Its Time To Start Thinking About This Celtics Team Without Kyrie Irving

This is something i never thought about when the Celtics acquired Kyrie Irving but its time to start thinking about him not being a Boston Celtic next season. Kyrie is an incredible one on one player but it just doesn’t fit Brad Stevens system, it never really has and it never really will unfortunately. This is the whole Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles thing again, Wentz better quarterback but Eagles better team with Foles at the helm. Kyrie Irving is the best player on these Celtics, but looking at the numbers and the fact they got to a seventh game in the Eastern Conference finals last year, its time to admit that their a better team without him.

Like i said Kyrie is a great player thats not up for debate, him wanting to be a leader and have his own team however is up for debate at this point in the season. This is nowhere close to the Celtics team we saw last year, the team atmosphere is gone. All these players want to play ISO ball now, its not just Kyrie either, Tatum and Brown have been guilty of it this year as well. This is what Kyrie wanted though, this is why he left Cleveland, he wanted his own team to lead. The only problem is now he’s starting to look like the guy who forced him to want out of Cleveland.

He is not a happy man at this moment, i know he shouldn’t be, this is a team that was supposed to run through the East all season long, unfortunately that just hasn’t been the case and the frustration is growing by the day. I think he’s done in Boston, even if they trade the farm for Anthony Davis which i WOULD NOT do i don’t see this carrying on in Boston. Brad Stevens has his system, its about ball movement and spacing. The players have to buy in like last years playoff run for it to work and i just don’t see that happening with this team right now. For how great Kyrie is I’m not sure its worth the headache and now the drama that he picked up from his old sidekick Lebron. Barring the Celtics turning this thing around for a deep playoff run, I think were watching Kyrie’s last stretch with the Celtics franchise. Only way i see that changing is if they make it to the NBA finals somehow and probably add Anthony Davis. Things could turn around, things could get better but for now these Celtics are struggling and Kyrie is the LEADER of this team, so its as much on him as anyone else. Hope y’all are enjoying the week, lets have a Thursday.



Kyrie And The Celtics Show What They Can Do

To say its been a bumpy past week for the Celtics would be an understatement. It started with Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown having to be restrained from each other during a timeout and the rough week hit its peak with the loss to the Magic on Saturday night.

Kyrie let everybody have it after the game Saturday, he was pissed with Hayward and Stevens because they didn’t give him the ball and went on to say that the young players on the Celtics didn’t know what it takes to be a championship level team. Lots of people saying its time to trade Kyrie, the team is better without Kyrie. I understand where your coming from at times but without Kyrie this team doesn’t have any chance at all to reach the NBA Finals this year. With him as you saw last night their as good as anybody in the East and maybe the whole NBA, yes even maybe the Warriors.

This is why he wanted the ball at the end of the game Saturday because he’s a finisher and one of the best in the league at it. He was on a team with Lebron James and at the end of the game Kyrie got the ball, he’s the closer, he’s the player you need to pull out tight games. Kyrie maybe shouldn’t of said what he said, but as much as he wants the young players to be better he knows he has to be a better leader as well. This is what he wanted when he left Cleveland, he wanted his own team and to be a leader. This season has been a learning process for him as a leader and the young players at trying to get on his level. There will be more ups and downs for this team this season i can guarantee it, but if they can figure everything out by the time the playoffs come around their as dangerous as anyone. We saw that on Thursday night by them knocking off the Raptors who have been the top team in the East most the year. Don’t give up on Kyrie, as you saw last night he wants to be a Celtic and wants to be a leader. Hopefully it all comes together for these Celtics sooner than later.

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Gordon Hayward could be BACK

Safe to say it hasn’t been the hottest start to the season for the Boston Celtics. 22-15 and fifth in the East isn’t where most of us expected the Celtics to be in the Lebron-less East. I thought it would take time for Brad Stevens to figure out his rotations and which players to play when, with everybody being healthy this year, but i didn’t think it’d take as long as it has. Last night we saw something different though, we saw the Gordon Hayward we all saw in Utah and what we all hoped we were getting before his gruesome leg injury in game one last year.

After that awful leg injury it was always going to take time for him to get back into the swing if things, but with Kyrie out he went off for a season-high 35 points and looked like the All-Star we know he can be.

If and I know its still a very big IF Hayward can find his forum with this Celtics team and Stevens can get his rotation rolling we all know this is a very very dangerous team.

I loved this pickup when the Celtics signed him last year and i loved it just as much last night watching him go off like the guy i saw in Utah. Its still a very long season and this could just be a one off, but if this Celtics team gets going and most importantly gets healthy, they are among the top teams in the league. As a Celtics fan it was fun to watch and if this team can mesh and get going the way we all know they can its going to be a very exciting and interesting rest of the season. LETS GO CELTS

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Monday Night Basketball Is Always A Toss Up

Last night, I was cuckolded by the NBA worse than Cal Weaver.

I had the Pistons -3.5 and they decide to comeback at the end of the game only to lose by 5 in overtime. I understand this happens to people all the time but the real pain comes in the five point loss. If the Pistons lost by five, then they easily could have won by five and covered but Blake Griffin fouled out so this one was in a body bag far before overtime.

This is why I hate gambling right here. I had the Magic -4 and Evan Fournier has the audacity to take a game winning shot? Doesn’t he know the spread is at 4 and I need them to win by 5? Apparently not because this fucking guy hits a game winner and my hopes and dreams of a positive  Monday night were shattered with it. May have to go moneyline when were rolling with the Magic from here on out. If Mo Bamba was on the court, I guarantee he would of made sure the Magic went to overtime to help me out. Such a great guy Mo Bamba.

Naturally I bet the Celtics on a pick em line and the NBA figured out a way to cuckold me with Jamal Murray. The guy goes for 48, the second most points vs the Celtics in the last two seasons, and they win. The other three guys on the list, Steph Curry (1) Lebron James (3) and Anthony Davis (4) so it was a decent game for him. I’m not worried about the Celtics at all, but back to back road losses to start a pretty hefty road trip is never great. Expect a big bounce back from the boys in green next game. At the end of the game, Jamal Murray took a three point shot as time expired to try and get the elusive 50 point game but missed. Kyrie took the liberty of shot putting the ball to the edge of the lower section. Not much to this, Murray said after he shouldn’t have done it, but honestly, I don’t have as big of a problem with it. Young dude just had the game of his life against the Celtics so naturally he’s going to try and get 50. The response form Kyrie is perfect, but can’t hate on anyone going for the 50 bird. I would’ve followed my shot and tried to get the rebound put back too.
Me when the Pelicans vs Thunder went over

Last night was the beginning of the “Over 230 Theory.” The Pelicans were at the Thunder and Russel Westbrook got hurt in the second half. You can understand my nerves when the game was only at 190 with ten minutes to go and no Russel Westbrook on the court. However, with a couple late three and the Pelicans still fouling, over 234 in this game became a reality. Thank the sweet lord of gambling but more importantly the NBA for rigging games with any over set above 230 (at least last night).

Yeah, I went 1-3 last night, sue me. First night is always the toughest so at this rate I’ll probably only lose most of my money, not all. Let’s get back in the win column tonight and go with Hawks/Hornets over 230, Trail Blazers/Bucks over 228.5, and the Mavs +1.5 at home vs the Wizards. If you’re thinking otherwise, fade the hell out of me and win some cash. I still take credit for your success. 

*Duke +1.5 against Kentucky, might as well get the college ball blood flowing too.