NBA Wednesday In America

The NBA report is back but going forward, the best picks will be on the Bro Bro Bro Bets show, posted on this site most days around 6 pm. It’s a little late, but you’ll still have an hour to throw in those bets. 7-1-1 between Bro Bro Bro Bets last night and we’ll do our best to keep the bets rolling. I got a few picks to go with the ones you’ll find on Bro Bro Bro tonight.

For starters, of course, I’ll be taking the Celtics -1.5 as we welcome the Raptors to town tonight. I’ve never thought there would be this type of hostility that’s been thrown around the Celtics locker room, but it’s probably more media propaganda than anything. There have been whispers about Dennis Smith Jr. being shopped for a point guard. Even though there isn’t one player I want to give up, Rozier for DSJ wouldn’t be the worst move for a Celtics team that has been a little off all year. I think it’s a terrible fit and the last thing we need is another great young guy we’ll have to pay but you’re an ass if you don’t imagine whatever players being shopped around the league landing on your own team. Don’t even get me started on Porzingis. Celtics -1.5 and this line will probably go up, Boston’s a tough place to play.

The next two picks that I’ll be taking (aside from the 3 that will be featured tonight on Bro Bro Bro Bets) are two dogs away from home. First, will be the Pelicans at +7 going into Golden State. Golden State is coming off an All Star Game performance, dropping 150 on the Nuggets in Denver. That sort of drop off from the Mile High city to the Bay Area is massive. That’s why I like the Pelicans +7 in Golden State tonight. Curry and KD probably housed a bottle of wine on the plane ride back while Tony Davis and the Pelicans were already in getting prepared for the Warriors. Take the +7 even if it is against Golden State but be careful of the over, 241 screwed me when the Pelicans played the Clippers. Which leads me to the Clippers hosting the Jazz tonight. The Jazz and Clippers both fascinate me cause I fee like Jazz should be better and the Clippers should be worse. With that being said, I’m going to last second switch from Jazz +1 to the over 224.5. It feels like the Clippers have gone over every home game except for when they played the Pelicans Monday. You could say that I’m discouraged but then you would be a liar. No discouragement. We march blindly into the gambling abyss everyday no matter what.
Me going to take every over 240 seconds before tip off

Recap: Celtics -1.5, Jazz/Clippers over 224.5, Pelicans +7. I like all three of these but I LOVE the picks that are given from Gabagoools tonight. Gorms, Digs, and myself have 9 more games to win money on. Good luck and check back in with Bro Bro Bro Bets right here at 6 for the rest of the bets on this hump day in January. 



NBA Tuesday Chalk Talk

Last night we did the 50/50 split, not to mention the Clemson -5.5 and over that I said I was taking even though I ended up taking Bama. Nothing like second-guessing yourself and being wrong, it’s the best.

Never fear, we march on with our NBA games and attempt to stay hot as 2019 rolls on. Nothing says redemption like a Tuesday night slate that has an over/under set at exactly 230. We’ll start with that over as we travel to LA for a Hornets @ Clippers matchup. The Hornets can either put up 130 or mail it in and score 80 points while getting routed. I’m thinking tonight is a good ole fashioned shootout and even if I thought otherwise I’d be remiss to bet an under 230. Doc and his team of nurses will get the job done and put up a solid 123 so hopefully the Hornets can get at least 108 points on the board. The other over I like tonight is Hawks @ Raptors over 228.5. The Hawks haven’t had a big game in awhile and because Drake will be in attendance to see Trae Young, I’d assume there’s a points fest brewing up in Canada tonight. Raptors haven’t lost at home in quite some time and I don’t see why that would change tonight. Spread is set high at 14.5 and if the over/under goes down throughout the day I’d probably take the spread. That’s how you chalk up a spread just incase there’s an over/under change. Nothing like talking chalk, just the best.

