NBA Trade Talks Heating Up

Super Bowl week but the NBA is stealing the show today. This trade offer is absolutely absurd, its basically 5 first round picks. If your the Pelicans theres no way you can turn this down and if your Lebron and the Lakers your team is gonna get a whole lot better with Anthony Davis. Once again Lebron is doing what he does, playing GM and getting what he wants. Shipping out any young talent around him and getting what he thinks can get him closer to another title. As much as another title will add to his legacy, I don’t know if this is whats best for the Lakers franchise, unless their able to add another superstar this summer.

Now Porzingis to the Mavs, i did not see this coming at all. Out of the teams they talked about after he requested a trade, i thought the Spurs and the Raptors would be the favourites to get him. Good for Mark Cuban on making a big move and getting another big star to his Dallas Mavericks. As much as i hate seeing stars have to join other stars this is the world we live in with the NBA now a days. The NBA rumour mill continues to dominate the airwaves and as much as i hate to see this it will be very entertaining to see if anyone can put a team together to compete with the Warriors. Now lets get back to Super Bowl week and have a Thursday y’all.

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TNT Tuesday

The TNT games tonight are a couple of doozies. First, we get the talked about Pelicans going to take on the Rockets. Then, we go to LA where the Lakers welcome Embiid and the boys to town. There is money to be made in these games so let’s get to it.

Pelicans @ Rockets is the first game on TNT and I don’t know exactly what to think. Always tough when your best player asks to be traded but sometimes teams can react differently to that type of noise. Holiday may say “Hey AD, look at me, I can score. Maybe we recruit someone here?” AD still says nah I’m good, but the idea of points galore tonight is there. For that reason, I’m taking the over in this game even though its set at 234. CP3 still needs to get his rhythm back but thats gonna happen tonight when the Rockets go for 140 and the win. It’s always nice getting an over 230 game to match with a TNT Tuesday. For the Sixers/Lakers matchup, there are a few things to take a peak at. When I say a few things, I mean one, and his name is Joel Embiid. He’s the best big man in the NBA bar none and there’s nobody on the Lakers that can stop him. That, on top of Ben Simmons and no Lebron James, is the reason Sixers -6.5 is a lock tonight. Sixers will handle the Lakers and soon the team will be blown up as they make a move for AD. Mark my words, if he’s not traded by the deadline it’s cause the Pelicans want our 3 first round picks, Terry, Smart, and maybe Brown. Who knows, I’d throw Hayward in too if they would take him.

For the college game, we’re going to ride with the hot team and by that I mean the #1 team in the country, Tennessee. The Vols go to South Carolina to take on the gamecocks in a little Tuesday night college duel. The SEC has had a great year for basketball and that will continue for Tennessee against a mediocre SC team. The Vols are -8.5 and they’ll continue on as the best team in the country, for now. 

Recap: Pelicans/Rockets over 234, Sixers -6.5, Tennessee -8.5. Those are the three games that I like tonight so let’s hope we got some winners. There may be more picks coming later so keep an eye out.



NBA Wednesday In America

The NBA report is back but going forward, the best picks will be on the Bro Bro Bro Bets show, posted on this site most days around 6 pm. It’s a little late, but you’ll still have an hour to throw in those bets. 7-1-1 between Bro Bro Bro Bets last night and we’ll do our best to keep the bets rolling. I got a few picks to go with the ones you’ll find on Bro Bro Bro tonight.

For starters, of course, I’ll be taking the Celtics -1.5 as we welcome the Raptors to town tonight. I’ve never thought there would be this type of hostility that’s been thrown around the Celtics locker room, but it’s probably more media propaganda than anything. There have been whispers about Dennis Smith Jr. being shopped for a point guard. Even though there isn’t one player I want to give up, Rozier for DSJ wouldn’t be the worst move for a Celtics team that has been a little off all year. I think it’s a terrible fit and the last thing we need is another great young guy we’ll have to pay but you’re an ass if you don’t imagine whatever players being shopped around the league landing on your own team. Don’t even get me started on Porzingis. Celtics -1.5 and this line will probably go up, Boston’s a tough place to play.

