Disclaimer: I’m not made for the blogging world. 

A lot of big plays out of the trenches this week but I know you guys will think my award is a little biased but here it is. 

Bradley Sowell

Alright so I think the world is finally realizing that Coach Naggy is a master play caller.

How about the play action to the freezer and passing it dahn to our award winner of the week. Sunday night when this play happened I scowled the internet trying to find a clip from the movie Replacements, when John Madden is saying what’s good about a Big Boy Touchdown.

For some reason the only clips they have online are shitty recording from cell phones…but below is where I would embed that video but I’m not the guy to give you a shitty video. So when you get home tonight if you could order The Replacements on demand and watch it…if you don’t want to watch the whole thing just skip to an hour thirty in and you see it then. If you don’t totally understandable.

So thank you so much to Bradley Sowell for not dropping the ball and making the play. Always a good day In The Trenches when we get a touchdown. Also make sure to tweet over any “In The Trenches highlights:…we all know Linemen need more recognition so lets give it to em. 

From the Desk of The Director of Morale


Disclaimer: I’m not made for the blogging world.

I was sitting at my sister’s baby shower watching football highlights on my phone…and was thinking you never see any recognition for linemen. (if there is I’ve never seen it) The news outlets always talk about the glorified positions but not the players who protect all of the “Star Players”

I’m putting my foot down and will start weekly awards for the best lineman of the week. That’s the best I can do to put the Gridiron Trench Crew on the pedestal where they belong. 

Quenton Nelson

Needless to say, no better athlete to kick off this weekly award from the juggernaut himself. I’ve heard football players yell before but there’s pain and suffrage behind his voice. Sorta reminded me of Bobby Boucher making a tackle after someone bashing H20. I would love to know what drives him.

Dion Dawkins

This is the greatest achievement any lineman could achieve besides an epic pancake block. Scoring a touchdown for a big boy is the equivalence of finding a Blank Check on the ground and changing your name to Macintosh.

Blessed to have a weekend filled with incredible linemen plays. Congrats to Quenton and Dion for the first ever “In The Trenches Awards”. If you guy ever catch a linemen doing something amazing feel free to send it my way, thank you have a great day. 

From The Desk of Director of Morale