The Thunder have been rocking and rolling as of late and they play the soft Minnesota T-Wolves team in Oklahoma tonight. Steven Adams must be Karl Anthony Towns’ biggest nightmare. Massive dude who could probably chop down trees for a living he’s so gritty. If KAT wasn’t playing basketball he’d be streaming on Twitch which is a great business but not even close on the scale of grit compared to chopping trees down. Coach Thibs got the boot which can sometimes rally a team but hopefully we get the KAT Minnesota team and not the D-Rose Minnesota team. D-Rose could be the best player in the NBA this year but that’s just what I’ve heard through the grapevine. The last game we’re going with is the team we bet against last night: the Denver Nuggets. Betting against James Harden right now is one of the worst things you could do. He’s too hot and you don’t bet against a rocket rising for the sun. Houston Rockets pun there, no big deal. But the Nuggets are going to Miami to play the Heat and I thin they bounce back after this loss. Heat are an East team and the Nuggets are one of the best teams in the West. Gotta ride with the Western Conference cause they’re so much better than the East. Nuggets +1 and that’s the best bet on the board for basketball tonight.

Recap: Hawks/Raptors over 228.5, Hornets/Clippers over 230, Thunder -8, Nuggets +1. College football is over and we have to prepare for basketball to be the only thing on tv for a little while. Late entry Iowa State -2.5 for the college game tonight but live and die with the Nuggets. Good luck to all trying to obtain the grain from their book master tonight. 



Full Friday In The NBA

We stayed hot last night but almost every game I see on the board for tonight I don’t like. With that being said, I’m going to do my absolute best to keep this hot streak going. A quick reminder, when you bet a team like the Rockets and they’re down 17 at the half, double down and take them money line at the half. Reap the blessings and thank nobody but yourself.

I’m not going to pick the Celtics tonight but I know in my heart of hearts I’ll throw a couple bones on whatever spread it gets down to. I love the Celtics at home no matter what but we’ll leave them out of the official four we take tonight. First, we got the other hometown team, the Indiana Pacers, heading to Chicago to take on the Bulls. Pacers are -6.5 and its getting to the point in the NBA season where these games before the All Star Break can make or break a season. Not actually, but that sounds like a great reason to take the Pacers. Pacers have a chance to make some serious noise in the playoffs if they keep winning so look for Oladipo to have a night. If the Bulls win, might go ahead and take the Bears tomorrow, could be that type of weekend in Chicago. Next, we’re taking the Heat at home against the Wizards. I feel like the Heat are a team that are playing well and are doing their best to give D-Wade the best send off a guy could ask for – a playoff run. Heat are -7 at home and I’m taking it. Spread is huge for a game that I feel is normally set around 4-5 so look for the Heat to run the Wizards out of Miami.
LOL, Ray Allen

The only over we’re taking tonight is the Clippers @ Suns with it set at 232. I love those overs set above 230 so of course this is the one I landed on. Thought about taking Clippers -4 but then I remembered when the Suns beat the Celtics in Boston so going to go the safe road with the over here. Let’s hope the defense continues to be awful as we go forward in the NBA season cause nothing says points like the Phoenix Suns. The last game of the NBA tonight happens to be the game of the night: Thunder @ Trail Blazers. This game was a pick em but moved to Blazers -1 and I love it. Blazers are dynamite at home and Nurkic has been hot, important for a team that has to battle Steven Adams. This is the must see NBA game of the night for sure so hopefully we get one down to the wire like the Rockets last night.

I didn’t think I would dabble in the college game but I can’t help myself. Toledo at home -4.5 and Buffalo away -10, I like Toledo more than Buffalo tonight so Toledo will probably be the loser out of these two. Nobody knows, that’s why gambling is the best. Sidenote: I know, not nobody, all 6 of these are winners on top of the Celtics that I will take seconds before the game starts.

Recap: Pacers -6.5, Heat -7, Clippers/Suns over 232, Trail Blazers -1, Toledo -4.5, Buffalo -10. Don’t forget the Celtics bet right before game time, really let that spread drop. Let’s get it going heading into the weekend and start it off on a winning note. 