The next two picks that I’ll be taking (aside from the 3 that will be featured tonight on Bro Bro Bro Bets) are two dogs away from home. First, will be the Pelicans at +7 going into Golden State. Golden State is coming off an All Star Game performance, dropping 150 on the Nuggets in Denver. That sort of drop off from the Mile High city to the Bay Area is massive. That’s why I like the Pelicans +7 in Golden State tonight. Curry and KD probably housed a bottle of wine on the plane ride back while Tony Davis and the Pelicans were already in getting prepared for the Warriors. Take the +7 even if it is against Golden State but be careful of the over, 241 screwed me when the Pelicans played the Clippers. Which leads me to the Clippers hosting the Jazz tonight. The Jazz and Clippers both fascinate me cause I fee like Jazz should be better and the Clippers should be worse. With that being said, I’m going to last second switch from Jazz +1 to the over 224.5. It feels like the Clippers have gone over every home game except for when they played the Pelicans Monday. You could say that I’m discouraged but then you would be a liar. No discouragement. We march blindly into the gambling abyss everyday no matter what.
Me going to take every over 240 seconds before tip off

Recap: Celtics -1.5, Jazz/Clippers over 224.5, Pelicans +7. I like all three of these but I LOVE the picks that are given from Gabagoools tonight. Gorms, Digs, and myself have 9 more games to win money on. Good luck and check back in with Bro Bro Bro Bets right here at 6 for the rest of the bets on this hump day in January. 



NBA Wednesday In America

The NBA is slowly kicking it into gear this season and now that almost every bowl game was an unbelievable disappointment, the NBA is about to hit its stride. Let’s start the new year off right with winners across the board while staying hot in the college game.

We’re starting off with the obvious, as I try to get the games everyone knows I’m taking out of the way. Celtics are at home against a soft Timberwolves team that doesn’t do well against good defensive teams. The spread right now is Celtics -6.5 and I’m going to ride that spread into the ground. Brad Stevens is no punk, he knows if you foul KAT a few times with a little Johnny English on the hack that he’ll get quiet and afraid. Jimmy Butler didn’t forget to expose that team for what they are before leaving: soft and young. Celtics in a blowout in Beantown, don’t be afraid to double down on the first half spread and third quarter spread as well. I know I will. The second NBA spread we’re going to rock with tonight is my brother from another country, Luka Doncic. The Mavericks are heading to Charlotte to take on Kemba Walker and they are 2.5 point dogs against the Hornets. I know they are good, but I’m still not convinced they can take down the most suave european basketball player we’ve seen in a long time. I’m riding with the Mavericks +2.5 and if the spread gets smaller I’ll probably get in on the Mavericks Moneyline mobile as well.

The last two NBA games I’ll be dabbling in are both over 230’s. How lucky we are to have not one, but two NBA games with their over/unders set at 230. That’s how I know that this Wednesday and New Year has been blessed by the over gods. Hawks/Wizards is set at 230 and Pelicans/Nets is set at 230.5. There’s nothing like a couple over 230’s to get us ready to run through the wall that is 2019. I’m going way over on both of these games but if I had to pick my favorite it would be Hawks and Wizards. Both those teams don’t give a shit this year and just want to up those stats heading into the Summer. Trae Young with a 40 spot and I wouldn’t be surprised to see headband Bradly Beal to make an appearance.
Different Bradley but look at that fake baby

The college game has brought me great joy thus far but I know that will turn at some point. With that being said, the college games that we’re taking are absolutely winners. Maryland -1 at home and Nevada -10 at home. Both games are conference games and Maryland has a little chip on their shoulder now that they’re out of the top 25. Nevada needs to make a statement in the Mountain West if they want to be considered a legit contender so look for them to blow Utah State out of the water. 

Recap: Celtics -6.5, Mavericks +2.5, Hawks/Wizards over 230, Pelicans/Nets over 230.5, Maryland -1, Nevada -10. Let’s start this new year the right way and win all over the place tonight.



Goodbye 2018 NBA

I’d say 2018 was a good year for basketball but the Warriors are still champions so it really wasn’t. Lebron went to LA, Derrick Rose is back, and hopefully 2019 is the year the Warriors give up the throne for good.

Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and continue on with Luka and the Mavericks. Mavericks and Thunder are going to war tonight in Oklahoma City and everyone is worried about what they’re going to do tonight. Except Luka Doncic. Luka hasn’t had a real new years eve since he was in elementary school, so I don’t think his head will be anywhere but the court tonight. Mavericks are +8 and that’s just too much for a team that’s been playing really well. Mavericks +8 all day and lets hope Russ and PG13 are thinking about another party to celebrate not being on terrible teams anymore. With that, I want to continue to ride the hot hand of Harden. James Harden took the Celtics down and has finally sobered up enough from his MVP summer of partying to play basketball again. They take on the Grizzlies at home on New Years Eve. Now, I know I just talked about the partying but I think James is focused on dropping 40 a game and swindling his way back to the playoffs. Rockets -4.5 at home and don’t be scared if they cover at the last possible second, most likely will happen but no promises. Told you all the Rockets would get it together when Melo left and here we are.

