 14.5 and if the over/under goes down throughout the day I’d probably take the spread. That’s how you chalk up a spread just incase there’s an over/under change. Nothing like talking chalk, just the best. 


The Thunder have been rocking and rolling as of late and they play the soft Minnesota T-Wolves team in Oklahoma tonight. Steven Adams must be Karl Anthony Towns’ biggest nightmare. Massive dude who could probably chop down trees for a living he’s so gritty. If KAT wasn’t playing basketball he’d be streaming on Twitch which is a great business but not even close on the scale of grit compared to chopping trees down. Coach Thibs got the boot which can sometimes rally a team but hopefully we get the KAT Minnesota team and not the D-Rose Minnesota team. D-Rose could be the best player in the NBA this year but that’s just what I’ve heard through the grapevine. The last game we’re going with is the team we bet against last night: the Denver Nuggets. Betting against James Harden right now is one of the worst things you could do. He’s too hot and you don’t bet against a rocket rising for the sun. Houston Rockets pun there, no big deal. But the Nuggets are going to Miami to play the Heat and I thin they bounce back after this loss. Heat are an East team and the Nuggets are one of the best teams in the West. Gotta ride with the Western Conference cause they’re so much better than the East. Nuggets +1 and that’s the best bet on the board for basketball tonight. 


Recap: Hawks/Raptors over 228.5, Hornets/Clippers over 230, Thunder -8, Nuggets +1. College football is over and we have to prepare for basketball to be the only thing on tv for a little while. Late entry Iowa State -2.5 for the college game tonight but live and die with the Nuggets. Good luck to all trying to obtain the grain from their book master tonight. 



Goodbye 2018 NBA

I’d say 2018 was a good year for basketball but the Warriors are still champions so it really wasn’t. Lebron went to LA, Derrick Rose is back, and hopefully 2019 is the year the Warriors give up the throne for good.


Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and continue on with Luka and the Mavericks. Mavericks and Thunder are going to war tonight in Oklahoma City and everyone is worried about what they’re going to do tonight. Except Luka Doncic. Luka hasn’t had a real new years eve since he was in elementary school, so I don’t think his head will be anywhere but the court tonight. Mavericks are +8 and that’s just too much for a team that’s been playing really well. Mavericks +8 all day and lets hope Russ and PG13 are thinking about another party to celebrate not being on terrible teams anymore. With that, I want to continue to ride the hot hand of Harden. James Harden took the Celtics down and has finally sobered up enough from his MVP summer of partying to play basketball again. They take on the Grizzlies at home on New Years Eve. Now, I know I just talked about the partying but I think James is focused on dropping 40 a game and swindling his way back to the playoffs. Rockets -4.5 at home and don’t be scared if they cover at the last possible second, most likely will happen but no promises. Told you all the Rockets would get it together when Melo left and here we are. 


I refuse to leave 2018 while betting an under so I got two overs for everyone to hang there hat on. Don’t actually hang your hat but going into tonight these two wreak of points points points. First, and most obvious, Warriors at the Suns. Every team tonight is thinking I don’t wanna play defense so expect a lot of three pointers. Over/under is set at 227.5 and because it’s that low I sort of feel like taking the under but were past that. Screw the under and everything under bettors are about until I’m back on the under train. Last over/under of 2018 is going to be on my first round pick for my fantasy team. He’s tall, he’s young, and Jimmy Butler called him a bitch. That’s right, Karl Anthony Towns and the Wolves roll into Pelican country for their final game of 2018. I’ll be honest, I regret picking Towns, but he can score with the best of them and after last nights performance, I think he’ll carry that into tonight and battle Anthony Davis. If not, I’m never taking another Wolves over again until the play the Sacramento Kings. 

When Jimmy Butler calls you a bitch but you still make 100 + million

In 2019, the Warriors won’t win the title. I say that without seeing them play with Boogie Cousins so they probably will still win the title. With that being said, the Celtics will for sure win the NBA title this year. By the time April rolls around, we will be the one seed in the east and a very feared team around the league. That or I’ll be tremendously disappointed with the season. Warriors vs Rockets, Celtics vs 76ers. Celtics vs Warriors and we take home the championship. No, I’m not laughing.  

I had no idea college basketball played on New Years Eve but here we are, this late into 2018 and still learning new things. Providence -1.5, Idaho +7.5, Pepperdine -16, and Gonzaga -25. There are things to gamble on all day and night so good luck to all in their betting endeavors. 


PSA: New Years Resolution is to start winning bets, may be the last good fade night we have in a long time. Probably not though. 



NBA Picks Going Into The Weekend

Let’s. GO. NBA picks with a few college mixed in to get the blood FLOWING heading into the weekend. Lot on our plates in tonights slate of games so time to get to it. 