NBA Picks Going Into The Weekend

Let’s. GO. NBA picks with a few college mixed in to get the blood FLOWING heading into the weekend. Lot on our plates in tonights slate of games so time to get to it.

Raptors are heading to Orlando to take on the Magic of Mo Bamba. Normally I like to ride with my friend Sheck Wes and Mr. Bamba, but I don’t think it’s happening against the Raptors. I saw a stat the other day that they’ve come back from the most 17+ point deficits this year in the NBA. Don’t know how that helps us in this game, but if they go down early don’t be afraid to live bet them ML to win. Just a thought for all you who give up in the first quarter of a game, maybe try doubling down. Next, I like the over in the Thunder/Suns game. Thunder lost on Christmas and to say Russel Westbrook wasn’t happy would be an understatement. They’re going to come out guns blazing so I’m going to take the over 225.5 and also take the Thunder -6. They had two days rest and the Suns are still the Suns. Bad teams lose, good teams win, and we have the epitome of that match up with this game tonight. Devin Booker is going to lose his way to a super team, guy is a genius.
Booker and Ayton agreeing on a team tank

This portion of our bets may take some people for a loop but sometimes you gotta bet what you gotta bet. That’s right, UNDER. Cavs are heading to Miami and I feel like most games the Heat partake in are under city. Cavs are the real reason I see this game flying down under. It’s set at 200.5 and because it’s that low I feel it in my plums that this game is heading for a 102-85 final. We’ll see what happens but I’m nearly positive this game is going under, nearly positive. Next there’s the Spurs heading to the Nuggets after the Spurs just beat the Nuggets in San Antonio. I’m thinking after the Nuggets lose away, they beat the same team at home a few days later. Nuggets -3.5 at home and there aren’t too many teams who have waltzed into Denver and won. Expect a nice little revenge game, especially between two West teams that could possibly see each other down the road. Denver all over San Antonio tonight just like the Clippers/Lakers all over the OVER tonight. Over 229.5 is a lock right now but by the time the battle of LA is upon us the number will probably be up to 232. No Lebron means no defense so this one is bound for a shootout.
Lebron watching the Lakers from the sideline

In the college slate, Detroit +1 @ 2 pm, Wright State -7, and Oakland +2.5. Detroit +1 is going to be slammed cause who doesn’t love getting riled up at 2 pm on a Friday for a Detroit Titans basketball game? 

NBA Recap: Toronto -6, Nuggets -3.5, Cavs/Heat under 200.5, Thunder/Suns over 225.5, Thunder -6. Again, I love all of these bets and there’s a huge chance these all hit. At the same time, I hate all of these bets and there’s a huge chance these all miss. God, gambling is the best. 



Josh Gordon And The NBA

“I take my mental health very seriously at this point” is a BOLD way to start this statement. First, I hope Josh Gordon is ok. Whether he’s a Patriots or not, the mental health game is not one to mess with. Now, the reason I say that was bold is cause at what point before this did Josh not take his mental health serious? Feel like I’ve seen this message a couple times now from Josh and if the substance abuse rumors are true he might get a year and half suspension. Patriots have been able to turn a lotta guys around, but some guys just don’t want to change their lifestyle. Josh was great for us and really hope he gets his life together so he can maybe play for us next year, pending suspension.
Different Josh but still applies 

But this report is about the picks were riding with tonight. We were 2-2 in NBA and 2-1 in college including one of the worst bad beats I’ve been apart of – a last buzzer beater dunk from some fucking asshole who covered the spread like a prick. But we’re going into tonight with a clear conscience and a couple games that should take us to the bank in the best way. There are only two games tonight in the NBA so we’ll take them both and get a couple college games as well. First, the Heat are welcoming their Texas brothers in Houston to take on the Rockets. The Heat have had a few days off but Houston has been rid of the Carmelo curse and I’m gonna ride with the Rockets -3.5 even though the Heat seem to be a lock. Carmelo is the trash can of blame and the Rockets are coming back since they got him out of town. The other game of Thursday night is Mavericks @ Clippers. I’ve been on the Doncic train for quite some time and I refuse to bet against the European wizard so we’re going to take the points all day in this battle. Clippers can’t play defense for shit and the Mavericks are reasonably similar. Over is set at 220.5 so take the over and let’s hope for an entertaining battle in LA.