I refuse to leave 2018 while betting an under so I got two overs for everyone to hang there hat on. Don’t actually hang your hat but going into tonight these two wreak of points points points. First, and most obvious, Warriors at the Suns. Every team tonight is thinking I don’t wanna play defense so expect a lot of three pointers. Over/under is set at 227.5 and because it’s that low I sort of feel like taking the under but were past that. Screw the under and everything under bettors are about until I’m back on the under train. Last over/under of 2018 is going to be on my first round pick for my fantasy team. He’s tall, he’s young, and Jimmy Butler called him a bitch. That’s right, Karl Anthony Towns and the Wolves roll into Pelican country for their final game of 2018. I’ll be honest, I regret picking Towns, but he can score with the best of them and after last nights performance, I think he’ll carry that into tonight and battle Anthony Davis. If not, I’m never taking another Wolves over again until the play the Sacramento Kings.
When Jimmy Butler calls you a bitch but you still make 100 + million

In 2019, the Warriors won’t win the title. I say that without seeing them play with Boogie Cousins so they probably will still win the title. With that being said, the Celtics will for sure win the NBA title this year. By the time April rolls around, we will be the one seed in the east and a very feared team around the league. That or I’ll be tremendously disappointed with the season. Warriors vs Rockets, Celtics vs 76ers. Celtics vs Warriors and we take home the championship. No, I’m not laughing.  

I had no idea college basketball played on New Years Eve but here we are, this late into 2018 and still learning new things. Providence -1.5, Idaho +7.5, Pepperdine -16, and Gonzaga -25. There are things to gamble on all day and night so good luck to all in their betting endeavors.

PSA: New Years Resolution is to start winning bets, may be the last good fade night we have in a long time. Probably not though. 



NBA Sunday Is A Doozy

There are games galore tonight, starting with the Hawks/Pistons at 4. I may dabble in that game to get the blood flowing for the Celtics later, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

I’m staying away from Hawks Pistons cause I’ve taken Detroit too many times when they’ve been absolute dog shit. That’s why I’m gonna stick with the boys from Indiana led by Lord Larry Bird, the Pacers. Pacers take on the Wizards and statistically, the Pacers are good at home. I don’t know the stats, but when you throw in ‘statistically’ it just sounds better. 9.5 is a lot of points but Oladipo is a defensive magician so I think he’ll shut down 1 of the 2 good players on the Wizards. The Wizards are on the brink of blowing up there team so hopefully this is the dagger in the coffin. Our favorite over team is playing in New Orleans tonight. That’s right, Sacramento at New Orleans and the over is at 236.5 right now. I LOVE this over. Points points points, hold on, more points. If I could buy this up to 250 I would but that type of swindling isn’t allowed in this imperfect world. 236.5 is the bet of the night in the NBA, no chance this bad boy stays under.

The last two might take some of you for a little spin. We’re taking the Celtics spread as a 5th bet but that’s only cause I’m going to the game tonight. The bet that I love in this game is the under. Celtics Hornets go at it but I think Brad’s going to be focusing on the defense after these home game monstrosities that we’ve been witnessing. Right now the under is at 217.5 and I think this game goes way under. I hate the way we’ve been playing but that’ll change tonight cause my father will be in the building. Not many teams circle the wagons behind Stephen Campbell the way the Celtics do. Last is a team I hate to bet against at home and a team I love to bet on always. Luka Doncic and Mark Cuban stroll into Portland and at least cover the spread. The Trail Blazers are notoriously good at home but right now they’re -8 and that’s just too much against the Mav’s. I like the Mavericks +8 in Portland tonight and I might be feeling a little frisky and take them ML too. Sunday’s are for football, but get yourself acclimated with the basketball game, lotta things to bet on from February to June. 

Recap: Celtics/Hornets under 217.5, Pacers -9.5, Kings/Pelicans over 236.5, Mavericks +8. Those are the games for the day and don’t be surprised if I fuck around and take the Celtics -7. I’m not not going to take them while I’m strolling into the Garden a few Teddy Bruschi’s in.



