Check That, The Saints Didn’t get better

Thats TOUGH. Achilles injuries are the absolute worst and they are saying it happened on the last play of practice. Looks like everything I said below now means nothing. Except that the Saints can still not sign Brandon Marshall.

Below is what I wrote yesterday about why the Saints should sign Dez Bryant. Because I am a smart knowledgable football mind they took my advice seriously and have Signed Dez Bryant.

Dear Saints, You have to sign Dez. YOU CANNOT SIGN BRANDON MARSHALL. Lets take a quick look at who the Saints leading receivers on the season:

As far as receivers, after Michael Thomas the next most productive receivers are Ted Ginn & Tre’Quan Smith with 12 catches each. TWELVE, and they still are the #2 scoring offense in the league. Imagine if they had ANY other receiving threat….

I know Dez was not great the last few years but he was also receiving balls from Romo for a few games, Matt Cassel, Kellen Moore, Brandon Weeden, and Dak. No offense to that steaming pile of shit list I just typed but they aren’t Drew Brees. Dez would also not have to be the number 1, Michael Thomas is an animal and has that spot held down pretty well.

I think Dez has reached that point in his career where he has matured (besides all the tweets attacking the Cowboys) and he just wants to win. I mean he did make the smart decision of not signing with the Browns & Ravens, 2 horrible franchises. This is a win win for the Saints. You sign him for not much money and he either preforms or he stinks and you just go back to your offense that is already putting up over 30 a game.×2-l0G17sS7uRkH9hHWw

Why not Brandon Marshall you ask? I love Brandon Marshall but there is one stat about Brandon Marshall that makes him unsignable (spell check is telling me that unsignable is probably not a word but they can go fuck themselves). Brandon Marshall has played 13 seasons, has 970 catches for 12,351 yards, and has 83 career touchdowns. Do you know what Brandon Marshall does not have? A PLAYOFF APPEARANCE. If you sign Brandon Marshall your season will DIE. Brees will get hurt, Bridgewater will blow out his robotic knee, Kamara’s nose will get ripped off by the ring, Goodell will retroactively suspend Michael Thomas for 9 games for cell phone usage, and Hue Jackson will somehow become coach. The Saints would burn.

Side Note: Kamar Aiken is coming in for a visit as well and no one cares.

Do the right thing, sign Dez, Brees wins MVP, Saints play in Super Bowl. Book all of those now.

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