Two games on the board for the college games today. First, and most obvious is the boys in blue that hail from North Carolina. Not the Tar Heels, but the Blue Devils. Duke -8.5 against Texas Tech in NYC. One of the three studs on Duke (Zion, Barret, Reddish) will be playing in that arena next year so they will all try and get used to a possible new home. Nothing gets a basketball player used to the Garden like spanking a Texas Tech team that just can’t hang with Duke. Then again, who can? The next two teams definitely can’t as we stay in New York City but go to the game at Fordham. Fordham is at home against James Madison and I like Fordham with the points. It’s Fordham -4 and the Rams come out swinging tonight. Probably like this bet the least but hey, you can’t feel great about every bet, or any bet ever. You just never know when someones gonna dunk a basketball with 0.2 seconds on the clock.

Recap: Rockets -3.5, Over 220.5 Mav’s/Clippers, Duke -8.5, Fordham -4. Let’s get it going tonight, good luck to all, hopefully we head into Friday with a green balance.

Post Report: It’s “Josh Gordon and The NBA” cause if he was playing basketball he’d be fine. Haven’t heard of someone getting drug tested or suspended for substance abuse in a while – probably cause J.R. is on a hiatus. 



My Apologies To All

For some reason, we went 4-0 in basketball bets last night and my whole world feels off.

Never in my life would I think there would be a night that I didn’t lose money. However, here I sit, alive and stunned at the almost positive balance in my account. Fade season may be fading, but there’s no chance I let it stop here. I will do my absolute best to pick the right spreads for the people to fade today.

The Celtics are so far back it’s not even funny. There are few teams with the skill that the Boston Celtics have not only on the court but coaching too. Brad Stevens cracked the case on our squad and now we’re just steam rolling teams. They’ve been running teams out of the gym and it’s about time cause we can do that to anyone. For that, we’re taking them -2.5 @ Detroit. The Pistons have good players but they just lost to Charlotte and seem to be headed in the wrong direction. Take the C’s spread and feel great about it. To go with that, we’re taking the loquacious Lakers. I know Bron just lost to Houston but that makes me like the Lakers even more tonight at Charlotte. Lebron in front of Jordan, of course he’s going to put on a show. Expect a few smiles exchanged between those two as Lebron throws his baby powder into the air. Lakers -2 in Charlotte and them being favorites is even more confirmation that they’re going to blow the Hornets out.

Not too many high over/unders tonight, not even one near 230 which is absolutely despicable. I’m not happy about it but we’ll take the closest thing which is Clippers @ Thunder over 225.5. I don’t think Russel Westbrook is going to lose after the whole Jamal Murray debacle last night. That little Canadian bastard pisses off more superstars than Ron Artest before he was Metta World Peace. I don’t hate the way Denver plays but they aren’t the Celtics so the Nuggets can shove it. The last game we’re rocking with is more along the lines of the previously used full proof system: betting against the worst teams in the league. Spurs -10.5 at home against the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls are just a traveling dumpster fire right now and Popovich at home usually puts on a show for the people of San Antonio. Another blowout in Texas here as the Spurs route the Bulls. Of any of the games, this is the one I’d go biggest on. Or the Celtics, obviously.

College Basketball is all day as well and I know absolutely nothing but Zion is the greatest player ever. Georgetown -3.5, NC State -4, Pitt -24, and Indiana in a pick em. Could of drawn these names out of a hat but they’re all locks for sure. 

