Bro Bro Bro Bets 1/25/19

Good day to all and to all a good day. We’ve got winners across the board and your bookie is going to need extra provolone for his salami sandwich cause we’re going to rob him blind. We’re dying for a little food, so let’s serve some apps.


DigsHouston +2 – You’re going to make the beard a home dawg? Tony’s jumping on that like the first slice of pizza he’ll jump on after the weight loss challenge. 

Connor – Denver -15 – The Phoenix Suns are coming off a back to back and the Nuggets are one of the best home teams in the NBA this year. I like them more than I like the lasagna I had for dinner last night. 

GormsMilwaukee -11 – Sticking to his guns, the Greek Freak is fast and he shoots.


DigsWizards +3.5 – In what world does Orlando deserve to be this big of a favorite? Tony Digs asks and nobody can give an answer.

Connor – Michigan -4 – Michigan off a loss is going to be a team on a mission. Same way I’m on a mission to find the greatest chicken parmesan sub in Indianapolis. 

Gorms – Brooklyn -10 – Gorman is all over D’Angelo Russell and thinks he’ll be hitting all night. Plus, he shoots and he’s fast, fast.


Digs – Denver -15 – Suns stink, Nuggets are good. That’s all that needs to be said for Tony.

Connor – Jazz -10 – Minnesota is coming off a back to back and Rudy Gobert will give Karl Anthony Towns the business all night. Love the Jazz just like I love my dessert. 

Gorms – Jazz -10 – Joe Ingles can shoot, but he isn’t fast. Gorman isn’t worried either way.

Those are the picks for tonight, go tell your bookie to back up the dump trucks cause he’ll need to with these winners on the board. 

Digs, Connor, Gorms

NBA Friday Heading Into The Weekend

Last night, the Celtics took my heart and soul and there will be a little time before I take the boys in green again. I’ll still bet on teams with green on their jerseys but I don’t wanna talk about it just yet.

Alright, fine, I’ll talk about the green jerseys. Bucks -5.5 in Washington and I’d take it if it were higher too. Giannis and the stag like animals made a tremendous statement in Houston the other night. Beating James Harden is a feat not done by many as of late and doing it in Texas is an even tougher task. The Wizards have come alive and even beat the Sixers the other night, but the Sixers are terrible away from home and the Wizards still aren’t good. Bucks cover the 5.5 with the Wizards hopefully blowing up their team soon, wouldn’t mind some Bradley Beal to the Celtics talk. Speaking of the Sixers, I love them tonight against a bottom five team in the Atlanta Hawks. As bad as the Sixers are away, they are one of the toughest teams to beat at home. They need a win tonight and the Hawks need to start losing a few more if they wanna have any shot at one of the three Duke superstars. Embiid will have himself a night in Philly after dropping a cool 30 and 15 to get the Sixers back in the win column.

The next two picks come from teams that are familiar to the NBA Friday pick selection. First, the team from the city of Indianapolis, the Pacers, are traveling to the city of New York. Not the Nets, but the ones who play in the Garden are their opponents. Pacers -9 @ Knicks cause the Pacers need a big win after getting swamped by the Celtics. Oladipo strikes me as a guy who loves to play in the big apple so expect a big night from him. The matchup to watch will be Kanter and Sabonis down low. The Pacers are weak down low without Myles Turner so they’ll need Sabonis to stand tall in there tonight. Last, James Harden and the Rockets took a tough loss to the man who will probably steal the MVP now. I expect a show from the Rockets tonight, especially when they go from playing one of the best teams to one of the worst in the Cavaliers. Cav’s come to town looking for a Travis Scott concert but all they will get is a 25 point loss to the Beard. Where is the Love? Still hurt, and I think the Cavs should think about moving Kevin Love to a team who may want him, Spurs perhaps.

Recap: Bucks -5.5, 76ers -12, Pacers -9, and Rockets -13.5. Those are the picks for tonight with some NFL coming tomorrow. Spoiler alert: I’m taking the Pat’s money line, nervous about the points though. Good luck to all, let’s make some money this weekend.



