Monday Night Basketball Picks

Sunday was ruined by Jimmy Butler and the 76ers but were back at it today with more basketball to choose from tonight.

Philadephia and Elton Brand decided to make a move that would make their team a contender. However, I do think they gave up a little too much in the long run. On paper, they have a great starting 5 but with a pretty short bench. Landry Shamet is a guy for them who will get more important minutes and is a lights out shooter. Amir Johnson is the only guy I see who can play big man defense, after Embiid, on this roster now. We’ll see how the young guys play but if they don’t perform just wait for Melo to swoop in and ruin their season. Seems as though his time in the Lone Star State is all over.

Naturally, I’m going to take the 76ers (+2) @ Heat tonight. Going to take them ML too just cause they’re dogs and even without Jimmy Butler I think this team is better than Miami. Embiid and Simmons still get the job done without the old starting 5 but just the spread being this small and Butler not playing, I can see a player like Simmons call it early to save his energy for the Butler welcoming on Sunday.
Fultz realizing Butler’s gonna make him cry too

Jazz @ Grizzlies and Spurs @ Kings are the two other spreads I’m taking tonight. Jazz and Spurs are both -3 and I’m taking the two away favorites. I think the Grizzlies still suck and after the Jazz beat the Celtics I want to see where the Utah train takes me. Spurs have Pop and I feel like he destroys teams with young guys on it. De’aaron Fox is a good talent but the oldies on the Spurs get this one done. Lastly, and most important, our over 230 for the night. Right now we sit at a comfortable 2-3 overall for these over 230 games. I warned you all the NBA is watching me but I think this week they let these games go because of how many points were scored in the NFL yesterday. Tonight, Pelicans @ Raptors with a sturdy over 232.5 will be the game we look to for points. My favorite part of every night is hoping two teams come together for an all out points fest. Let’s hope this happens in the 6 tonight and Drake’s celebrating all over the court.


New NHL Jerseys Dropping… WHAT ARE THOSE!?!?

More new sweaters for a few teams around the league dropped and this time they’ll actually be worn on the ice, not just a video game (Digital 6 Jersey Release).

Thanks to IceThetics we got a good look at the Bruin’s Winter Classic sweaters they’ll rock at South Bend. 

This is as vintage a look as you can get. They’re styled like the B’s jerseys in the 50’s and went with the big block B logo and ditched any Bear reference. Big fan of these as a special occasion once a year wear. 

The Blackhawks haven’t officially released their look for the game other than their logo. IceThetics are big on designs and projections though so here is a mock they think it could look like based on the logo. 


Woof, let’s hope not. Chicago’s got it bad enough with the fans ready to riot over Coach Q getting the axe. 


The Kings, Lightning, and Leafs, new thirds leaked yesterday. 

Kings: This is what we’ve come to expect from a Kings jersey. Solid, not spectacular. They seemed to have learned their lesson since the ‘Burger King’ days and keep things simple. Crest, Crown, Black/Silver… Print ’em

Wayne didn’t deserve this

Bolts: WTF… That’s it? It’s just… Black? I imagine the folks designing this one forgot about the due date, we’re out at a happy hour boozing their worries away, one of them got an e-mail that the new thread design was due and he opened up MS Paint and went to town. “Just going to drop that clip art logo here… oooh look I can do the gradient thing on the sleeves too! Perfect! Attach file… Sent!!” Roller hockey rec league teams wouldn’t even wear these. Tampa does have a history with getting a little eccentric with their uni’s. I’d be surprised if they don’t modify these by the time they hit the ice.


Leafs: Before they were the Maple Leafs, they were the Toronto Arenas. The Arena Company owned the team when it went bankrupt and the rights were given to a new group who renamed the team the Toronto “St. Patricks” who would eventually become the Leafs. This look is essentially the same as they wore last year for a game against Chicago. It’s about as generic as it gets for a throwback, not a whole lot to love or hate about it. 

What do you think? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Let me know

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