Raptors are heading to Orlando to take on the Magic of Mo Bamba. Normally I like to ride with my friend Sheck Wes and Mr. Bamba, but I don’t think it’s happening against the Raptors. I saw a stat the other day that they’ve come back from the most 17+ point deficits this year in the NBA. Don’t know how that helps us in this game, but if they go down early don’t be afraid to live bet them ML to win. Just a thought for all you who give up in the first quarter of a game, maybe try doubling down. Next, I like the over in the Thunder/Suns game. Thunder lost on Christmas and to say Russel Westbrook wasn’t happy would be an understatement. They’re going to come out guns blazing so I’m going to take the over 225.5 and also take the Thunder -6. They had two days rest and the Suns are still the Suns. Bad teams lose, good teams win, and we have the epitome of that match up with this game tonight. Devin Booker is going to lose his way to a super team, guy is a genius.

Booker and Ayton agreeing on a team tank

This portion of our bets may take some people for a loop but sometimes you gotta bet what you gotta bet. That’s right, UNDER. Cavs are heading to Miami and I feel like most games the Heat partake in are under city. Cavs are the real reason I see this game flying down under. It’s set at 200.5 and because it’s that low I feel it in my plums that this game is heading for a 102-85 final. We’ll see what happens but I’m nearly positive this game is going under, nearly positive. Next there’s the Spurs heading to the Nuggets after the Spurs just beat the Nuggets in San Antonio. I’m thinking after the Nuggets lose away, they beat the same team at home a few days later. Nuggets -3.5 at home and there aren’t too many teams who have waltzed into Denver and won. Expect a nice little revenge game, especially between two West teams that could possibly see each other down the road. Denver all over San Antonio tonight just like the Clippers/Lakers all over the OVER tonight. Over 229.5 is a lock right now but by the time the battle of LA is upon us the number will probably be up to 232. No Lebron means no defense so this one is bound for a shootout. 

Lebron watching the Lakers from the sideline

In the college slate, Detroit +1 @ 2 pm, Wright State -7, and Oakland +2.5. Detroit +1 is going to be slammed cause who doesn’t love getting riled up at 2 pm on a Friday for a Detroit Titans basketball game? 

NBA Recap: Toronto -6, Nuggets -3.5, Cavs/Heat under 200.5, Thunder/Suns over 225.5, Thunder -6. Again, I love all of these bets and there’s a huge chance these all hit. At the same time, I hate all of these bets and there’s a huge chance these all miss. God, gambling is the best. 



Wednesday Night NBA And Lebron’s The Worst

Last night we were abysmal but I’m not even going to bring it up. If Lebron is getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey to start a game off then immediately any bet is screwed. Hats off to Jarret Allen though, dude puts on for Team Phat Stax and I couldn’t appreciate that any more than I already do. 


Talk about a humbling experience. This can only be attributed to one thing and one thing only – Carmelo Anthony. 


Melo tweeted this very early in the morning today so that means when Lebron was getting blocked, Melo was probably talking to Magic Johnson. What a curse this guy brings and it gives me joy to think the Lakers might crash and burn cause Melo comes to the team. Hysterical that he has gone from being the face of the New York Knicks to being public enemy number one for any team that wants to be jinxed into the loss column. Doesn’t matter though cause Lebron’s now using the “I’m in my 30’s” excuse. What a bum.


This would be hilarious if Lebron was kidding but he said this in a 100% serious way. Take your L and shut up Lebron. I had to get all that off my chest and now I can give you my picks with a clear conscience. Celtics have the ole Phoenix Suns coming to town and we’re slamming the Celtics at home -11.5. The Suns just beat the Knicks for their 7th win of the season so the chances of a back to back are slim. 12 points is a lot but I like the Celtics after a couple days rest over the Suns who are terrible. Bet against bad teams and ride with the good teams. Which is why were rolling to the Philadelphia 76ers against the Knicks tonight. 76ers are -13 at home against the Knicks and the 76ers just lost. Embiid loves to do the post game talk shit with Instagram’s/Tweet’s so I expect a Kanter poster tonight. This game will be a full on blowout and the 76ers cover 13 easily.


Of the last two, only one worries me and that’s cause I’m going against my strategy. Tonight, we’re going to dance with the Bulls and hope for the best as they take on the Nets at home. Nets just beat Lebron and probably had a little bit of a night on their way to Chicago. Also, thanks to Tony Digs, I know the Nets are 1-6 on back to back games and the Bulls put on a show for their city tonight. Bulls +2 at home against the average Brooklyn Nets and I love this pick. Last, were going with what everyone in the world should have been doing for the past two weeks: betting on the Sacramento Kings over. Not to mention the Kings are welcoming the fast tempo Thunder to town tonight. Thunder @ Kings over 234 to cap off tonights bets. It’s an over 230 which I need a nicotine patch for cause I’m addicted to betting them but the  Kings owner just compared their team to a young Thunder team so expect a show form both sides. 