NBA Picks To Keep The Fade Season Going

I’ve been red hot, and when I say red hot, we know I mean ice cold. Let’s keep it going for the sake of the people’s money.

First an foremost, I hope all of these don’t hit, but I will say I’m not against winning a bet before 2018 is over. The Celtics are hitting their stride and I figured I would get this one out of the way because of course I’m taking Celtics -7.5 at home against the Pelicans. We have big men that play defense and if you stop AD then the Pelicans really aren’t that good. Second pick will really judge whether fade season is still thriving. Kings -2.5 against a Bulls team that has won only 6 games. Call me crazy, but if the Bulls win cause I bet on the Kings then I will have a very difficult time deciding whether to laugh or cry. Chicago is 6-21, lets hope the Kings don’t act like the Kings we’ve all known for the last 10 years, unless you fade me then lets go Bulls.
My bookie’s for the past month 

As of right now, there are no over/under’s that are above 230. With that being said, Minnesota @ Golden State is at 229 and I think it will go up as the day goes on. We’re going to take that over and hope KAT doesn’t play like Jimmy Butler says he does, soft. Due to no over/under’s being above 230, we are going to go with the elusive under. I hate betting under’s but were looking to stay hot (cold) so we might as well take one. Grizzlies @ Nuggets over under is at 198.5 and since it’s that low right now I think its going way under. Nuggets score a lot of points, so when an over under is set that low for a home game, my mind screams under under under.
Walking into work tomorrow after fading me and making millions 

At the end of the day, this is a win win situation for us all. When I say for us all, I obviously am not included in ‘all’ or ‘us’. Celtics -7.5, Kings -2.5, Timberwolves/Golden State over 229 and Nuggets/Grizzlies under 198.5 – good luck to everyone in their gambling quest tonight. 

Also like the Vikings tonight just so everyone is aware. 

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Basketball Is Back And Gambling On It Will Ruin My Life, Again

Every year November comes around and every year we get in a hole. This year we turn it around by taking every over that’s set past 230.
Defense in the NBA

Today marks my first day of basketball betting this year which happens to be the same day that will mark the depletion of my bank account. In the past, I’ve tried to strictly bet the Celtics, Rockets, and Spurs at home, but this has led me to numerous calls to banks for loans. This year, I’m going with a different strategy: OVER. This NBA is high scoring, low defense, and the “lets see what cool move you can do then score” type NBA now. I don’t hate it as much as I hate flopping but when you have Marcus Smart on your team you gotta keep your mouth shut on that subject.

Tonight, I have four games that were going to test the luck on. First, I got the Detroit Pistons (-3.5) at home against the Miami Heat. Honestly, I think the Heat have sucked since Lebron left but I have yet to watch one of their games since then so who knows. I do think Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond are one of the better Center/Power Forward combos in the NBA, especially when Blake is bringing the ball up and dunking on Embiid. That plus the reigning coach of the year Dwayne Casey makes for a 4 point cover in Detroit tonight. 

Similar to the Heat, the Cav’s are now the biggest train wreck in the NBA since Lebron left. I think Colin Sexton is pretty legit, but he’s only a rookie and isn’t going to make or break Cleveland this year. That’s why, were taking the Orlando Magic (-4) tonight. Is this because of Mo Bamba? 1000% yes, but without Kevin Love the Cav’s are just a bunch of the guys Lebron took off the Lakers so he could head over to LA. I think the Magic at home after a big road win in San Antonio will push them to at least a 5 point victory.

The Pelicans and the Thunder is the over game for this evening as it sits at a cool 234. The over 230 test begins tonight and I’m going to be honest, I feel terrible about it. We’ll see how the game goes, especially with Anthony Davis back after his early injury, but who knows how this game will go. All I need is Westbrook to be sprinting up and down the court dishing three ball assists like its nobodies business. Either way, I’m covering it with Celtics money line (obviously) against the Nuggets. No matter what, I’m going to take the Celtics most nights, but the Celtics against teams with great big men typically have trouble with the big man from down under, Aaron Baynes. Baynes is now the guy who shoots three’s and you scream ‘no’ unless he hits it. I’ll never like an Aaron Bayanes three as long as their are other players on the court with him. We’ll see what tricks he has up his sleeve for Jokic.

Those are my picks to start off the NBA gambling season, lets make some money. Pistons -3.5 , Celtics ML , Thunder/Pelicans o234 , Magic -4.