To recap the NBA, I’m going with the Celtics -2.5, Lakers -2, Clippers/Thunder over 225.5, and Spurs -10.5 at home. We hit on all cylinders last night so lets hope these games bring back the season of the fade. If not, maybe were entering a new season of betting. That, or some of BroBroBro’s magic somehow was given to me. Either way, good luck to all in their gambling endeavors this weekend.×24-l2Je4BuL5OnZaMrKM

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NBA Picks Tonight Roll On

Last night we went 3-3 and if it weren’t for a pesky one point miss in the Thunder game, we would of done better (or worse for the fade). Celtics are back and we’re keeping that mojo going with these picks tonight. Before we begin, let me say its been an honor having you wonderful people fade me. A goal of mine was to be bad enough at any one thing that the opposite is a lock and you people have helped fulfill one of my lifelong dreams. With that being said, tonight, all these picks are 100%, not a doubt in my mind, winners.
No, I’m not. 

First, LAbron and the Lakers roll into the city cursed by Carmelo, which if you aren’t a basketball guy is also the city of JJ Watt. Yup, you guessed it, Houston. The Lakers vs the Rockets, a clash of teams that baffled their expectations by underwhelming them like Black Mass. With that being said, one team has Lebron, and the other team doesn’t. I’m rolling with the Lakers +5.5, they beat the Rockets even if it is in Houston. If they lose, it’s because Dwayne Wade and Lebron had a night full of wine and tears after what many thought was the retirement of Dwayne Wade.

The other night we found out the Clippers, that team that share a city with a King, yeah, they are not a legit contender. Blown out at home against the Raptors, the Clippers now have to go to Popovich Palace and test their craft there. I’m going to take a few things in this game, first and foremost the over of 221.5. On top of that, I’m taking the Spurs -2.5. They’ve been playing good basketball and no matter who is on the Spurs it’s hard to beat Pop on his own court. To go with that lock were going with the team that has been getting slaughtered left and right, yes, the Bulls at +5. The Chicago Bulls win their first game in what feels like a decade tonight against the Magic. You know what they say, Even a blind bull finds a matador from time to time.

Last we have the Mavericks against the Suns, This game is in Phoenix which for you geography buffs is in Arizona. It’s pretty hot in Arizona, however, its not if you’re a Suns fan. Coincidence? I think not. Dallas Mavericks -7 all day everyday. Take it, lock it, love it, and let Luka Doncic, the european man with the euphoric step back three, help win you some cash. The Suns are terrible and the Mavericks aren’t so take us home Mark Cuban. To recap, I’m taking Lakers +5.5, Spurs over 221.5 and -2.5, Bulls +5, and Mavericks -7. So, again, you people should be taking, Rockets, Clippers, Magic, and Suns. I didn’t choose the fade life, the fade life chose me. I wish you all many a dollar in your Thursday night quest for cash.

Note: I love the Chiefs tonight. 

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Fade Connor Season Rolls On

1-2 in three games last night but I can’t be blamed cause everyone has been warned and you should of gone 2-1.

The one game I won was Spurs at home against the worst team in basketball so although it counts, it really doesn’t. The Trail Blazers missed covering by a point so that was the one that really kicked me in the ass. The Raptors really put a number on the Clippers so I think the Clippers will probably end up the 6/7 or 8 seed. It’s a bummer but as long as the Clippers finish in the top 16 then I don’t care, need that first round pick. Also, a note to the media, don’t ask Kawhi Leonard about Christmas.
Not many Happy Holiday’s for someone who doesn’t understand emotion

But that was last night, and unlike Kawhi Leonard, I do have memories. Memories of winning. They are few and far between, but I’m channeling those memories to get the good mojo flowing back through my veins. First and foremost, obvious bet of the night, Celtics -3.5 at the Wizards. Kyrie isn’t on the injury report but who knows if he’s playing. This spread almost feels disrespectful especially with our dominance against Washington over the years and the fact that were steaming hot right now. I would slam this spread now and assume it will be at 5 by the time were close to the game. This has turned into a little rivalry game so hopefully we get some blood too.

