We Have A New Contender For Worst Proposal Of All Time


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse marriage proposal idea than this one right here. Imagine running a marathon and having to stop during your 16th mile to get engaged? Not to mention the fact that she has to run the rest of the race with tears running down her face cause this guy couldn’t just wait ten more miles. You always propose when they finish the race because if she gets hurt before that 26.2 finish line, thats immediately a terrible sign for getting married. ‘Yeah I was doing great but then I was proposed to and rolled my ankle two miles down the road so I think I’m gonna say no.’ That’s a fantastic way to become a Thanksgiving joke for this girls family for the rest of eternity.  

Imagine the scene if this girl says no. Do you force her to stop running so that you can “talk about it”? I honestly think a guy like this would start running next to her in his jeans to try and figure out what went wrong. Other runners must have been absolutely bullshit. If I saw someone going east to west during a marathon I would run right through them. I don’t give a shit if your husband is trying to pop down on a knee and marry you, I’m trying to finish a race damnit. The worst part about running is having to stop and start again and this guy just has no respect for marathon runners, or his fiancé for that matter. Not true, I’m sure he respects his wife, but does he like her? Definitely a question up for debate if he wasn’t trying to slip into one of the many hotels along this route after proposing.