Basketball Is Back And Gambling On It Will Ruin My Life, Again

Every year November comes around and every year we get in a hole. This year we turn it around by taking every over that’s set past 230.
Defense in the NBA

Today marks my first day of basketball betting this year which happens to be the same day that will mark the depletion of my bank account. In the past, I’ve tried to strictly bet the Celtics, Rockets, and Spurs at home, but this has led me to numerous calls to banks for loans. This year, I’m going with a different strategy: OVER. This NBA is high scoring, low defense, and the “lets see what cool move you can do then score” type NBA now. I don’t hate it as much as I hate flopping but when you have Marcus Smart on your team you gotta keep your mouth shut on that subject.

Tonight, I have four games that were going to test the luck on. First, I got the Detroit Pistons (-3.5) at home against the Miami Heat. Honestly, I think the Heat have sucked since Lebron left but I have yet to watch one of their games since then so who knows. I do think Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond are one of the better Center/Power Forward combos in the NBA, especially when Blake is bringing the ball up and dunking on Embiid. That plus the reigning coach of the year Dwayne Casey makes for a 4 point cover in Detroit tonight. 

Similar to the Heat, the Cav’s are now the biggest train wreck in the NBA since Lebron left. I think Colin Sexton is pretty legit, but he’s only a rookie and isn’t going to make or break Cleveland this year. That’s why, were taking the Orlando Magic (-4) tonight. Is this because of Mo Bamba? 1000% yes, but without Kevin Love the Cav’s are just a bunch of the guys Lebron took off the Lakers so he could head over to LA. I think the Magic at home after a big road win in San Antonio will push them to at least a 5 point victory.

The Pelicans and the Thunder is the over game for this evening as it sits at a cool 234. The over 230 test begins tonight and I’m going to be honest, I feel terrible about it. We’ll see how the game goes, especially with Anthony Davis back after his early injury, but who knows how this game will go. All I need is Westbrook to be sprinting up and down the court dishing three ball assists like its nobodies business. Either way, I’m covering it with Celtics money line (obviously) against the Nuggets. No matter what, I’m going to take the Celtics most nights, but the Celtics against teams with great big men typically have trouble with the big man from down under, Aaron Baynes. Baynes is now the guy who shoots three’s and you scream ‘no’ unless he hits it. I’ll never like an Aaron Bayanes three as long as their are other players on the court with him. We’ll see what tricks he has up his sleeve for Jokic.

Those are my picks to start off the NBA gambling season, lets make some money. Pistons -3.5 , Celtics ML , Thunder/Pelicans o234 , Magic -4.