We’re getting into the college game so we’ll keep those picks coming too. Take them with a grain of salt, still learning the lay of the land here. Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, and Wofford +9.5. Wofford is going to be playoff team and this game against Mississippi state will prove it. They’ll keep it close, I hope. 

All in all we’re taking Celtics -11.5, 76ers -13, Bulls +2, Thunder/Kings over 234, Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, Wofford +9.5. Let’s get it going tonight and get back in the win column. Good luck to all on the last hump day before Jesus’ birthday. 




Tuesday Night NBA Teams To Take

We’re back. That’s right, Bro Bro Bro and I both had the Thunder last night and if that’s the case then the last leaf of Fade Boston Connor season has fallen. 

This is dangerously close to how I dance

3-1 last night and I should of been 4-0 but I took the over in Golden State which is great news. Great news, because Golden State is dying. They aren’t dead, not even close, but they’re not going to win the title this year and that’s because they didn’t hit an over 210. For that, we’re starting this bad larry off today with an over. An over 230, just the way we like it. Wizards @ Atlanta over 236.5 all day. John Wall will probably let Trae Young shoot it from all over the court but still come back to win 135-133. It’s awesome how the Wizards went from fighting the Celtics in the playoffs to having to blow up their entire operation. Just do it Ted, blow the team up and give the Spurs John Wall, it would only make the league better. Next, we’re going to the mile high city, yes, Denver. Mavericks @ Nuggets and we’re riding with the European angel Luka Doncic at +5. Earlier in the year we saw Deandre Jordan steal a rebound from Luka and now he’s out there coaching him up. Pretty awesome to see the Mav’s finally treat this guy like the superstar he is. He has the potential to be the best European ever and that’s saying something cause he shares the court with Dirk who is arguably number 1. Young Dirk with Steve Nash will forever be an iconic duo. 


I’ve been riding with Lebron and the Lakers for awhile so I don’t see why I’d stop now when he rolls into his best friends palace. Lebron in front of Jay-Z is a dangerous Lebron James, just as we saw when Lebron was playing in front of MJ the other night. Lakers ran the Hornets out of the gym and I can see that happening tonight too. Lakers -2.5 @ Nets even if the Nets are on a 5 game winning streak. It’s all about Lebron and Jay-Z when the Lakers come to town so expect another show from the Purple and Gold. Last but not least, my second favorite team in the NBA now, the Indiana Pacers. No, it has nothing to do with living in Indiana and everything to do with Vic Oladipo being on my fantasy team. Team Phat Stax had a hot start but once Oladipo went down we went through a slump. Now, back and better than ever, Oladipo and the Pacers are primed for a Christmas run into the New Year. Cav’s are terrible and are 7-23 with a 2-11 record on the road. Pacers, at home -12 in an absolute blowout. I thought it would be way more fun watching the Cav’s lose but it’s not fun unless Lebron is losing too. 


Recap: Wizards/Hawks over 236.5, Mavericks +5, Lebron -2.5, and Pacers -12. Don’t feel great about the Mavericks cause of how good the Nuggets are at home but Doncic is too fun to watch to bet against. Let’s keep the NBA streak going tonight and see if we can step up our College Basketball game. 

In college tonight, I’m taking Duke -31.5, obviously. If you’re not betting on Duke yet start now so you have some money for Christmas. I’m also taking Buffalo @ Syracuse. Buffalo is +4 and Syracuse is coming off a loss to Old Dominion. A spoof? Maybe, but Buffalo hasn’t lost yet so to the very least they lose on a last second miss/make. Good luck tonight and let’s hope the gambling gods are still in our favor.

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NBA Report On A Beautiful Monday

I don’t wanna hear about the Patriots. Right now, I’m not worried about the New England Patriots, I’m worried about what games you people are going to cash out in. My focus remains laser like and these games are a shoe-in to win you money. 


It’s always a shame when the Celtics aren’t playing on Monday cause I really need a Boston victory to get the spirits up after whatever happened yesterday. Unfortunately, we don’t have Brad’s Boys to dominate a team today. Never fear cause all four of these picks will win us money and all will be right in the world. Today, we’ll start with the elusive over 230. I don’t know if the Kings have ever played in a game and not allowed 100 points. Actually, the Kings have given up at least 100 points in every game except for one since November 12th against the Spurs when they allowed 99 points. Naturally, we’re going to take Kings @ Twolves over 232. This is a great over game and if De’Aaron Fox and Karl Towns have a night then I’m sure we’ll hit this high over. The second over/under I’ll be taking is the Grizzlies @ Warriors which right now is at 210. Initially, I loved this under because anytime a Warriors game is set under 220, it’s almost like Vegas just knows they will have a little trouble. I wrote “under 210” in my notes, but as I go to say I’m taking the under of 210 in a Warriors game, I’ve flopped to the over. Grizzlies @ Warriors, over 210. The Warriors can put up 115 on their own and if the Grizzlies can’t get to 95 then the next over/under for a Warriors game that’s set at or below 215 will receive my mortgage on that bet.


