Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 37 – Pat McAfee: Former Pauper

On today’s show, the guys give an update on the weight loss competition and discuss what the D.O.G. leaderboard is currently looking like, plus chat about The Situation preparing to go to jail on tax evasion charges, the Clemson football team being served McDonald’s at the White House by the President, and a woman in Texas being banned from her local Walmart for drinking wine out of a Pringles can and riding a scooter in the parking lot. Todd wants to know what name the guys would give themselves if they were assassins, and Gorms wants to know what everyone’s first impression of him was as the guys get a little introspective. They also play some Elvis related fact or fiction, answer a few listener questions including what they would do if they were a computer virus, and who they would choose if they could be any cartoon character. To close the show, the guys each give some vitamin thoughts. It’s a fun one, come and have a good time with us.

This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @HeyGorman, @VivalaZito, @evanfoxy, and closes with “Poor Man Blues,” by Zac Wilkerson

Guy Shows Up Late For First Shift At McDonalds, Proceeds To Rob A Different One 5 Miles Away

Fox News – The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said the series of events began when a man dressed in an employee uniform entered a local McDonald’s on Thursday telling the manager he had been sent in from another location to help.

The shift manager reportedly said he needed to fill out some paperwork and took the man to the restaurant’s kitchen area. It was there the man allegedly pulled out a handgun and demanded all the money in the safe.


‘Yeah, corporate sent me to help you guys out.’ was probably when the manager realized he was being robbed by this kid. Imagine being a manager at McDonalds for years and for the first time some dude just strolls in saying he was sent from another location to help. I know the manager was ready for this too because all the guy made out with was 1,500$ out of a safe from McDonalds. Give me a break, every McDonalds is raking in cash and if you think 1500 is all a safe has in that restaurant then you probably just left the one you work at to rob this one. 

What I’m having trouble deciding was whether this was this guys plan the entire time. If that was the case then this would be the most lazy yet genius plot to rob a McDonalds of all time. Apply for the job, show up late to the first day but still get the uniform, go down the street and rob a different one dressed as an employee. Would be a plot for the ages if this was the thought process but I don’t think this kid has ever had a thought fully processed. 


What I still don’t understand is how people use their sticky fingers when everyone under the sun has a camera. This kid didn’t even have a mask or anything on so he must of made it, what, twenty minutes before someone was putting him in cuffs for 1500 dollars. Tough go for this kid but I do think his plan was about a C+, still better than any grade I got in college. 

If you had to rob a McDonalds, what would your strategy be? I think I would go break in through drive through window and take the coke machine. Everyone knows the real money in McDonalds is in whatever they do to make their coke so delicious.