NBA Monday In America

Our weekend ended up being a good old fashioned 50/50 split between the plethora of games we were taking. The only reason it ended up in the positive was because of a Golden Tate touchdown at odds of +500. My normal rule for the player prop tab is to close the browser once you open it. However, when you take one for every playoff game you better take a prop for the last one too cause even if you’re 1/4 on them for the weekend you still end up on in the green. Let’s get to tonight.

Now, I always take the Celtics no matter what, but tonight against the Brooklyn Nets is a little different. The Nets are god awful on back to back games and they went to war yesterday against the Chicago Bulls. Celtics at home -9.5 is a lot but this Boston team has been hitting their stride and it’ll continue with the Nets. To think we got Tatum and Brown with the picks the Nets gave us. Classic cuckold by Danny Ainge just swindling everyone in the Nets front office. We’ll run the Nets out of the gym with or without Kyrie. Look for a full fledged blowout tonight at the Garden which will probably mean under city if you don’t want to take the -9.5.  A much better game tonight is Nuggets @ Rockets. I don’t think anyone is slowing down James Harden right now and normally I like the Nuggets but only when they’re playing in Mile High. This game is in Houston and after that big Golden State win, the Rockets will keep rolling on. Look for James Harden to come through big again for his team and if they are losing at half big (again), double down and live bet the Rockets ML. Payout is big and will be a reason to keep watching.

The next two games we’re staying in the Western Conference. The other night I took the Sacramento Kings against the Golden State Warriors. I pinched myself multiple times, but I wasn’t dreaming. Naturally I turned in figuring I threw away 20 bucks, but when I awoke to a Kings cover, I knew these boys were for real. Kings are at home against the Magic who are coming off a back to back as well. Kings -5.5 and I never thought in my life I would feel so great about a Sacramento Kings team. The future is bright for Marv and De’Aaron and by future I mean tonight as the Kings win by at least 6. Next we go to the opposite side of this spread, +5.5. The Utah Jazz are coming off a Detroit game where Donovan put on a show to will the Jazz to victory. Tonight, they got Giannis and the Bucks in Milwaukee. I haven’t been a huge Bucks guy thus far and that may bite me in the ass, but I like Utah as the dogs tonight. 5.5 is a lot of points for a very solid Jazz team and I think they put up a good fight. With Gobert in the middle, lets hope the big man can slow down Giannis in the paint. If he can, look for Joe Ingles to be dropping buckets in the corner on the offensive end.

The small game known as the National Championship is tonight and although I’m a huge proponent on bet on the better team, I’m taking Clemson tonight. Dexter Lawrence should be playing but weed will be weed. Trevor Lawrence is the guy who comes in slinging and cements himself as the best QB in division 1 football. With that being said, Bama could win by a field goal and make this a National Championship to remember. Clemson +5.5 is too much and even though I might switch my pick right before game time, 5.5 is just too much for me right now. 

Recap: Celtics -9.5, Rockets -1.5, Kings -5.5, Jazz +5.5, Clemson +5.5 (as of right now). It’s a new week so forget about what the bookie took from us last week, let’s win it back. Good luck to all tonight and think about a Renfrew touchdown or over catches to start off with in the player props column.



NBA Friday In America

Last night we split the NBA games and swept the college games. Not bad heading into the weekend with a nice 3-1 night. There is plenty of basketball tonight so lets get right into it.

Yeah, right off the bat, Celtics at home against the Bucks. I know the Celtics just lost to the Phoenix Suns and that’s why this is an absolute lock. Celtics don’t lose three games in a row, let alone two in a row at home. Vegas already knows they’re winning cause the line opened at -1. The Bucks are a great team but we owned them in the playoffs last year and we’re a much better team (not record) this year. After two losses in a row expect us to come back hot and go on another run starting with the Bucks tonight. The second game we’re running with is consistently my favorite bet by a country mile: over 230’s. Last night, Clippers Mavericks went up to 246 and was an absolute lock. Tonight, Hawks @ Knicks over 231 sounds fantastic. Zion just laughed at the Knicks while sitting in their locker room so they have to come out swinging to make a Zion statement game. Crazy that the teams who tank have to be bad but can’t be so bad or else these guys won’t even want to come. Both these teams suck and that’s why points points points tonight.