One of the two spreads were taking tonight is the “bet against the Bulls” strategy. The Bulls have to go to Oklahoma City to play the Thunder who are ripping teams right now. The Thunder have a different feel to them this year. Steven Adams is gonna be an all star, Paul George is having a great year, and the biggest thing is they got rid of Carmelo Anthony. Not to mention, the Bulls are still one of the biggest circus acts in the NBA. Thunder at -12.5 is a big spread but not when you’re playing the Bulls at home. Bulls @ Thunder tonight and we’re taking the Thunder at -12.5. The last game is my most anticipated match up of the night. A lotta people would say this is a terrible game, but I think this equates to the Super Bowl for the number 1 pick, a conference championship to the very least. Suns @ Knicks in the early year toilet bowl that makes this Monday extra special. The combined record of these two teams is 15-46. This game is going to be an absolute showdown. Normally, in a game like this with one franchise being the team that plays in MSG, I’d go for the home court advantage. However, I like the Suns for some reason tonight so I’m taking them at +1 in New York City. Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker help get the victory in New York and I still believe the future is bright in Sun country. Unlike this lady, who seems to be all in on ridding the world of Suns owner Robert Sarver.


Would not want to be whoever ‘Ed’ is cause he’s receiving a mean stare from Ms. Greta Rogers. Can’t say I blame her, would suck to have top 3 picks every year and not see a lick of improvement. Come be a Celtics fan Greta, we aren’t very bad and when we are its usually a short period of time. 

Recap: Kings/Twolves over 232, Grizzlies/Warriors over 210, Thunder -12.5, and Suns +1. Let’s do better than .500 tonight and .250 would be better cause then you people in fade season would go 3-1. Bet with me, bet against me, lets just hope we all end up with cash (impossible). Good luck in starting your betting week off right. 


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My Apologies To All

For some reason, we went 4-0 in basketball bets last night and my whole world feels off. 


Never in my life would I think there would be a night that I didn’t lose money. However, here I sit, alive and stunned at the almost positive balance in my account. Fade season may be fading, but there’s no chance I let it stop here. I will do my absolute best to pick the right spreads for the people to fade today. 


The Celtics are so far back it’s not even funny. There are few teams with the skill that the Boston Celtics have not only on the court but coaching too. Brad Stevens cracked the case on our squad and now we’re just steam rolling teams. They’ve been running teams out of the gym and it’s about time cause we can do that to anyone. For that, we’re taking them -2.5 @ Detroit. The Pistons have good players but they just lost to Charlotte and seem to be headed in the wrong direction. Take the C’s spread and feel great about it. To go with that, we’re taking the loquacious Lakers. I know Bron just lost to Houston but that makes me like the Lakers even more tonight at Charlotte. Lebron in front of Jordan, of course he’s going to put on a show. Expect a few smiles exchanged between those two as Lebron throws his baby powder into the air. Lakers -2 in Charlotte and them being favorites is even more confirmation that they’re going to blow the Hornets out. 


Not too many high over/unders tonight, not even one near 230 which is absolutely despicable. I’m not happy about it but we’ll take the closest thing which is Clippers @ Thunder over 225.5. I don’t think Russel Westbrook is going to lose after the whole Jamal Murray debacle last night. That little Canadian bastard pisses off more superstars than Ron Artest before he was Metta World Peace. I don’t hate the way Denver plays but they aren’t the Celtics so the Nuggets can shove it. The last game we’re rocking with is more along the lines of the previously used full proof system: betting against the worst teams in the league. Spurs -10.5 at home against the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls are just a traveling dumpster fire right now and Popovich at home usually puts on a show for the people of San Antonio. Another blowout in Texas here as the Spurs route the Bulls. Of any of the games, this is the one I’d go biggest on. Or the Celtics, obviously. 


College Basketball is all day as well and I know absolutely nothing but Zion is the greatest player ever. Georgetown -3.5, NC State -4, Pitt -24, and Indiana in a pick em. Could of drawn these names out of a hat but they’re all locks for sure. 

To recap the NBA, I’m going with the Celtics -2.5, Lakers -2, Clippers/Thunder over 225.5, and Spurs -10.5 at home. We hit on all cylinders last night so lets hope these games bring back the season of the fade. If not, maybe were entering a new season of betting. That, or some of BroBroBro’s magic somehow was given to me. Either way, good luck to all in their gambling endeavors this weekend. 


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