On top of the Celtics, were taking two other spreads and one over under tonight. Yes, the over under is an over 230. Thunder @ Pelicans OVER 233 and were going to slam it. AD will come ready to play against big Stevie Adams so expect a war down low. Gonna parlay this one with the Celtics spread cause I feel great about those, probably want to hit the opposite if I feel great about them. 76ers are at home against the Brooklyn Nets. The Sixers, like the Celtics, are just now hitting there stride and I think it continues tonight. Love 76ers -6.5, if were talking units out of 5, I’m throwing 3. Lastly, the Pistons @ Hornets game is one I like too many things in. Over 218.5 in the game I’m taking, and I like the Pistons +5. Pistons off a loss and the way these teams matchup – Charlotte heavy backcourt, Pistons heavy front court, – both teams should be scoring at will. No shot the Pistons lose by more than 5 and because I said that, don’t be surprised to see the Pistons get blown out. 

Celtics -3.5, Thunder/Pelicans over 233, 76ers -6.5 and last second bonus over 223 in this game, Pistons +5 and over 218.5 in Pistons Charlotte. Good luck to everyone and may the fade season last forever.

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Wednesday Night NBA Recap And Thursday Night Picks

We have our first winning night of the NBA season and it only took me three nights, no big deal.

Last night, the Pistons/Magic started off hot and the dream of an under was dwindling in the second quarter. Luckily, as most sub par teams do, both got cold down the stretch and that under 209.5 turned into a sure thing. What a glorious win for The Pub when Foxy’s team wins and I don’t lose  an under in the 4th quarter. Mo Bamba comes through once again with two blocks and a missed shot. God that guy is such a selfless basketball player I appreciate him greatly.
When the overs gonna hit but your best friend has your back

The Raptors/Kings over 232 is the game that swings the theory into the negative. We are 1-2 on overs set above 230, therefore, I think the NBA is on to me. They must have heard after that first 230 over hit, that I was keeping an eye on them so last night they told Kawhi he had to play defense. Normally, I don’t take it personal when massive corporations hack into my plans for bringing them down, but this is different. There’s money involved, and these guys are trying to silence me like Kevin Spacey silencing Kate Mara in House of Cards. That’s okay, I wont stop now when were just getting into it. There will be another over 230.

Hit the nail on the head with Thunder Cavs last night. The Cavs and the Knicks are about to get into a serious tanking contest since the coming out party of Zion Williamson. Dennis Schroder stepped it up (being told he read my blog from yesterday) and put in a solid nights work with 28 points on 11 of 19 shooting while grabbing 7 rebounds. Nothing like winning by 9 when you need to cover a 6 point spread, but really nothing like winning when you don’t realize Russel Westbrook is out but you already put your bets in. Not a Thunder night tonight though.

There’s only four NBA games so might as well bring the hammer down on all four of them. Rockets/Thunder at OKC is a tricky game to take but with no Westbrook and Melo returning, we’ll ride with the Rockets at -4. If the rockets lose to a team without their best player then you will hear a strong case for why Carmelo Anthony has a curse on him. Second game is the Celtics @ Suns so obviously were taking them at 9.5. The Celtics will cover this game after back to back losses. 9.5 is a lot but Brad Stevens is not happy with Kyrie and the Funky Bunch. Trail Blazers have been dominant at home, just beating the Bucks handily, so were taking them at -5 in Portland against the Clippers. Love Doc, but the guy traded his own son, wild move. Now, I saved the over 230 for last just in case the NBA is watching. Bucks @ Warriors is set at a biblical over 239.5, up a point from when this blog started. 120-120 used to be an All Star Game score but now its just the Bucks and Warriors. Let’s make some money and see what happens with the biggest over we’ve seen thus far.