The Timberwolves roll into San Antonio and I don’t think this mentally weak Minnesota team can hang with the dogs coached by Lord Pop. The Spurs are -4 and Aldridge is coming out swinging on Towns to let him know he’s gonna have a tough night. He’s been hot and DeRozan will crush Wiggins till he gives up like this team loves to do. Spurs -4, I know you’re not supposed to feel great about bets but, I feel great about this one. Next we got to Portland. The Trail Blazers are astounding at home and that’s gonna continue tonight when the Jazz come to town. I think the Jazz are a little overrated even though the West is incredible. Trail Blazers at home -2 with Lillard and CJ having themselves a little Friday going into the weekend. Expect a huge game from both those guys but be careful of Joe Ingles, that guy is a cold blooded killer.

For the college slate, I’m taking a couple goliath’s of college basketball. That’s right, Indianapolis’ favorite team, the IUPUI Jaguars against the Morehead State Eagles. IUPUI has given a couple great teams a run for their money but Morehead State is not a great team. The Jag’s should roll into wherever Morehead State is and dominate this team. They’re only -1.5 and are a much better team than Morehead. I’ve been a pretty decent 5-1 in college basketball, almost as if I have gypsy powers for the college game. To go with them, I’m taking LIU Brooklyn at noon. Go ahead and lock them in for a little early Friday gambling magic to get the blood flowing. LIU is -8.5 against Binghamton and I absolutely love it. Last time I lost a day game bet it was when I took the team against LIU, therefore, I believe LIU will come back to avenge my previous day game loss. 

Recap: Celtics -1, Hawks/Knicks over 231, Trail Blazers -2, Spurs -4, IUPUI -1.5, LIU -8.5. Happy Friday to everyone and lets make some magic happen starting with LIU at noon.



Wednesday Night NBA Recap And Thursday Night Picks

We have our first winning night of the NBA season and it only took me three nights, no big deal.

Last night, the Pistons/Magic started off hot and the dream of an under was dwindling in the second quarter. Luckily, as most sub par teams do, both got cold down the stretch and that under 209.5 turned into a sure thing. What a glorious win for The Pub when Foxy’s team wins and I don’t lose  an under in the 4th quarter. Mo Bamba comes through once again with two blocks and a missed shot. God that guy is such a selfless basketball player I appreciate him greatly.
When the overs gonna hit but your best friend has your back

The Raptors/Kings over 232 is the game that swings the theory into the negative. We are 1-2 on overs set above 230, therefore, I think the NBA is on to me. They must have heard after that first 230 over hit, that I was keeping an eye on them so last night they told Kawhi he had to play defense. Normally, I don’t take it personal when massive corporations hack into my plans for bringing them down, but this is different. There’s money involved, and these guys are trying to silence me like Kevin Spacey silencing Kate Mara in House of Cards. That’s okay, I wont stop now when were just getting into it. There will be another over 230.

Hit the nail on the head with Thunder Cavs last night. The Cavs and the Knicks are about to get into a serious tanking contest since the coming out party of Zion Williamson. Dennis Schroder stepped it up (being told he read my blog from yesterday) and put in a solid nights work with 28 points on 11 of 19 shooting while grabbing 7 rebounds. Nothing like winning by 9 when you need to cover a 6 point spread, but really nothing like winning when you don’t realize Russel Westbrook is out but you already put your bets in. Not a Thunder night tonight though.

There’s only four NBA games so might as well bring the hammer down on all four of them. Rockets/Thunder at OKC is a tricky game to take but with no Westbrook and Melo returning, we’ll ride with the Rockets at -4. If the rockets lose to a team without their best player then you will hear a strong case for why Carmelo Anthony has a curse on him. Second game is the Celtics @ Suns so obviously were taking them at 9.5. The Celtics will cover this game after back to back losses. 9.5 is a lot but Brad Stevens is not happy with Kyrie and the Funky Bunch. Trail Blazers have been dominant at home, just beating the Bucks handily, so were taking them at -5 in Portland against the Clippers. Love Doc, but the guy traded his own son, wild move. Now, I saved the over 230 for last just in case the NBA is watching. Bucks @ Warriors is set at a biblical over 239.5, up a point from when this blog started. 120-120 used to be an All Star Game score but now its just the Bucks and Warriors. Let’s make some money and see what happens with the biggest over we’ve seen thus far.